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  1. I twice got concussions and didn't realize it until many days later. Both times I had no memory of when the injury happened, but after looking at the clues, I am very certain one happened at night when I was sleepy got up and the 2nd time I may have hit my head on the back of my keyboard tray at my desk. I now keep bottles of water by my bed at night to cut down on sleep walking. The first time it happened, I noticed I was strangely feeling dizzy at work for several days. I developed a terrible headache /neckache. I searched online for possible causes. Saw concussion come up in the Google search and I promptly dismissed it. If I had been physical injured surely I would know it. Neck and head pain become worst. Should I go to the doctor? Back to the internet I went while at work. I finally read about concussions. Saw that it is actually normal to not have a memory of the impact. I finally put the clues together. I had lately noticed I had a chipped tooth. Didn't know why. It just suddenly showed up. And my cheek had been cut from the inside. When I put all the dates together, and read that the head pain may not start until several days after the impact, I finally understood what happened. I searched my goggle memories of being half asleep and heading to the bathroom. My best guest of what happened based on the clues was that I was walking towards the bathroom. Maybe tripped over a cat or was just clumsy and lost my balance. My head hit a table, chipping a tooth and the tooth cutting into my cheek. I don't remember hitting a table, but I have the faintest of memories of my hand roughly grabbing a table and my finger hurting (at least I think its a real memory. I'm not 100% sure). It's totally weird to be injured and not remember how it happened. I felt like a detective trying to investigate clues to put the whole picture together. Once I finally figured out I was dealing with an concussion, I was able to relax, at least mentally. I didn't go to the doctor, but spent a lot of time in bed the next few days relaxing (and watching TV). And I keep a water bottle by my bed.
  2. Love his pose. I'm reminded of a few teenagers I teach. I could not help but notice your reflection in the background.
  3. @Zoxe your ships are totally awesome. I'm always impressed with your work. How those colors blended together on the princess liner was breath taking. 🌟
  4. Your terrain looks great. Perfect for a game.
  5. I like the music in the vid. Cool seeing DMG logo at the end.
  6. That sci-fi mat @Serge Darveau looks awesome. @Adam, I've been thinking about buying Wingspan when its price levels out (its ridiculous what is has been going for on Amazon). How do you like the game? It's been nominated for Spiel des Jahres Game of the Year. Does it deserve the hype?
  7. Thanks for sharing those links. New Kickstarters for me to check out.
  8. June Kickstarter List: Got a several Kickstarters in recently. Welcome to... --My sister and I LOVE this one and have played it a lot since in came in during April Welcome To Dino World--we have not played this one yet, but it looks cool. Hope to do so soon. Neta-Tanka--wow, this is not your typical Euro. A very cool game. Blew my mind at times as I had to learn to balance progress chains and time itself. If you want smoke meat, another character (which could be yours or another player) must prepare the meat. But if no one went hunting this time, there will be no meat to cook. Both my sister and I had several wasted meeples the first time we played, as we figured things out. Love how you can create links between your meeples if they are working near each other which gives you bonus items. Kickstarters I am still waiting on: 2019 Roam (plus Haven) 2018 Awkward Guest Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice (due 2020) Zoo-ography Expedition: the Future Skulk Hollow D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice & Dragons! Tiny Epic Mechs Bargain Quest & Black Market Incoming Transmission Snowdonia Tang Garden Skull Tales: Full Sail! 2016 Whelps to Wyrims (Printed but developer ran out of money to ship them. They are sitting in a warehouse somewhere in Canada.)
  9. My second wave expansions came in today for 7th Continent. My sister and I had a blast opening and sorting everything. After seeing how often the adventure deck is shuffled and handled, I had ordered sleeves for it (but not for the rest of the 1000+ cards). Love the minis which came with several of the expansions. And the cool bonus mini which relates to an animal I use to raise. The perfect bonus to me. After we finished sorting and sleeving cards, we played the intro curse "Crystal Song" which is short. As we played the weird floating plants showed up a few times. Creepy and cool. I sooo want to paint those minis soon. Have not run into the devours yet, but I'm sure they will show up when doing the next curse. And with so many new curses added, I don't even know where to start. My sister and I are very excited about the new content.Logged: 12 hours = Voracious Goddess curse10 hours = An Offering to the Guardians curse14 hours = Dark Chest of the Damned (had to kill my beloved goat to survive the last challenge)1 hour = Crystal Song (It's meant to be an intro curse. Short and sweet.)
  10. I just read that post on Kickstarter. Awesome artwork. Can't wait to paint those minis. I've been painting a lot lately. Hopefully will have pictures up in the next few days of some of my pieces.
  11. I'm eager for the rest of my The 7th Continent items to come in. Shipping has begun but I have not gotten my notice yet. While waiting, my sister and I finished our third curse which came with the base game. Here is our logged totals: Logged: 12 hours = Voracious Goddess curse10 hours = An Offering to the Guardians curse14 hours = Dark Chest of the Damned (had to kill my beloved goat to survive the last challenge)
  12. Both my sister and I are both now on Season 2 of the series. Still loving seeing your screen shine in every episode. Looking forward to the future Season 3.
  13. It reminds me a lot of Tang Garden, which I'm eagerly waiting for. I really like Eduardo Baraf who runs Pencil First company. I've backed several of his games and watched a lot of his video reviews. I like that he gives shout-out to lots of other games, not just the ones from his company. He is also good friends with Keith Matejk who designed Roll Player. They worked on the game Skull Hollow together, which I am also waiting on delivery for. As Tang Garden has the same theme as this one, I might skip it. Mainly because I'm forcing myself to limit how many games I back on Kickstarter this year. I've done really, really good so far. I've only backed 1 game and 2 game-related projects. (Thanks to Barb, I'm getting Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs)
  14. That is a lot of spiders attacking. My sister hates spiders. She won't even touch the spider swam minis I recently painted. Love to see her try to play your game when the spiders are on the march.
  15. Thanks, @Adam, I'm reading the articles now. I have been wanting Wingspan and trying to keep an eye on when the next shipment hits. Wow, sounds like Jamey has let power get to him. I've really liked him and own many of his games. It does reminder me what Nintendo did several decades ago forcing companies to see their games at the price they set. If a retail company gave a discount, Nintendo cut down a lot on the products they sent. Nintendo was sued and lost. Jamey needs to be careful how he treats retailers.
  16. I was given Arkham Horror card game for Christmas but have yet to play it. School is almost out so I need to re-read the rules and give it a shot.
  17. Wow, that is a lot of minis. Have fun painting.
  18. Just went and read all the back post. What a terrible guy he is. I'm glad he was reported to the police.
  19. That article is very sad. He knew he was on live-stream and he acted like that? How does he act when not being recorded? I'm glad to see that the children have been taken away.
  20. We got Welcome To and have been enjoying it very much. I got my notice that Neta-Tanka should be arriving soon.
  21. Wow, I wish I had that ship to paint. I've not done any huge paint jobs yet. I have not used a wet palette yet. Wished I owned one. I can see how it can be very useful, especially when I'm only using a drop here and there of my high quality paints. Then the drop drys out before I need it again. I don't like wasting paint, especially my Reaper paints. I don't feel so many when its the cheap Wal-mart paints. I do base colors with the cheap paint. Then, if I need high quality details, then I move into Reaper paints.
  22. Someone is having a lot of fun with his many meeples. 😤
  23. LOL, your thinking like me. Thanks for the link
  24. Looking at a bunch of them now on Amazon, but none mention "zero distortion". Would this be a okay one? https://www.amazon.com/Brightech-LightView-Flex-Magnifying-Lamp/dp/B01K10XA1O/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=T3H2QA3IF1G2&keywords=magnifying+glass+for+painting+miniatures&qid=1556506578&s=gateway&sprefix=magnifying+glass+for+pa%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1
  25. Reporting in again. I have 3 Kickstarters backed at the moment. Only one is a board game, so technically I'm on target for my New Year's Resolution. Besides the game Roam, I'm backing Animal Adventures which is minis and The Dungeon which is modular boards for rpg. They are game accessories.....so surely I'm okay. 😓
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