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  1. I won't even begin talking about my sad attempts for accents.
  2. Roses I had a blast playing Pathfinder with friends over the weekend Looking forward to playing Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger with my sister and niece after dinner. Thorn My bathroom sink is stopped up and we have been trying for days to fix it. Draino is not working this time (usually that fixes this common problem we have been dealing with for years). Tried sticking a screwdriver as far down the pipe as possible. That didn't help either. Tried hot, boiling water. Nope.
  3. Great pictures, @Serge Darveau. You are having a blast with your CoCo. They are so much fun to use.
  4. Now that the game has launched, I can show off my new microbadges on BGG under my avatar. What fun 😁
  5. That would be very irritating. Not someone I would want to play with much. I do love the game Concordia. I beat my sister a lot, and she does not pout...much. 😈
  6. Missed the link. Thanks for sharing it, though. If it becomes free in the future, maybe I can grab it.
  7. Loving the game Labyrinthos, I designed five microbadges which were approved on the website Board Game Geek. There is a badge for each hero and one for the Minotaur. If you have a BGG account and would like to show your support for the game, you can purchase the badges following these links: Sostrate Leona Minotaur Diodotus Akakios
  8. I love Concordia. I usually win when my sister and I play. We have it on our 10x10 challenge this year. Got a few more plays to finish it up.
  9. Yep, very reasonable indeed. And my sister is hinting to me I should get it.
  10. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1384717505/upstairs-downstairs-an-obsession-expansion Obsession was one of those games I didn't originally back due budget, but I kept thinking occasionally about, wishing I had gotten it. Now I have a second chance as its back on Kickstarter with an new expansion. I love the Jane Austen Victorian theme. And on BGG, I heard a number of people chatting about how they enjoyed the game.
  11. I've not heard of Nouvelle before but it looks cool. Love how snow layers add more tension to the game as it progresses. I am considering backing Mint Cooperative. I like the other two Mint games I have.
  12. Planning to back. Can't wait for the campaign to start.
  13. Finally played my sister's copy of Black Sonata. The mechanics of this game are really cool how the Dark Lady is constantly moving about the map and your trying to catch her then figure out her identity. It's like Scotland Yard and Fury of Dracula, but for solo play only. How someone came up with such a game is mind boggling to me. Now if only I could actually win the game.
  14. Wow, that is a lot of games. Just got my replacement piece today for my green meeple that had a broken axe. Now I'm ready to play another game of Snowdonia.
  15. What if Dog Might releases a game this year? 😇
  16. My sister and I found it confusing too at first. I finally found a link which list the card divisions. One of the booklets tells the abbreviation for each set of cards so you know what category each card belongs. Once I figured that out, I used some index cards for dividers to tell the different sets of cards apart. Organizing link: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2263080/official-guide-unboxing-organizing-and-storing
  17. Ah, I remember that. We had a fun start, then there were no more posts. I will consider that.
  18. You get the game yet? Its one major package! I really enjoyed playing it with my sister.
  19. Yeah, I didn't mention be D&D Essentials Kit I recently bought. Its hard for my sister and I to talk her daughter and friends into playing. So the campaign my sister started during the summer has not gotten very far. I read that the Essentials Kit actually allows 2 players to role-player. One as DM and the other control one main character and a sidekick. I need to dig into the material and start a campaign for just my sister and me. I did like the dice and material that came with it. Even has a DM screen--not nearly as cool as what DMG makes, but it contains lots of quick, helpful facts. And the kit is not expensive.
  20. I've wanted to play Root, but was concerned about how it would play at 2 players, so I never bought it. I'm hoping Skulk Hollow, which is designed for two players, will fill that itch. I do own Founders of Gloomhaven. Overall I like it, but when you build Tier 3 buildings, it can be difficult to figure out who supposed to get the split points for it. Even my sister, who is good at math, struggles with trying to figure out how many points each player earns.
  21. I love your signs. Great motivator to perhaps actually play. Writing my list made me realize there was a lot more unplayed games in my house than I realized. I'm making it my goal to get at least some of these played soon.
  22. My Shelf of Shame Black Sonata--not made time Book of Dragons--not made time Dungeon Roll--forgot we even own this one as my sister keeps it in her room Empires of the Void--sit down and started the directions, got distracted, and never came back to them Magic the Gather: Area of Planewalker--read the rules but couldn't get my sister interested to play Magic the Gathering: Shadow Over Innistaard--read the rules but couldn't get my sister interested to play Monopoly Mario Kart--not made time. I did read the rules. My Village--read the rules, not made time Notre Dame--really, really planning to play this one soon. Just got to take time to read the rules soon. Shadowloard--read the rules so long ago, I forgot what they said. This is an OLD game I picked up at a salvation store for cheap Skulk Hollow--just arrived last week. Will play soon Skull Tales--just arrived this month. But I've heard that the rules have a lot of grammar errors. Maybe wait for the corrected pdf before playing. Star Wards Destiny--picked up for $5. Played someone's copy at a gaming meet-up. Plan to actually read the rules someday and play my own copy. Twilight Imperium (4th edition)--Brought this one at half price. Read the rules. Sooooooo want to play. Hard to get others to agree to this 5 hour epic. Expansions: Escape Room: Funland--waiting for the perfect time Escape Room: Murder Mystery--waiting for the perfect time Expedition: Horror--not made time Mice & Mystic: Downwoods Tales--waiting until I finish painting the minis Mice & Mystic Heart of Gloom-waiting until I finish painting the minis Time Story: Marcy Case--waiting for the perfect time
  23. What are the games you own but never played? What reasons are they collecting dust? Share your shame and progress.
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