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  1. Some of us regular backers were sharing on BGG which current games we are waiting for from Kickstarter. The thread inspired me to post this. Here is my current list. Waiting on from 2018: Christmas Lights Card GameGoblivionSkull Tales: Full Sail!5-Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again!Luxor - Forgotten TreasuresKodama DuoSprawlopolisKitchen Rush - Piece of CakeDinosaur Island: Back from ExtinctionCryptPalm IslandXia: Missions and PowersTiny Epic ZombiesCountdown: Action editionWaiting on from 2017:Dinogenics: Dinosaur Park ManagementBook of DragonsNear and Far: Amber Mines7th Continent expansion (got the base last month)Mint DeliveryStar Realms FrontiersFounders of GloomhavenRise of TribesDeep Space D-6Quodd HeroesWaiting on from 2016:Whelps to Wyrms
  2. We plan to soon play Battle Con : Trials of Indines . I noticed a new version is on Kickstarter now. I was given my copy by my Secret Santa last Christmas. Zenith and I both read the rules in December but never got around to playing the game. Now we planning to very, very soon. Rarely does a new game set around for months unplayed, but that one has. I guess its because we were uncertain if we would like a straight out fight your opponent game. We're more into Euro, cooperatives, story-telling, and thematic games. Actually, that covers a huge amount of various games. Just not battle games. We do like Star Realm so maybe we will like Battle Con.
  3. @Serge Darveau he is watching you. Beware.
  4. I love this game. I haven't played it solo yet, but its great as a two player. The expansion really adds to the game. I've never played it without the expansion either. I like that you trying to make a powerful character to tackle the boss.
  5. I have a carport. Deliveries are just placed by my door so I’ve had no issues so far
  6. Here is my September update for Kickstarter games I am waiting on. Backed this year - 2018Tiny Epic MechsMicrobrewThe Ancient World (2nd printing)Bargain QuestIncoming TransmissionAtlantis Island of GodsSnowdoniaTang GardenBlack SonataNeta-TankaChristmas Lights Card GameGoblivionSkull Tales: Full Sail!5-Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again!Kodama DuoSprawlopolis (shipping)Kitchen Rush - Piece of CakeDinosaur Island: Back from ExtinctionCryptXia: Missions and PowersCountdown: Action editionWaiting on from 2017:Dinogenics: Dinosaur Park ManagementBook of Dragons7th Continent expansions (got the base already, waiting on 2nd wave)Deep Space D-6 (shipping)Quodd HeroesWaiting on from 2016:Whelps to Wyrms
  7. Now I feel like pulling out my paint and miniatures. I've a graveyard to finish painting. Lots and lots of tombstones. And a large church.
  8. Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coe/tiny-epic-mechs-mechanized-entertainment-combat-he?ref=user_menu There is another Tiny Epic game out. This time you have mechs to play with. Cool.
  9. @WxCougar, awesome Spinx. @Barb, you have an great rat invasion.
  10. @TheAuthorOfOZ, awesome pictures you have of the CoCo's in use.
  11. I love to see others actually using their CoCo for various games. What arrangements are working for you? Has anyone found the optimized arrangement for particular games? Show off your arrangements in real games. What works best for you?
  12. Wow, happy b-day, DMG forum. Can't believe its been a year. Wow, time flies.
  13. What an intrigue idea. Never seen anything like it before.
  14. I saw that Root became #1 on the Hotness List for last month on BGG, finally knocking Gloomhaven to #2. (but not for top game overall). I'm now curious about Root. Does it work well for 2 players?
  15. Wow, I shall never think of broccoli the same again.
  16. I should show this to my graphic design students. We use Photoshop everyday.
  17. @Zoe, sounds like your group may soon be ready for Scythe: The Rise of Fenris. I would pick up The Wind Gambit first which adds awesome airships. You can play Rise of Fenris without Wind Gambit, but several of the scenarios allow you to use the airships, if you have them. I love using airships. They enhance, but don't change the game dramatically. And they look COOL!
  18. RomyCat

    Wooden Dice!

    @Bacon McBeardyOoh, I didn't that about Rowan. Would make a cool dice.
  19. Love your Sc-fi Club. A few years back, kids started hanging out after school in my computer lab to play Minecraft which led me to creating the Tech Club. Besides the ever popular Minecraft, they shared about their favorite apps, YouTubers, and anime.
  20. Great, now I want Pumpkin dice. Good grief, Great Gourd.
  21. My sister and I finished all eight episodes of Scythe: The Rise of Fenris. We both loved it. Had many wow moments. Intriguing story line. Lots of excitement like in Pandemic Legacy. Well worth playing. I already want to start the whole campaign over, this time making better decisions as I know what is coming. I "won" the final game, but as the very final scoring is impacted by how you played throughout the whole campaign, my sister pulled off the overall win. She is going down next time as I led Fenris to ultimate victory. Ha, ha, mwhahaha.
  22. I see you went all out. I got to play Star Realms Frontier over the weekend. My sister and I enjoyed it. Played 4 games. The first two were vs. and I loved building up my deck while trying to destroy my sister. Won a game and lost a game. Then we decided to play cooperative to take out a boss. We choose what we thought was the weakest one because he started with only 25 health per player. Turns out, he was extremely powerful and clobbered us mercilessly until we were both destroyed. So we next tried the first boss mentioned in the directions, guessing that the easiest came first. This time we fared much better. Like us, the boss slowly gains in better attacks, giving us a chance to get stronger. In the end the boss and us were hitting each other with 15 plus attacks. We won, but it was close. Lots of fun.
  23. @Zoxe, glad you had a blast. I like how it feels like a close community. People getting to know each other. Sounds like a great con to visit.
  24. My sister and I have played six out of the eight episodes for Scythe The Rise of Ferris. I must say, I’ve loved it as much as Pandemic Season 1. So many WOW moments. Great story. And you can reset everything and play it again, if you wish. Love it.