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  1. Thanks to @Barb Bliss giving me a tip when the Pledge Manager was briefly reopened, I'm getting this game too. It's looking awesome.
  2. I'm curious to hear what games you have never played that you are eagerly looking forward to playing. These may be Kickstarters, preorders, soon-to-be-released, waiting till your coffers are refilled so you can afford them, or on your wishlist for a future Christmas/birthday present. These are my top 5. Gloomhaven Charterstone Seventh Continent Roll Player Founders of Gloomhaven
  3. Oooh, you have a cute guest. I wanted to buy that game, but it wouldn't fit in the budget.
  4. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/135116486/assassins-creed-brotherhood-of-venice?ref=user_menu Yes, Assassins Creed is a board game now. And yes, I backed it thanks to my sister who is a fan of the series. I shall blame her that my money has vanished.
  5. Rosie is doing a great job as an artist. You go, girl!
  6. Years ago I went cheap on cell phones. I got a flip phone that was TERRIBLE. So hard to use the apps or do about anything on it. One time my sister asked me why I didn't use it to set an alarm for the morning. I said, "It's too hard to do on my phone." My sister thought I was exaggerating and tried to set the alarm herself. Ten minutes later she gave up and tossed me the phone. "You're right. That's the worst phone I have ever seen." After two years of frustration with it, I decided I was going to go for the best phone on the market and got an IPhone 4. Used it for quite a few years and finally upgraded to an iPhone 6 which is what I use now. They are easy to use. Only takes me seconds to set an alarm on it. Downside is their expensive. But they are easy enough to use that when my mother needed a new phone, that is what I got her. She likes that she can play some games on it.
  7. Rise of Tribes looks great with that player mat.
  8. I skimmed through the video trying to find the space cat, but couldn't find it. This was the game with the space cat, right?
  9. I'm so looking forward to retirement too. I have TONS of stuff to do once I retire. Play board games. Write books. Play video games. Paint miniatures. Clean house occasionally. Play more games.
  10. Poor you. My school has filters too. We teachers have a code to bypass one layer. With it, I actually can get to Kickstarter, Amazon, and YouTube. But tons of sites are still blocked. I can put in a request to have them unblocked if there is an educational value to the site.
  11. How cute, but you didn't provide a link to the Kickstarter. I have to go manually. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1799238918/canitaurs-and-felitaurs-miniatures-and-cards-set-f?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=Canitaurs
  12. Ooh, a beholder. ? That brings up bad memories. On my first campaign with an DM that was not my sister, I walked through a door and was immediately killed by a beholder. I was barely on level 2 and was a newbie. I never forgot that introduction to D&D.
  13. What a special privilege to be able to actually help make it. Your husband looks very proud.
  14. Yet you won the game by a landslide. We must play again.
  15. But it will keep away students trying to roll my house, thieves, and maybe the mailman. Wait, I want the mailman to come bearing boxes of Kickstarter games. Maybe a dragon is not a good idea after all.
  16. Some of us regular backers were sharing on BGG which current games we are waiting for from Kickstarter. The thread inspired me to post this. Here is my current list. Waiting on from 2018: Christmas Lights Card GameGoblivionSkull Tales: Full Sail!5-Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again!Luxor - Forgotten TreasuresKodama DuoSprawlopolisKitchen Rush - Piece of CakeDinosaur Island: Back from ExtinctionCryptPalm IslandXia: Missions and PowersTiny Epic ZombiesCountdown: Action editionWaiting on from 2017:Dinogenics: Dinosaur Park ManagementBook of DragonsNear and Far: Amber Mines7th Continent expansion (got the base last month)Mint DeliveryStar Realms FrontiersFounders of GloomhavenRise of TribesDeep Space D-6Quodd HeroesWaiting on from 2016:Whelps to Wyrms
  17. Wish I had that at my house!!!!
  18. I need this shirt to wear to school. What site are you getting these from?
  19. Zenith is playing Christmas Lights solo right now. She LOVES the second extra solo game called "Deck the Yards." She says she loves it so much she will be playing it throughout the year, not just for the holidays. Currently I expect 8 Kickstarters to arrive in November, if shipping stays on track.
  20. Nineteen games in one month?!!! Has Christmas moved to November? Someone needs to notify Santa immediately. I do expect some games in November, but not that many.
  21. November List: Here is my November update for Kickstarter games I am waiting on. Backed this year - 2018 Zoo-ography Expediton: the Future Skulk Hollow D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice & Dragons! Tiny Epic Mechs Microbrew The Ancient World (2nd printing) Bargain Quest Incoming Transmission Atlantis Island of Gods Snowdonia Tang Garden Black Sonata Neta-Tanka Goblivion Skull Tales: Full Sail! 5-Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again! Kodama Duo Kitchen Rush - Piece of Cake Dinosaur Island: Back from Extinction Crypt Xia: Missions and Powers Countdown: Action edition Waiting on from 2017: Dinogenics: Dinosaur Park Management Book of Dragons 7th Continent expansions (got the base already, waiting on 2nd wave) Deep Space D-6 (shipping) Quodd Heroes Waiting on from 2016: Whelps to Wyrms
  22. I'm not buying coffee in that shop. Nope. Staying away.
  23. Got my items. Got to show them off! My three items: Valhalla in Demon Blood, Sentinel in Demon Blood, and Batty. Batty joins our family. Pumpkin I gave to my sister for her birthday last year. She keeps stealing Batty from me, saying she ought to be with her cousin. My new sentinel with a D20 design. I bought my sentinel specifically to hold dice, with it does very well. Currently it is holding 14 sets of dice for a total of 106 dice. That includes a bunch of mini D6's. My lovely spellbook Valhalla. Being an English/Tech teacher, I have taught The Raven and other Gothic literature to teenagers. Here is one of my cats preparing to DM a new adventure.
  24. LinK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ebaraf/skulk-hollow-an-asymmetric-2-player-game-with-epic?fbclid=IwAR07y-8C7YtPW8BZc5JHEGk7noDj4cGxA4F5Y3pfjhYk-OzMqsueRppfpME&mc_cid=7f83d986f1&mc_eid=663472c1c2&ref=558749&token=fbb987c7 By Pencil First Games who made Herbaceous. This game is designed by the same guy who did Roll Player.