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  1. For those of us who love to play RPG games, now is the time to brag about your greatest adventures...or misadventures. Share what your characters have been up to.
  2. I REALLY like bloodwood. If I owned them, I think they would become my favorite too. Was playing Minecraft FTB yesterday and I planted bloodwood trees. Their wood looks create, even virtual .
  3. Wooden Dice!

    Barb, your dice looks amazing. I can't wait to roll my leopardwood that is coming.
  4. Wooden Dice!

    Peter, that''s very helpful to see the comparison. They are only slightly bigger. Glad to see that, though having a HUGE one would be fun also.
  5. Wooden Dice!

    Back in college I was working everyday of the week. Besides a full load of classes, I was working 2 part time jobs. I remember when a holiday came and I had one full day off. It was so wonderful. My friends and I kept discussion throughout the day that we would do something special like go to the beach (we were in Florida), but we didn't do anything more special than surf the net and play video games as we were so wore out.
  6. I'm curious to hear what games you have never played that you are eagerly looking forward to playing. These may be Kickstarters, preorders, soon-to-be-released, waiting till your coffers are refilled so you can afford them, or on your wishlist for a future Christmas/birthday present. These are my top 5. Gloomhaven Charterstone Seventh Continent Roll Player Founders of Gloomhaven
  7. Wooden Dice!

    Dice, dice, and more dice. I so can't get enough of dice.
  8. Your Neverwinter is a very colorful place. I would to visit, but will stay away from all rainbows.
  9. My sister and I love when playing a board game to listen to music which relates. For example, when playing Puerto Rico, we listen to Puerto Rican music on YouTube. To me, it helps me to feel more pulled into the theme and atmosphere of the game. As a long time gamer of both video and board games, I wanted to give a shout-out to some music which relates.
  10. I love Viticulture. Its one of my sister and I favorite games.
  11. I really, really wanted all three of those but passed due to lack of funds. I just can't afford everything. But I would love to play them if I ever get the chance.
  12. I backed Roll Player and its expansion. Still waiting for both to arrive. I think we will like it a lot, from what I have read.
  13. I backed Mint Delivery also. Its nice to have small, portable games. I checked out the Stray Cats game. Its very cute.
  14. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/portaldragon/palm-island-portable-card-game?ref=user_menu Here is one that I decided to back almost immediately. Cheap, small, and very portable. Looks like it a good game to have tucked away in a pocket or purse to play solo or with a friend when you have time on your hands--like waiting for your food to be delivered in a restaurant. My sister and I have played Love Letter several times while waiting at IHOPS for our food.
  15. Tonight, our gnome cleric actually debated having herself thrown while casting spells at the undead. Eventually she decided against the plan.
  16. Today my party was making a sneak attack on castle ruins. As we wove our way among half collapsed towers, part of the group entered to take out some guards. Still outside the tower, I noticed a large, vicious dog chained up. Being a druid, I have a strong connection with animals and can speak to some of them. So I offered a deal to the dog, that if he did not attack me, I would set him free. The dog, which had been abused by the local brutes living in the ruined castle, quickly agreed. As all the players in our Parthfinder group love dogs in real life, several characters started feeding the hungry dog and befriending it, a few of us giving the dog more attention than the bad guys attacking us. The dog felt angry towards its previous terrible owners and joined us in storming the castle. Several characters began debating what name we would give the dog. Our DM decided on Luigi. Even my tiger finally relaxed near the huge dog as they fought beside each other to take down a goon. Eventually the boss was revealed and we moved into the narrow, rumble-filled passageways, trying to defeat him. He was powerful, taking down my character and our guide, though we both eventually recovered. Seeing that his evil plot had been stopped by our dedicated group, the boss sought the quickest way out of the castle. Luigi faced his former master, attacking, but the evil leader was well armored. He deflected off the attack then brought his powerful sword down, stabbing the brave dog, killing him and leaving the rest of us stunned at the dog's sudden death. We chased after the boss, but he managed to escape into the woods. As we looted the bodies of fallen enemies and tended our wounds, we swore we would hunt down this evil boss, no matter how far he ran. For each battle we would face in the future, we would enter the fray with the battle cry, "For Luigi!"
  17. Barb, I had glanced at Chronicles of Crime but not looked closely. Now I'm more curious about the game. Zoxe, you are lucky. I have send videos of VGL, but never seen them live. I would love to go to one of the concerts.
  18. Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1916334303/video-games-live-level-6-album-and-movie?ref=profile_starred Back when I first heard about the song Baba Yetu, my search to buy the song quickly led me to Video Games Live and I purchased one of their albums. I really enjoyed hearing music from games I had grownup with turned into classic scores. Well, VGL is back again with their 4th Kickstarter. Among many successes, VGL has aired on PBS which became one of their top rated specials. They have turned around the world in 42 counties.
  19. And another version of the song by the same group, but shows interaction with the locals in the area when filming. This is one of my favorite versions.
  20. Here is Philharmonic and Alex Boye preforming Christopher Tin's song Baba Yetu, which is the Lord's Prayer in Swahili.
  21. Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/christophertin/new-album-by-christopher-tin-baba-yetu-civilizatio?ref=profile_starred The first time I played the video game Civilization IV and heard the opening song "Baba Yetu, " I was speechless. It was one of the most beautiful, epic songs I had ever heard...and it was inside a game? I was just stunned and had to find out more about this song. Turned out Christopher Tin had composed the song which is Swahili for "Our Father." It would go on to be nominated for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists. And was the first video game theme song to ever be nominated for a Grammy. Christopher Tin is back, working on his third album. This is his first Kickstarter and has set a new record--the highest funded classical music on Kickstarter.
  22. My suggestion for money would be cardboard coins that appear in many games. Personally I don’t like using paper money anymore like what comes in Monoply. Your game does look intriguing. Someday when you are ready for playtesting by others, I would love to volunteer (if I don’t have to buy a ton of extra parts to play a prototype). Already I have metal money, acrylic crystals (from Mage Knight), lots of dice (but non larger than a D20), a collection of minis, and many meeples.
  23. Playing Pathfinder with my gaming group later today. Recetly bought Concordia and hope to play it soon with my sister. It will be her first time and my second time. I had the opportunity to try it out at a Gaming Meetup and enjoyed it. That is one thing I love about Gaming Meetups is I can play games before I buy them to know if I like them enough to spend the money.
  24. Currently my most looked for game is 7th Continent. The base game should be coming in sometime this month. Then I find out if the hype (and price) was worth it.