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  1. Feast For Odin This Viking game takes up a LOT of room. We had the money in a central area. Use three rolling trays to hold supplies. The last rolling tray to actual spin the dice in. Good thing my sister and I have four CoCo's. Allows a lot of flexibility when choosing tiles needed in games.
  2. I love to see others actually using their CoCo for various games. What arrangements are working for you? Has anyone found the optimized arrangement for particular games? Show off your arrangements in real games. What works best for you?
  3. Thanks for the review. It was very insightful. Makes me want to try out the game. My sister and are play cooperative when a game allows it, such as Mage Knight. The rules for player-vs-player in that game are so complex, that me and my sister glanced at the rules only once and agreed to never attack each other.
  4. You should also post your picture of playing Near and Far under the new thread showing CoCo's in use while gaming. I love Near & Far. I'm looking forward to the expansion arriving soon.
  5. Will be meeting with my Pathfinder group to eat and play. Tuesday meeting with second Pathfinder group (same DM for both) to play different story. Hopefully Sunday Zenith and I will get some board games in. We want to tackle more quests in 7th Continent. Tgpumpkin, Pandemic Season 1 was awesome. My sister and I flew through it within a week or so. Seafall was not so great. We got a little overhaul through that one and stopped playing. One issue with it was its designed for 3 players but only us 2 were playing it. We took turns controlling a 3rd dummy player. Not nearly as much fun as having a real 3rd player. I would love to try out Pandemic Season 2. Was waiting on the price to drop a lot. I got Pandemic Season 1 and Seafall both for $35 each.
  6. Thomas, you are making me sooooo hungry. I want to try your fajita. They sound soooo yummy.
  7. Yokohama This image is from our first experience using the CoCo's. My sister and I are playing Yokohama. We each had our own areas. The card holders worked awesome for sorting our cards while keeping their front side hidden from each other. Mine is the leopardwood CoCo's on the right in the picture.
  8. Village Here is my sister and I playing Village for the first time. We used pieces from four CoCo. We used a central area to hold community components for everyone. Worked very nicely for sorting the items tokens, money, and cubes. Then we each had our private areas. I noticed we each arranged our own areas differently. I LOVED using the quad CoCo--perfect for sorting the four different type cubes in the game. (Black is returned directly to the bag and never keep.)
  9. I actually missed the early, early bird. But the next morning, I found that a few had dropped that level, and I was able to downgrade my pledge to get the $104 level. If you keep an eye out, you might get the chance to do the same thing.
  10. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wiggles3d/5-minute-dungeon-curses-foiled-again-expansion?ref=user_menu This one is exploding fast. I've not played the base game but it has my attention now. Over 5,000 backers. There is limited printing if you want the Big Box which including both base and expansion. I found myself picking it up. Now I need to official ban myself from Kickstarter for a while. My wallet hates me right now. Its trying to bite my hand every time I try to go near it.
  11. Zoxe, those minis are so cute. I have not played the base game. How do you like it, if you own the base?
  12. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/239309591/sprawlopolis-a-solo-and-cooperative-city-building?ref=user_menu This game is a cheap, pocket game. Reminds me a bit of Sim City. Just needs a pumpkin patch. I did notice that Tgpumpkin is also a backer, besides me.
  13. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1016374822/luxor-forgotten-treasures-0?ref=user_menu Luxor is nominated for Game of the Year. The deluxe version was already in production and to be delivered in July. Queen Games decided to re-open up their Kickstarter to give people a second chance to get the deluxe version of game which comes with four extra expansions, an entire extra second game, and wooden tokens. If you interested, there is only 6 days left out of 12. Thanks to my sister's encouragement, I wound up backing the Luxor & Pioneer version. Thanks Zenith for spending my money in my wallet.
  14. I saw this on TV for the first time a few months ago. I thought, “Wow, those people are crazy.” It was fun to watch. I did’t know someone made it into a board game. I would give it a go if someone brought it to a gaming meet-up
  15. Yes, I love the dragon tray. Too bad I'm out of reactions.
  16. Woah! I would buy this. Love the game. Your tower is awesome.
  17. Looks cool, but my dad is not a serious gamer. He likes are limited to Carassonne, Catan, and Ticket to Ride. Now I would LOVE a mug like that. Teacher appreciation was two weeks ago.... 👩 My question is how well does wood hold liquids? I presume the varnishing you are using is non-toxic and safe for food.
  18. Finally started painting again today. Don't have any finish work to show. Mainly did a wood cart (it looks awesome once the wash was added), a couple of tree stumps (I didn't use a primer and I'm worried about long term use for them), and worked on some fences which are not completed yet. I'm out of primer and need to buy some. I have some more tree stumps, beds, and cabinets from one company whose name I can't forgot. I couldn't remember if they come pre-primed are not. That is what I get for buying the miniatures in the fall and waiting till summer to paint them. Some of my miniatures from other companies do come pre-primed which is very helpful. I don't have to prime any of my Reaper miniatures or those from the Deep Cuts Wizkids series.
  19. Out of reactions to show how awesome I think the projects are looking here. School is about out for me and I’m going to work on catching up on my painting. Ya’ll so make me want to pick up a brush.
  20. Wow, awesome dragon. And I love the props which go with it.
  21. So what does Sawdust do when no one is watching? I suspect some of my cats are plotting to take over the world...are at least all local cafes.
  22. Ideas for next sculpt: panther. It would be very “current” thanks to a certain movie.