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  1. Some of us regular backers were sharing on BGG which current games we are waiting for from Kickstarter. The thread inspired me to post this. Here is my current list. Waiting on from 2018: Christmas Lights Card GameGoblivionSkull Tales: Full Sail!5-Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again!Luxor - Forgotten TreasuresKodama DuoSprawlopolisKitchen Rush - Piece of CakeDinosaur Island: Back from ExtinctionCryptPalm IslandXia: Missions and PowersTiny Epic ZombiesCountdown: Action editionWaiting on from 2017:Dinogenics: Dinosaur Park ManagementBook of DragonsNear and Far: Amber Mines7th Continent expansion (got the base last month)Mint DeliveryStar Realms FrontiersFounders of GloomhavenRise of TribesDeep Space D-6Quodd HeroesWaiting on from 2016:Whelps to Wyrms
  2. Love the bright colors. I almost went rainbow, but it would look sooo different than everything else I have, I decided to go with demon's blood.
  3. My sister has a Benge CoCo and she complaints a lot that it looks too close to Chechen. While playing games, the tiles often get mixed up and she tries hard to keep hers separated from the other three CoCo's we have. My Leopardwood is is to spot next to Chechn and Benge.
  4. I agree that Chechen is beautiful. I have two chechen CoCo's. Lovely, deep brown with other shades mixed in.
  5. Mossbloom sighed. Here we go again, she thought to herself. Why do so many have to be racist again tieflings? Then again, many didn't like rogues either. Smiling overfriendly, Mossbloom walked towards the confrontation. "There you are, Nisha. I was just organizing a new questing party. You, of course, will be our star fighter. One of the best I have ever seen. Can't have a proper quest without you." She gave the frighten man a friendly pat. "You can see why we need her, can't you? Don't want to be facing evils in the darkness without a proper fighter or two. Tiefling can see quite well in the dark. Very useful, don't you think?" Tensely the man looked between the elf and tiefling. "Uh, sure." He slowly began edging away from them while keeping his back protected.
  6. I've never seen that group before. Love the video. Now to go listen to more of their work.
  7. I've been following Overturn's Kickstarter since near the beginning. I never backed it, but I must say it provided my sister and I many hours of entertainment as we watched this scam slowly unfold over several weeks. Quite a delight chatting about it on the BGG forums. I keep wondering if Kickstarter would step in and do anything. So many people had reported it. My sister and I were cheering happily when it finally was suspended. After the game was suspended clueless backers hopped into chat asking why the game was suspended. They had not been reading the warnings that dedicated posters had been putting out for days. It would have been horrible if Kickstarter did nothing.
  8. That took a long time. I've had mine several weeks. I'm still waiting on Founders for Gloomhaven, which Canadian backers got a few weeks ago.
  9. @Serge Darveau, I love the cat sneaking into the picture. So funny. The game looks cool. Very colorful.
  10. Mossbloom looks over at the others. "Good to have you." For those interested, we leave tomorrow morning shortly after dawn. I got to have my breakfast first. Make sure you have weapons and food. I bring some extra. There's adventuring to be had." She grins, excited about what is to come.
  11. I just checked out Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition. If you don't already have the game, and wish to buy it, this is the way to go. I already own one of the three expansions which comes with it. I really liked the additions added with The Lost Legion. New tiles and a really, really tough bad guy you can go up against. Link: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/248562/mage-knight-ultimate-edition
  12. My sister and I LOVE Mage Knight. It was the 2nd really complex game I brought (Agricola being the 1st). It deserves its high reputation. Has lots of rules. First game my sister and I played took five hours as we tried to figure things out (we were still newbies in the modern board game world back then). We loved the game so much that we turned around and played it two more times the same day, taking 2-3 hours per game. Lots of replayable. I printed out fan made mods which we had fun trying out which added even more layers of complexity. If you want a light, easy game to play, don't get Mage Knight. If you want a RPG deck building, tile laying experience where you character keeps leveling up and you have the option to play as a good or bad guy, this is your game. You start weak and becoming powerful (if you play well) to siege dragons and powerful cities. Great theme. Memorable battles. After all the praise, I will say, my copy does not get played near as much as it deserves, but I own over 100 games, including Gloomhaven now. Gloomhaven would be Mage Knight's closest comparison, I think. They are very different games, but both allow you to control your characters through cards. Mage Knight is not a campaign or legacy game (wow, it would be awesome if they released an campaign expansion. I would buy it in a heart beat). In Mage Knight, your character travels across the land, visiting cities, monasteries, castles, dungeons. Want to kill the monks and steal their relics. You can. Prefer to befriend them and hire one to help you. You could do that instead. Gloomhaven is a dungeon crawl where you can visit the one main city. In both games, you can get good or reputation and must deal with consequences of your actions. If you only had to choose one, I would say go with Gloomhaven. I have both and enjoyed both. Now I'm in the mood to play Mage Knight (Looks at copy on shelf). Thanks. @tgpumpkin
  13. "Aye, you will be a good addiction. I wonder if any others wish to join? Got a few spots open in our party. I'll buy some food and supplies to get us ready. " Mossbloom glanced at others sitting around the tables, wondering who else was coming.
  14. (OOC: I'm perfectly find with dice rolling. I'm involved with two Pathfinder adventures right now. Sometimes the dice love me....sometimes not.)
  15. (OOC: just wondering, @LuckyIke, if we head out on adventure and exploring, are you taking the role of DM, laying out a scenario like forest scene or dungeon room and we react to it? Example: forest scene, camping, attack by goblins. Players react. Or do we all flow alone and make up the story completely. Or is there some other method?
  16. Ooh, I know which game you were playing. Unlike BGG, I can't do a spoiler box to say the answer. Let me try my own version. Spoiler (in white text below this) Charterstone
  17. Wow, my paws hurt. I can't feel my pads. I've looked at hundreds of these dogs (they'll not cute to us cats. Only cats are cute to us cats). I still can't find Sawdust. They clicked on the main menu and it said voting does not start yet. Is is possible you can find a direct link to share with us to Sawdust, especial for us cat lovers.
  18. Love the close up shots of the meeples. I see a few felines in there.
  19. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magicmeeplegames/incoming-transmission-16-bit-deduction-family-boar?ref=user_menu It's balanced for a two player game with one player playing as Mission Control and giving commands for an cadet trapped on an messed up space station. The commands are shuffled and the cadet must figure out (hopefully) the right things to do to save themselves and the station. The game can be played with more than 2 with several working on a team as the cadet. I think it will work well with my sister's and I play style.
  20. My sister @Zenithsplendor is backing this one. She's having fun following along.
  21. "Good to meet ya, Gnarly. Got some fine muscles on you. Farming will do that. I go by Mossbloom. I'm a highly trained rogue. Good at sneaking into places and back out again. Have a few tricks up my sleeves when in combat." Well, at least she felt she was talented. Nisha might disagree with her on that. "Helps to know each person's skill set whose coming. I've got at least one fighter lined up who can take some punishment and deliver some of her own. What are your skills? Every hunted? Can you use a bow or sword?"
  22. Mossbloom nodded. "Your direction is sound to me. I've leaped into adventures with far less knowledge. This one sounds too exciting to pass up." She glances across the room, catching the tiefing's eye. Hopefully the other would not mind this side trip. Then she looks slowly around the room at the various guests staying at the inn and the locals who had dropped by for a meal. In a voice loud enough to be heard several tables away, she said, "I'm going to find that barrow. I'm looking for brave adventurers who would like to join me. Any loot we find, we split equally, except the rings. I claim one for myself. Don't worry, I won't be using it for evil. I know better than putting one of those on. Don't want my soul corrupted--well not more than it already is. But still, I have a proper use for the ring. Anyone interested in coming?"
  23. I love the leopardwood dragon skin pattern. No other wood (besides lacewood) can give that patter (as far as I know). 😉
  24. This lovely mimic is sitting beside me right now guarding one of my favorite set of dice. I named his Cheshire after the sneaky grinning cat from Alice in Wonderland. I mostly have him tame now so he won't try to bite me. His is still keeping a wary on my sister but he is starting to warm up to her. Cheshire is made from beautiful rosewood that looks even better in real life than the picture.