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  1. Your CoCo’s look awesome, Chase. What game are you using in the picture?
  2. On the lookout for awesome new games

    My sister and I love holiday theme games, but there are not many out there. During the summer Christmas Lights was launched on Kickstarter but did not reach its goal, to my disappointment. The two designers are launching again today, after listening to feedback from backers. If you want a fun Christmas card game that plays a bit like Hanabi, take a look at this one. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1972378713/christmas-lights-card-game-relaunch
  3. This is how presents are delivered in Skyrim.
  4. Miniature Painting

    Ouch, poor you, Zoxe. So far, I have not have to do much for preparing any of my minis. Just wash and prime. I have 5 more work days then I will be finished for the year. One of the benefits of being a teacher. The downside is the long,long hours of unpaid work we often do. I had to work at a ball game this last Saturday, Did manage to go to a Gaming Meetup in the early afternoon before heading to the baseball game. I hope to get a lot of painting done over the holiday break. I have brought a few more minis from the Deep Cut collection which I will paint soon.
  5. Actually, that was why I first put the game on my BGG wishlist, I wanted trees to use in Gloomhaven. When my Secret Santa sent me the game I was delighted. I enjoy the game and love the artwork. The trees are very sturdy and make great props for RPG’s and other games,
  6. LuckyIke, glad you are enjoying the game. I have not played it with 3 players yet, just 2 and 4. With two there is a lot more room and the tension is less. With 4, by the third round, there is lots of competition for spots to grow trees. And you get blocked a lot by your opponents. Lots of fun...especially if I have the tallest trees.
  7. Land of the Dragons

    The perfect music, Serge.
  8. On the lookout for awesome new games

    This Kickstarter gives you a cool deck of dragon cards that become the components for over a dozen different games designed by various designers, along with fan made games. They just added a Deluxe version where you can get two decks of cards which comes inside an box which will look like a book. This way, my sister and I will have our own decks and a great way to keep them. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/478379924/book-of-dragons/description
  9. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    I love the dog art, Zoe. Great job drawing them.
  10. Land of the Dragons

    Is that a pumpkin monster that I see? Did you get Tgpumkin’s permission to betray him as a monster? Do you have to pay him a royalty fee?
  11. Miniature Painting

    The colors look good to me, even with the camera phone. I also love the background you use. Is it tile or a picture you bought? Very dramatic with the minis.
  12. Miniature Painting

    I’m impressed with your setup, Zoxe. The links to various items are helpful. I don’t think I have the space for airbrushing, but you make me wish I could try it.
  13. Woah, Barb, cool tree topper, card harder, and box. Too cool. I’m jealous. A costume image on your dice box. I think your wood guess is correct.
  14. Miniature Painting

    Zenith, you could always buy them and make it our home. Barb, cool dwarfs. Are they bad guys? I have seen a lot pictures from KDM, but don’t know who are the “good guys” in the storyline.
  15. On the lookout for awesome new games

    Have fun, Barb & LuckyIke, with Gloomhaven. I have been enjoying my copy. Just wish my replaceable stickers would come in soon.