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  1. I enjoy this game. I've only played the base game, not the expansion/stand-alone version. It is very enjoyable. You hit some of the key features I like: cards with multipurpose, all female heroes (dress decently), and great artwork. I like how your character gets more powerful as she levels up, preparing for the boss fight on the final level of the dungeon.
  2. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gonab/tang-garden/description I've been looking forward for this Kickstarter to launch for several weeks. It is one extremely beautiful game! I saw one picture of it weeks ago and knew I wanted it. Then I went to their website and checked out the gameplay. Then I KNEW for sure, I was going to get it. Tile placement with lots of miniatures and 3D objects. Where you place objects in the garden affects your score. There is an early bird special going on right now. Only last for 72 hours.
  3. Great job on your gaming cabinet. It looks great.
  4. I'm sure he will love it. Maybe you can give hints of wanting one for Mother's Day or your birthday.
  5. What a great gift for the hubby. If I bought a mug, it would be going to me 😼
  6. Great, now I want to buy some of that. And I bet to see this guy with his own comedy show soon.
  7. I actually use a mod when playing Skyrim that I hear Malukah's version of the two main songs preformed by bards in the taverns. Much nicer than the original versions.
  8. I love this game. Have not played it yet with my CoCo's. I need to try it out soon.
  9. Someone has been writing on your tiles!!! Time to call the Game Police.
  10. I"ll be buying those, I'm sure. My sister and I completed three scenarios today. I'm using an ap which lets you hid areas of the map until you are ready for it to be reveal. Extremely useful. My clicking on different ares of the screen you can see which monsters you need and tiles without actually seeing the layout of monsters until you walk into the room. Also hides the conclusion until you are ready to read it. If you get a treasure chest, it tells you what you got without you having to look it up in the book. So VERY useful. Gloomhaven Scenario Viewer app: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1878209/gloomhaven-scenario-viewer-app
  11. I took a look at that one before it was posted here. Looks cool, but is expensive. I have to cut out buying expensive ones for a while. Am playing Gloomhaven at the moment and have TONS of scenarios left on it.
  12. Barb, I actually have a young cat like yours. She does not get into tubs of water, but she loves watching toilets flush. Then she will partly climbs inside to drink the water, despite she has a water bowl which I fill regularly with fresh water.
  13. They were chatting about this Kickstarter on the BGG thread Worst Kickstarter Ever. We have been having a good time making fun of it (and a fake game someone made up on the thread on the previous page 349) Link: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1082079/worst-kickstarter-ever/page/350
  14. There seems to be a few fellow cats that's spend too much time around our big cousins the Tigers who LOVE water. I, though, will not go anywhere near a large puddle of water. Don't want my fur splashed.