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  1. Hey, a great idea for the next DMG game. A wood trivia game. One category should be "Would you guess my Wood?" Another about wood facts like "Which of the following wood is toxic?" Answer: Barb's famous rosewood.
  2. Did Zoe make an announcement I missed? If so, congrats, @Zoe
  3. I'm still waiting on mine to be delivered. Glad you are finally getting one.
  4. Wrong again. I actually did think Cherry as a possibility but didn't write it down. Cool, @Konas that your company has wood guessing contest. I found it quite fun trying to figure out what my woods were. I'm impressed with the final answers.
  5. Maybe with ash or Curly Birch (not read other's responses)
  6. Ooh, having read the other responses, I'm pleased to see others are thinking the same way. We'll find out if we're wrong or right.
  7. Totally missed those. Nice trick there, @Konas. Now to guess the next two before reading more. #3 Curly Birch #4 Ziricote
  8. My guesses without reading the other two answers for guessing Konos wood is #1 is Rosewood and #2 Benge. Now to read the comments.
  9. Your minis and plinths look awesome. I got plinths for Christmas too. Great present. I notice some of your woods are different than mine. I'm very curious about the orange one.
  10. I love guessing wood games. Helpful for learning about woods, including new ones I haven't paid attention to before.
  11. Tamarand, that was the word I kept trying to find. I looked up lists of spalted woods, but couldn't Tamarand listed, and I didn't know how to spell it. Gibbon Ebony is a wood I'm not familiar with. I will now have to go read about it.
  12. My sister gave me these for a Christmas present which she brought from DMG. They are plinths to sit miniatures on, each made from a different wood. I love them. Several of the woods I've never owned before, which made me very excited. Out in the sun. In the shade. I'm trying to figure out what each type of wood is. Here are my guesses so far: Leopardwood. This one I'm 100% certain about. When my sister ordered the plinths, she asked for one to be leopardwood and the others random. Leopardwood is one of my favorite woods. Not only is it unique and very distinct, but it has such a cool name! Benge. Or perhaps Bocote or Chechen. I owned two CoCo that are Chechen and one that is Benge. Honestly, you really can't tell the tiles apart as they look very similar. Both woods are classic, elegant woods. Spalt. According to Wikipedia, Spalt actually occurs in several type woods and is caused by fungi. The results can sometimes be quite beautiful. Mine looks like marble stone. DMG does not list spalted woods on their list of woods offered on their website, yet they do occasionally create special products with this. While I am certain mine is spalted, I still don't know what type of wood it actually is. Padauk. Or perhaps Rosewood. When I first saw it, I thought it was Rosewood due to the dark color. But when I touched it, it lacked the silky smooth feel of of my gorgeous Rosewood mimic dice box I own. Out in bright light the wood is more orange, so I am leaning towards Padauk, which I have read about. Wedge. I'm guessing its Wedge because it matchs the dark wood in DMG's picture list of woods. It's also heavier and more dense than any of the others woods. Very lovely to look at. It actually almost feels like stone than wood due to its heaviness and smoothness. Close-up of #4 & #5.
  13. I've not heard of Stonemaiers new game “Wingspan". I will have to look that one up. Perhaps your kids would like Castle Panic or Magic Maze.
  14. The 7th Continent Wave 2 got pushed back again to May now. Gives me more time to finish those last two curses in the base game. Curse 3 has my sister and I stumped. We have searched most of the known main island and little islands looking for one object and can't find it. My have to use a walk though guide to find where it is.