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  1. Wow, if I was rich, I would build a new room to my house just to put this table in. Alas, I can only stare at the picture. So cool.
  2. Great pictures. I ordered Goblivion but its not in yet. Hopefully soon.
  3. I got Dinosaur Island and the expansion last week. Need to find time to read the rules.
  4. Nice you got all your stuff. I'm still waiting on 2 boxes. Starting to get impatient.
  5. I've told myself the same thing, @tgpumpkin I kept saying I will make it my New Year's Resolution. Maybe we can start a support group. But I do thank I might have to wean myself instead of going cold turkey. Maybe limit myself to no more than 1 game a month. Maybe....
  6. I agree with @tgpumpkin that having at least two humans playing the game would be a better experience than solo.
  7. I recognize many of those games, including some Kickstarters we both backed. I'll have some nice pictures of my BoxThrone shelves when the rest of the missing parts come in.
  8. My sister and I have already been debating about getting another tower, maybe with extra wide shelves this time. Still, I waiting on 8 normal shelves and the clear ones. I hope they come in soon. Enjoy your vacation. You deserve some great gaming time.
  9. @Barb, you can. There are auto rules for the other players. When my sister and I played through the campaign, we had two autos. Then later added 2 more. The more auto you have, the more area can open up, giving you more options.
  10. After much debate I did go all in on Assassin's Creed before heading to work. Then when I got home, I've been watching the 1 hour countdown to the end. I din't think we going to make the last stretch goal or two, but that's ok. There's tons of stuff already included. I got Dinosaur Island in and now that's going to get my attention for a few day. Wow, there is a LOT of stuff that comes with it.
  11. Not heard of tainted Grail before but those minis look nice also. Still debating if I will raise my pledge for Assassin's Creed.
  12. I've gotten my notice that Dinosaur Island and its expansion suppose to arrive tomorrow. Then D6 can finally start shipping. For the Boxthrone, I'm still waiting on 8 shelves and my clear shelves.
  13. Currently I'm only getting the base also, but thinking about adding the 3 expansions. But skipping the all in pledge. If I did my math right, the all in gives you another cool tower and dice, but cost $50 over just adding the 3 expansions. The second tower looks nice but I don't think it adds more to gameplay. Am I missing something with the math?
  14. @Barb, your stories are scary. Poor you.
  15. Sounds like you had a blast, @Zoxe, even when fining your way around was sometimes confusing. Do you buy any new games?