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  1. Thanks for the discount to all of us. Its rare to fined a company that has built a warm community around it. Even when I don't always get your Kickstarters, I still enjoy the chatting by joining at the basic level. And the products I have have bought have been totally awesome. Thanks for the great job you do.
  2. Your wood looks awesome, Barb. I think one of my CoCo's is Chechen. Your pictures are making me excited.
  3. I searched for an image to tempt you, though this is White Ash with Ebony Finish. Unless you play RPG games you don't really need a GM screen. Then again do we ever really NEED any of these awesome products we keep buying? We just love them. Maybe I should not point out to you that the GM system can actually store your dice with or without the slim dragon sheaths. You can also store scratch paper, pencils, and other supplies in it if you skip the sheaths. Useful, even if not playing a RPG. Great, now I'm talking myself into buying one. Thanks a lot, Tgpumkin. You may have just cost me a few hundred dollars after I told myself not to do any big Kickstarters this year. (Still trying to recover from 7th Continent and Box Thrones.)
  4. Land of the Dragons

    I remembering seeing this vid before. Your collection, Serge is SOOOO impressive.
  5. Your Most Anticipated Games

    Serge, going to paint those miniatures? That red tentacle one would be so much fun to paint.
  6. Miniature Painting

    Those look cool, Barb. I must admit, that robot grabs my attention. Makes me want to paint a bot but I don't have one.
  7. On the lookout for awesome new games

    I really like the look of Endeavor Age of Sail. I so need to cut down on my Kickstarters this year.
  8. Funny things on the web.

    I love the video, Serge. I have a MIGHTY strong urge to show this to students in my tech classes I teach.
  9. Products with no lining?

    As I an using metal dice now as my favorite dice (got them from DMG), they can be VERY noisy on a normal table, plus I would be concerned about scratching a table with them (the D4 has very sharp points). I am currently using a prototype dice tower with felt lining from DMG for the dice and it works very well. Not loud and no worries about damaging tables, boards, or other surfaces.
  10. Miniature Painting

    Great paint job, Zoxe. Your colors match the dark, gloomy theme of the game well.
  11. Your Most Anticipated Games

    Love the mat. Where did you get the wooden box for the cards? It looks greet too.
  12. Woodworking

    Hope he is ok. That is scary.
  13. LuckyIke, your dice tray looks great. I hope Barb gets her CoCo's soon. I was really eyeing those Game Master Systems, but I'm not a DM for the Pathfinder game I'm playing. If I have bought one of those GMS, I would want to coup my own DM and take over the game just to have an excuse to use my new GMS. My DM would not appreciate that.
  14. I see, Elysian, that you have the 7th Continent on your wishlist. I will be supposedly getting it in March when the first wave arrives. I hope it lives up to its hype. You have a good collection. We have a number of games the same.
  15. Broken Token Gloomhaven Organizer

    I did leave the dragon out of the boss box. I think I have him in with the monster stats cards. I don't sleeve cards, though I should have Love Letter, because some of those cards are showing their usage.