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  1. Dog Might Action Photos

    Your dragon sheath looks great. I'm jealous. Makes me want one.
  2. Hammertime!

    Awesome work. I love that deep wood color. Great work on its design.
  3. Dog Might Action Photos

    Cool idea, SeeSome. I think you have the right woods picked in the picture. The stands look awesome. I have ordered something for my sister's birthday. Once it come in, I will try to post it here. I can't wait for her to see it.
  4. Thanks, Konas. I might buy them. I have to figure out the best way to attach to a base. Any suggestions on that? Would hot glueing them to a plain hexagon base be enough? Or would they fall down easily? Is there something you are suppose to do do the base?
  5. Favorite Board Game Artists

    Hm, I'm curious what the clue means. You play-test....or created a wooden add-on....or you are infected with a tree disease.
  6. The Joan of Arc mini's looked awesome--especially the trees. I have been at wits end trying to figure out how to do proper mini trees for Gloomhaven.
  7. #4: Leopardwood

    This write up made me excited, as one of my CoCo's will be Leopardwood. One of the tiles will be a saber-tooth tiger and another a dragon. I can't wait to see how the specks look with these animals. Hopefully the dragon will look like he has scales.
  8. Miniature Painting

    Those two Kickstarters look cool. Alas, a 7th Continent has stolen my wallet. I have no more spare money for a while.
  9. Blinkus Maximus, I have that issue too, as the Seventh Continent has eaten up my budget. (Does not help that I am also buying paint for minis). I decided not to add any add-ons to the base game until Pladgemanger opens, that way, I can split the price over two months.
  10. Favorite Board Game Artists

    Barb, that artwork sold be on Triplock. Can't wait to play it.
  11. A expansion for Near and Far was launched on Kickstarter today. It is blowing away through the stretch goals and only launched a short time ago. The base game is great. My sister and I love all of Ryan Laukat's games we have played. We have really enjoyed the questing stories form Above and Below (we have logged over 25 plays). Near and Far is just as exciting.
  12. Miniature Painting

    Awesome job, Barb. That bottom door has so many cool details. I just ordered my paints and am excitedly waiting for them. As the Reaper beginner kit comes with several minis that don't need primer and includes a how-to booklet, I will start there. Hopefully I can build my skills up a little then try to tackle those roaches from Mice and Mystics. How hard can it be to paint a bug? I will be finding out. Once I get a bit more confidence I will tackle the other characters from the game. After that, I have mini furniture and cave items I bought to enhance Gloomhaven, including chests and doors. Maybe I can make mine turn out as good as yours. Actually, maybe I should try painting doors, chests, and crates before painting the live action mice and insects. I presume painting fur and skin is much harder.
  13. Miniature Painting

    Was reading your blog, Lindsey. How many miniatures do you own? Do you get the Ghostbuster game? That was a lot of miniatures. Barb, you are making me want to buy that face painting set, yet I have not even mastered the basics yet...or even started painting. I'm still trying to be careful what I buy and lay out a plan for that. Question, when you are painting miniatures, do you hold it in your hand, have some type of turning wheel, or another why to handle the figures to move them without touching them?
  14. # 3: Redheart

    Quote: "Because of this fact, I have made it my personal mission to put a piece of Redheart in the hands of every gamer in the world!" I'm for that. How many trees would we need to chop down to complete that goal? Hopefully there is a huge forest of Redheart trees. I would love to have a redheart dragon sheath myself. I will keep that in mine for the future.
  15. Miniature Painting

    Thanks for the advice, Blinkus. If I buy it, I will try to pick up an extra red to use. I know I will need all primary colors.