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  1. Congrats @Konas for getting your products on G&S. That's soooo cool.
  2. Had a looong day at work. A staff meeting was sprung on us after school. They claimed it would be short. An hour later, it was still going. One group of teachers walked out and the rest of us followed. Got home to find my online family "feuding". Your antics cheered me up greatly. Nice to laugh to relieve the stress of the day. Psst: Don't tell @tgpumpkin that I ate pumpkin spice ice cream yesterday after work.
  3. Hi, @Aurah Christian, great to have you on the website. Your pictures look great.
  4. That cake was delicious. And so were the chocolate pumpkins.
  5. @Barb Bliss, how funny. I would give you a reaction, but I'm out. 😄
  6. Got a 3 part sc-fi trilogy out. I had a BLAST writing them. Also have a fantasy novel. It was actually the first book I ever wrote. Took three years to finish the rough draft, but I very much enjoyed the process. I'm working on editing its sequel now, though most of my writing takes place over extended breaks like summer and Christmas. I also wrote a history fiction novel. That one was the hardest to write due to a vast about of research required to make it historically accurate. Boy, do I know a lot about Roman history now. Which was actually pretty useful when writing my sci-fi series as it dealt with a government that, at times, echoed issues dealing with the the late Roman time period. If you would like to check out my books, here is the link: my books
  7. Those are awesome, @Zoxe. That metal effect really looks like metal.
  8. Super glue will fix that....or duct tape. Just paint the tape and say he has a cast on.
  9. You guys have some awesome hobbies. I share several of the same ones you do. Painting. Used to paint on canvas in college. That faded as I focused on teaching. I took up miniature painting a year ago or so. Also recently been doing some wood painting. Graphic Design. This is like painting but on the computer. Not only do I teach Graphic Design, I do a lot of projects, some which have been printed in school newspapers, yearbook, and websites. Photography. Fell in love with this in college, but never got to take a class in it. But somehow I later was teaching kids how to take photos in journalism class I taught. My photos have appeared in my high school newspaper, yearbooks, and various website. Kids and parents will sometimes download pictures I take and put them on their phones, making them their wallpapers. I feel honored whenever they do that. Writing. I fell in love with this hobby back when I was in 6th grade. So far, I have had articles appear in several college/high school newspapers, online blogging, and five books published (self-published, but still published). I've also edited two books which my father published. He is his 70's and I'm proud of him taking up writing after he retirement. Crochet. I used to do this quite a bit. Back when I in maybe 10th grade, my first baby blanket I made even won 1st place in a contest. I used to crochet Christmas ornaments to give to all my students. As I teach high school, that is over a hundred needed. I would start months in advance about the time weather cooled off.
  10. Was out shopping today and bought ice cream with the flavor "Spice Pumpkin Pecan". I feel this is my confession room where I must post my sins committed against The Great Pumpkin.
  11. Good to meet you, @LaBelleFleur. I love my CoCo too. My sister and I used them all the time when gaming. Will me a while yet before the Kickstarter CoCo's are filled. Worth the wait, though.
  12. @Barb Bliss, your house will be a beautiful museum dedicated to showcasing wooden art from around the world...at at least from DMG.
  13. I ready for a deep frost to kill the bugs. So tired of them. Still hot here, in the 70's as Zenith mentioned. If anyone gets snow, send it down south.
  14. All your miniatures are looking great. Makes me want to paint. Have not done so much since school started back. We have a short fall break for the rest of this week, so maybe I will find the time to paint for a while.