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  1. Who, innocent little ‘ole me? No trouble here!! Great Log Blog, @Konas. It hits that sweet spot of balancing hilarity and fun wood facts. While not directly related to a specific log, I’d love for you to do an entry on the way the woods transform from rough cut to finished. Do you have a guess where the interesting grain patterns will be lurking within? Is it just Viking luck striking a swirly pot of bocote gold in there? How do veteran Ent hunters such as yourselves maximize the beauty and know what product to hunt?
  2. Finally got Castell out at the FLGS yesterday. The theme and presentation are certainly unique on this one: you are a team of castellers in Catalonia traveling around to local competitions making human towers, training, and recruiting more people to your team. It is quite puzzle-y, and there is a high amount of replayability due to the variable set ups and draws. It is a bit point-salady, but with a good balance (yes, pun intended). Also the draw bag is the most giant draw bag in the history of draw bags. It’s velvet, loud and takes charge of the room! Inaugural game set up: Here are some real-world examples:
  3. Tri-tip is the truth! So good. For the uninitiated, it is a bottom sirloin cut that is more popular on the West Coast and is super delicious. Your local butcher can cut it for you, but look it up before hand so you know what to ask for. I love a good tri tip sandwich. Okay now I’m hungry, time to go find food.
  4. Experimental Bordeaux finish on African Mahogany, and the ziricote XL sheath: I am in love with this finish on the mahogany. It’s stunning. It has an iridescent quality in person that is fantastic. Back side to show you how it looks on unsculpted surface: It’s always fun to see how the woodgrain lines up. It looks like the sheath pieces fit together like so:
  5. https://www.wired.com/2016/06/nice-minnesotans-dont-get-cruelly-efficient-zipper-merge/
  6. I gave High Society a go last night. It’s an auction game by Reiner Knizia where the players are all competing to be the fanciest member of the social circle. The art has a fun French Art Nouveau look to it. The mechanics are simple but enjoyable. I lost both times, because while I had amassed the fanciest cool stuff, the player with the least amount of money at the end is disqualified, because now they are poor and no one wants to go to their parties. Hmmm, as I look at my dragon’s hoard of DMG gear, I’m understanding why I was bad at this game..
  7. If only you knew some woodsmiths who could build an awesome one. you’ve probably got winter weather considerations we don’t have to deal with though.
  8. Just up the coast a bit! That’s a great area.
  9. Mrs Ike is a voracious reader and the Little after Library has been a big hit in the neighborhood. @Barb Bliss yes we are fortunate that just about anything can grow here, but have to be careful with the front yard, as it gets so much sun things can get toasted. The back is very shady though so there are lots of options between the two. @Zoe where are you originally from?
  10. Sorry for the shadows, just got home from work and missed the good afternoon sun. Front yard: Secret back yard refuge:
  11. I can confirm this. I put the pics up somewhere on this thread. So gorgeous!
  12. Yessir, they turned out fantastic! It was my first foray into the fiery finishes and I am very impressed. They’ll be destined for some other fine folks in the coming months. How did the premium tier ones you got turn out?
  13. Mrs Ike has a leopardwood dice chest I got her for Christmas that is now a jewelry box. I added pluck foam used for camera equipment cut to size to make compartments. The foam was something like $9-10 on amazon: