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  1. First Forum Contest!

    Haha I know they won’t hold it against you. They know how to de-escalate a situation...
  2. First Forum Contest!

    At first I thought TGP was just recklessly bold, always antagonizing a group known for being equipped with sharp cutting implements. But then I realized TGP, much like another well-known pumpkin, just marches to the beat of his own drumkin.
  3. Viking-Themed Games

    As we lounge in the halls of these Viking Lumberjacks, I couldn’t help but wonder: do Vikings like playing games about Vikings? Do Mighty Barkers who hang out with Lumberjack Vikings like Viking games? I sure do! This theme is one that is pretty hot these days, and it seems that some gamers suffer from Viking fatigue after an inundation of titles. Clearly they need to grow out their beards, hew some lumber, drink some mead, and give it another go, because this theme offers a rich tapestry from which so many styles of games have been crafted. I have found myself drawn to a few different Viking-themed games over the years, but want to hear what games have struck a particular chord with you. Current Champion: Blood Rage - guys on a map battling it out as the world crumbles around them, executed so so well. I particularly love the ability to employ a cunning strategy of losing battles, only to gain bonuses for warriors sent to Valhalla. New Contendor: 878 Vikings - Academy Games most recent entry. With 878, they have shifted from the “Birth of America” series (1754, 1775, 1812) to Europe, and boy is it fun. They have successfully ported the features that make their previous games stand out, notably random turn order, multiple, asymmetric factions on each side, and the use of treaty cards to build tension with an uncertain end state. The new feature in 878 is the Viking players’ two factions move in armies led by charismatic leaders, which leads them to behave like, well, marauding Vikings. The game is well balanced, and from the English players’ perspective captures the sense of dread over having a new horde land on the coast just when you thought things were under control. I haven’t had a chance to try out the advanced scenarios yet, but they look like a good way to add even more depth and create interesting tactical challenges. Waiting in the Wings: Vikingar - this was a Kickstarter I backed and while I haven’t yet had a chance to get the game on the table, my initial impressions after unboxing are quite positive. The map is really unique, with pie-shaped pieces emanating out from a central disk, forming a flat earth. The wooden meeples for longships and settlements have a great look as well. There are multiple paths to victory, which looks like it feel similar to the different ways to gain stars in Scythe. The other cool mechanic is instead of rolling dice, players cast runes onto the central circle of the map to resolve battles and such. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to give this one a proper shake down in the near future and will let you know if it plays as pretty as it looks. Great, but Not Rushing to Pick Up: A Feast For Odin - this one was really interesting. Anyone who has played an Uwe Rosenberg game knows how fun they can be. This was no exception, and I lost my initial learning game 92-91, which I will count as a moral victory in the midst of the point salad madness. I had a blast playing it, and am glad I have a friend who owns it, but I’m not itching to rush and pick up my own copy. The puzzle-y tile laying goodness is there, but I don’t think the added complexity of this one makes it more fun than some of the lighter titles by Uwe out there. I’ll definitely play it again and maybe will acquire a more nuanced appreciation for its depths down the road. Also, the game store owner (who hasn’t played it yet) hearing snippets of our conversation about my opponent’s pregnant sheep led to some quizzical looks. What are some of your favorites? Least favorites? Anything coming down the pike that you’re excited to give a go?
  4. Favorite Dogmight Product

    My favorite product that I have in hand so far is my canarywood dice chest. So colorful! The Mrs is loving her leopardwood card stand; she has permanent dibs on that one when we bring them out. As far as products I’m most excited to receive it’s a toss up between the CoCos and the Sabretooth rolling tray from the Rose of Tribes campaign. Some day! I have space set aside in the game shelves for all of the sweet sweet wood.
  5. Kick-ass movie quotes

    One of my favorite films, The Man Who Would Be King, is absolutely stuffed with great lines. The film features Sean Connery and Michael Caine in their primes swapping jokes and getting up to some most excellent mischief. - Peachy Carnehan to Rudyard Kipling: “The same - and not the same, who sat besides you in the first class carriage, on the train to Marwar Junction, three summers and a thousand years ago.” - Daniel Dravot: “Now listen to me you benighted muckers. We're going to teach you soldiering. The world's noblest profession. When we're done with you, you'll be able to slaughter your enemies like civilized men.” - Peachy Carnehan: “Danny's only a man. But he can break wind at both ends simultaneous - which is more, I reckon, than any god can do.”
  6. Viking Lumberjack Life Advice

    Important advice/warning from today’s Traveler Dice Tower message board: “NEVER, EVER touch Puzz's beard. NEVER.”
  7. #5: Wenge

    Sounds like she could use a Viking Beardo! https://www.beardowear.com/collections/viking-beard-hats
  8. #5: Wenge

    Wow, the contrast between the wood and the bark on the cut logs is stunning. I was already looking forward to my Wenge CoCo, but am even more excited now! By the time the CoCos arrive, I will be able to regale all the other players with fun lumber facts, thanks to the Log Blog (and a little bit of Nabokov).
  9. Your Most Anticipated Games

    Great topic idea! All of the ones you listed above are strong contenders for my list. Although 7h Continent in particular is so far down the road I can’t let myself fully embrace the hype yet, but will love when it arrives. Some of the Kickstarters that I am really looking forward to playing soon(ish) are: - Rising Sun - The Grimm Forest - Barker’s Row - Epoch: The Awakening - Rise of Tribes (with DMG rolling tray!)
  10. Top 5 Lists

    Getting any board game list down to five is a challenge for me. Here are two lists capturing my current favorites. My Current Favorites: - The Great War (Command and Colors system) - Space Hulk - Scythe - Terraforming Mars - Twilight Struggle Top Five to play with the Mrs. or a more casual group: - Splendor - Sagrada - Secret Hitler - Kremlin - Dixit
  11. Hammertime!

    Wow “smaller” proved to be a relative term, as those still look massive and smash-y! Which finish is on the second one, Demon’s Blood? They look awesome. I hope you use one to call DMG gaming sessions to order. The advantage of the shorter handle is you can hold your Viking Juice in the other hand while smashing away.
  12. Woodworking

    That is awesome! I've been feeling the woodworking itch of late as well. I may have to seek out a local space where I can learn the basics. I recently stumbled upon a YouTube series called "Joint Venture" by a gentleman named Dorian Bracht. They are fascinating. Joint Venture Ep.1: Wedged, mitered through tenons (Japanese Joinery)
  13. It irks me that they are ripping off the design, to include the magnets. They acknowledged that they took the idea directly from the CoCo Kickstarter. They will be missing out. If I wanted plastic to organize my bits I could snag takeout containers and Tupperware. The real deal CoCo will elevate the game experience in a way these won't be able to replicate. Give me Luster! Unique grain! Heft! Expert artisan craftsmanship!
  14. CoCo Configurations

    It's really fascinating to see all the different layouts and styles folks are choosing. I love reading about all the configurations. I probably went overboard with a four pack and an additional XL CoCo Sammich. I just couldn't resist. My four standard CoCos will each have Bowl, Bowl, Card, Quad, Poker, Poker, L. Each will be rounded out with a different sculpted tile: Dragon, Hammers, Wolf, and Tree. I also opted to pick up a Benge XL Sammich which will be my Portable Party Package. It will have 4 each of Double, Bowl, and L. Now the waiting begins in earnest!
  15. First Forum Contest!