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  1. Those fine grey fellows will be coming as part of the Dinogenics game @Barb Bliss and I keep raving over. Dinos have to eat after all!
  2. Love it! And I double love that Cameron and company have adopted that awesome birthday pic! The dragon sheath looks gorgeous, I’m sure she will cherish it.
  3. For sure! I know I’m rooting for them throughout the rest of this tourney. What a nun run they are having!
  4. I won’t be around for the dice drop tomorrow. Sad I won’t have a shot at the pau rosa, but hope all you crazies get your hearts’ content worth! Someone please snag some screen grabs so I can have @tgpumpkin -style remorse and lament all the missed opportunities
  5. Popcorn Maple sheath looks nice. How many dice are you up to now? If you want some table envy go look at the “woodworking” thread. Edit: never mind! Saw you already checked the pics out.
  6. I’m glad you’re facing the cocobolo head on, because it just looks too nice. Build up your resistance and you’ll be able to face down Vizzini no problem. Inconceivable!
  7. That cocobolo....soooo nice. I really like how the straight grain streaks look with all the angles. Also I like that your spalted tamarind dragon sheath has had a little litter of hatchlings.
  8. Happy to help! I figured you two had to wear the M of shame, but you could at least have a cutie dog with it!
  9. To be fair they are hitting us with all these exotic new flavors. And with the dice being so small it’s harder to get a good sense of the grain patterns and coloration than on the bigger pieces for differentiation.
  10. Wowsa that’s quite a collection you are amassing! I like the variety you’ve got going. What’s left on your want list?
  11. Concur on Dinogenics. @Barb Bliss We should start getting a commission for all the cheerleading we do for them! I am excited for the fences, of all things. I want to build little wooden paddocks for my little wooden Dino meeples, then feed them meeple goats. What, we’re supposed to play the actual game? Okay okay, give me a minute to set up this velociraptor meeple ambush then we can start. Bonus: we can use the rube meeples from Barker’s row as tourists!
  12. One of my friends recently returned from living in Pakistan. While there she commissioned an amazing set of furniture. The woodworker had carved antique Rosewood beam originally from a castle in Multan. She had him build a dining table, coffee table, and two end tables using the beam, along with other pieces of antique Rosewood for the table tops. The things look ridiculously cool. She didn’t know beyond “Rosewood” what the specific wood species was, but man does it look great. Coffee table: Side of coffee table: Top of dining table: Legs of dining table, old beam: Underside of dining table, this is the center portion of the beam, and is carved on three sides: End table: So yeah, I’m jealous.
  13. I can’t blame him for not wanting to jump from one high-pressure dumpster fire to another. Vikings is a much better spot for him than the Jets.
  14. I will be interested to see how the fully guaranteed Cousins contract impacts the league in the coming years.
  15. This fine-looking fellow is practically begging to become an avatar!