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  1. Miniature Painting

    The Phoenix looks great! Not rainbow chicken-y at all. Gizmodo has an article up today with a feathered dinosaur that definitely crossed into the psychedelic; maybe he’s a long lost relative of your fellow? https://gizmodo.com/this-bird-like-dinosaur-featured-a-stunning-rainbow-col-1822093711
  2. Countdown Kickstarter Launching This Week!

    I’m so pumped for those radical VHS carrying cases.
  3. Favorite Dogmight Product

    Those demons blood ones sure did look sharp. I was caught between an epic struggle of persuasion between Zoe and Mike, Bubinga vs Redheart. Zoe relented and Redheart won out. I added a Benge with the Yggdrasil to match my party XL CoCo sammich, because the pic looked so nice. Basically I’m a sucker for Dog Might advertising.
  4. Christmas Hauls

    Nice, it will look really sharp with a stain. I kept mine nude, mostly out of laziness, I must admit.
  5. Christmas Hauls

    PS - I forgot it also includes two trays to hold the city/forest tiles and resource cubes, which was a nice touch as everything is in easy reach of all players. However, I can’t wait to put some round CoCo wells to use!! Smoothest cube grabbing action I’ll ever have experienced!
  6. Christmas Hauls

    @Adam I had used some of the little plastic geek boxes from BGG to store everything, and liked it just fine. But one day, my buddy showed me his Broken Token set and I was enamoured. Thoughts: - Super easy to assemble; as I said, I was really impressed by the precision cutting on my set. I used very little glue, most just snaps together and friction fits. -The part I like the best is the replacement trays for the player boards. They keep everything locked in place and stack so tidily that the player cubes remain on their board while stored. - Additionally, I found the card shoe to be well designed, and it comfortably holds everything, including Venus Next, with sleeves. - I have a set of 3D-printed city tiles, and they fit comfortably in the extra nooks and crannies - there’s a little box for a first player marker I use to hold most of them. - The expansion board will raise the lid a few mm, but is easy enough to carry along separately if you prefer a flush fit.
  7. Christmas Hauls

    I went with the Daedalus insert for Gloomhaven, which is quite nice looking, but wooo was it ever a pain to glue together! I generally find the Broken Token inserts much easier to assemble. Almost all of the inserts and trays for Terraforming Mars were so well cut they friction fit with no/minimal glue.
  8. Christmas Hauls

    Mrs Ike went above and beyond this Christmas, and my haul was quite bountiful. I received Otys, Star Wars: Rebellion, Potion Explosion, Kanagawa, Final Act, and Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails. Ticket to Ride really puts the ‘ole card stands to work. The Mrs was the happy recipient of a beautiful leopardwood dice chest and a Redheart Dragon Sleeve, both of which she will use for her jewelry.
  9. At the end of his review of The Grimm Forest, Tom Vasel demonstrates his approval with an emphatic thud of a DMG hammer! 11:40 mark of the video is when the hammer makes its cameo. Tom deftly avoided smashing the poor little pigs; those hammers look heavy! The game looks great! (Although let’s be honest, the giant hammer steals the show) video link: Dice Tower Review: The Grimm Forest
  10. Funny things on the web.

    The mouth of the boot dog reminds me of Dr Finkelstein from The Nightmare Before Christmas:
  11. (I am building some more gaming shelving, so I happened to have a tape measure handy in the vicinity of my Dragon Sheath). Hooray for weekend projects!
  12. So I took a measurement of my sheath, and the interior dimensions are 1 3/4” by 7 7/8” the depth is 1/2” per side for a total depth of 1”. You theoretically could fit them in three stacks, but the dimesions for length/width of an interior E wouldn’t allow for any wiggle room, and practically speaking I doubt it would work as it could potentially damage the cards over time. Sleeved cards definitely wouldn’t fit. You could maybe talk to DMG to see if they would be able to do a custom interior with an extra 1/8” of length and width, but don’t know if that is feasible or what the cost would be. Hope that is helpful!
  13. Wooo! CoCo madness time on the forums! Thomas, we expect a whole photo shoot with sexy mood lighting. As a future Benge owner myself, I’m excited to hear they are looking great! Thomas, what backer number were you on the CoCo KS? I’m sitting at #205, and am trying to hold off buying more pretty in stock items knowing the CoCos will come in the not-so-distant future. It will be like a second Christmas!
  14. Funny things on the web.

    I don’t have a dog either, which just further added to my bemusement. I do eat cheese, but generally not by the whole wheel.