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  1. I'm open for a Gamehole get together with you and @Konas and others that may be willing to travel to Madison. Take one day or less to look around and the rest of the time to play games and drink. And no. I'm not interested in running or playing tennis @Konas.
  2. I forgot that Vindication showed up a week or two ago.
  3. The expansion should fix some issues, but it's still a lot of fun.
  4. I looked this up as I'd never heard of it. Green army men have come a long way. 😜
  5. You need to get Dinogenics on the table!!!
  6. You get better the more you do. @Konas gave me a piece of advice when I started. Any painted mini is better than a not painted mini. 😃 There is a forum for mini painting you might like.
  7. I'm about to finish painting Village Attacks and I get an email saying an expansion is going on KS this fall. More scenarios and more minis. Stupid Massive Darkness got me to buy a couple of expansions after I finished painting my original content. 60 more minis!!! smh OK the rats and lizards were fun, but geez. Probably why I still haven't finished Village Attacks yet.
  8. Consider donating games to your local library.
  9. I look at the games I'm waiting delivery on, and my stomach turns. I could have taken a European tour for what I've given to Awaken Realms and CMON.
  10. If you have a problem, then others like @Serge Darveau, @RomyCat, and I are basket cases. I've got about 8 games on my shelf of shame. Photosynthesis, Charterson, Gloomhaven, Gorus Maximus, Celebria, and Village Attacks spring to mind for me. Problem is you need to get them when they are on KS (at least used to be), but some of them take time to get through (e.g. Massive Darkness) or are so much fun you play them over and over (e.g. Nemesis). My one group has dived into Legends Untold, and that will take at least the rest of the year to finish up.
  11. My eyes started watering when I looked too long at that mat...
  12. It was a perfect late summer day here in Minnesota today. But last night was something else. I managed to get home from Jaemus' house 30 minutes before the skies opened up. The rain guage in my yard showed 3" of rain fell over night. The sump has been running off and on all day.
  13. Got to play two games on Saturday evening. Got to play Lisboa first. It's been a while so I forgot some of the rules, and we spent a little too much time looking stuff up. I won!!! Then I got a game off of my shelf of shame: Side effects. Jaemus won, but I came in a handy 2nd. I wasn't going to win as both Doug and Jaemus horded all the anxiety cures that I needed to win. Apparently, they don't care as much about winning as they care about me not winning 🙄 It was pretty fun.
  14. This would go great with my watermelon shield, but how may sentinels does a gal need...
  15. That is cool. I guess us oldsters like the psychedelic stuff.
  16. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm probably done until @Konas makes some new products or Jeremiah gets back to makings sharp and pointy things again.
  17. Pretty sure that isn't needed or you wouldn't be giving me grief about buying stuff before you.
  18. I think you're mistaking me for my brother, @tgpumpkin. It's his money you should be trying to spend.
  19. Well, I have 8 dragon trays and coco trays already, including @yatescory's boro beauty. I'm full up,... even for me.
  20. There is some new stuff out there. This is my favorite:
  21. For those of you that missed out on Village Attacks while it was on KS, you have another chance. Expansion coming in October. These usually allow you to also get the original game.
  22. Last mob of Village Attacks! Bad picture, but my light shorted out. 😥
  23. What I noticed was he was working at a center marking table. Just shoot me.
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