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  1. This is really nice. Very diaphanous, right @Konas? Note: this is what I'd love to have on my dragon's eye (skirmish box).
  2. I know what you are referring to, but there are so many other reasons...
  3. I honestly don't remember. Maybe the imperial ruby skirmish box I won from a forum contest way back when the forums were created. Maybe an ebony Cthulhu dragon dray. You'd have to look it up.
  4. Got as in my hot little hands or in purchased? I pledged the CoCo first. First thing off the site? Hmmmm I'd have to think about that. Probably a dragon tray.
  5. I was asked to show my Looking Glass collection. Sorry about the glare. Left most: my wood poly sets in Kingwood Right of that same shelf: Didn't fill it up the Spalty as the wood was too beautiful Next shelf to the right: Phoenix prototype with plastic polys and Spalty with my D20 collection Note: @Konas killer colobolo ring next to it. Leftmost shelf: Sparty spalty with lumberjack tears metal dice and experimental stain for my trap dice.
  6. My brother-in-law was a huge Stratego fan. I played him once (never played it before), and I beat him. He was confounded with my logic.
  7. Nope, but Jaemus has it. Let me know if you want/need his email.
  8. I tend to like games that allow you to socialize as you are playing. So co-op is preferable to Terraforming Mars (where the guys barely talk - everyone is head down scheming). Nemesis is semi-cooperative which makes it really fun. If you don't work together, no one will survive, but you may be helping someone out that needs to make sure you don't survive. Or you may be asking them if the engines are working, but you don't know if their exit plan requires an escape pod and scuttling the ship. So I think you'll really love this game. Another strategic game I really like is Lisboa. You have to decide if you want to go through the front door and get more benefit, but may also allow others to gain benefit. Or do you want to sneak in the back door and get less, but no one else gets benefit. Do you want to engage with the church (cardinal) and be allowed to break the rules? Do you want to affect the economy and when do you want to do that so you get the most and hopefully screw everyone else a little. Do you want to forego doing something right now for end game benefits? I love the Mayfair "train games" like Eurorails, Russian Rails, British Rails, etc You're like a dispatcher. I lost my players in this game when Bob and Margie retired to NC though. I have a hard time getting anyone to play with me as I'm very good at it. I've been dubbed "The Evil Empire", which leaves me with mixed emotions. Another game I really like is Macao. There is a little bit of luck with the rolling of dice, but there is a ton of strategy as far as figuring out how to get around that randomness (and preemptive actions).
  9. What do you like? Thematic? Light weight? Strategic? Shorter duration or immersive?
  10. Some of us either don't have family or have family that makes our thoughts turn to violence. Consider yourself blessed brother.
  11. Trogdor has been fun too. For a short game, it has some long legs.
  12. I still haven't played Escape Plan yet. I need to find a good play thru. Lisboa was like that too. Once you played the game a few times, the rule book made sense. Before that, not so much. Lockup was actually pretty good. Still seems dumb to have a "Roll Player" game with no dice though.
  13. Game of the year: Nemesis, and by a HUGE margin.
  14. The box showed up, but with my power out all day, I didn't really get to see them until 7:30 pm. p.s. what's up with power companies lying through their teeth with estimates of when the service will be back. 9:45 am ish the power goes out. First estimate is noon. Then it's 3:30. Then it's 5:30. Then it's 8:30. If I estimated that poorly at my job, I'd be fired.
  15. I was doing some washing too. Maybe that's my problem.
  16. I always struggle with this type of stonework. It either turns our great by accident or I don't like it. Good luck with your "little project".
  17. I'm expecting a box of DMG goodness today. Lots of little goodies like my @Konas killer skull ring.
  18. Dang it! I reacted to the wrong post. This reaction was meant for @Zenithsplendor! Not you @Konas!
  19. I figured for game pieces, I'd keep the bases more durable for handling. It's all one molded piece, so I'd have to cut it to put a different base on it, and I'm not that handy. Best I could do is buy some grit to put into the paint.
  20. Flower, I think is Patty Labelle. She was born on 5/24 and never had a voice lesson.
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