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  1. This look good. when does it go live?
  2. Cyrus (sort of) ala @WxCougar:
  3. It took me an hour, but I was able to dig up the two Wisteria vines that needed to go in my yard. They had grown so well that within 4 years, they covered my pergola (not small) so only mildly dappled light made it onto the brick patio, and had all kinds of flowers that were shaped like grape clumps. Hopefully now that the vines aren't going to leaf out there won't be any cage matches between the squirrels and the female mallard duck that had laid eggs up there fighting for ownership. Note: they grow like weeds, and have lots of seed pods, but the flowers are worth it (until they aren't
  4. My first cat is done. Varnish is still a little tacky. I had a issue where I missed some gloss varnish "froth". Drives me nuts... But I really like how the fur turned out.
  5. Hey there. Nice to "see you" again. I have 2 now and another 2 waiting for DMG to be able to get back to work and ship. So you can see from that that I really like them. I tend to work on a "block" of minis at the same time so I can use up paint/wash on multiple minis at a given time, and don't get stopped because I have to wait for something to dry. The shaft is 4.5" and the middle of the ridge near the bottom is about an inch higher off the bottom. I don't have a tape measure, but my ruler shows 1" across at the widest spot. If they had a female version that was about .5-.75" shor
  6. Probably not for me then. I pretty much stopped anything involving beading. My hands just don't work like they used to.
  7. What's a diamond painting? A painting of a diamond or is it a technique or type of paint?
  8. Frosthaven (separate follow on from Gloomhaven) just went live. I just broke my new year's pledge to not pledge any new games.
  9. I've been struggling with this one, but leaning towards Mrs @tgpumpkin Another one very much in progress.
  10. Still very much in progress. First up: @RomyCat
  11. Looking forward to pictures...
  12. Barrels, bed, and mimic are now complete. I didn't take take anymore pictures except for the completed mimic. I kinda like how the floor turned out.
  13. That D20 is really sexy. Without any other intent, I have to say that you have a real nice set.
  14. I'm doing some cleaning/cooking this weekend, so I took some trash and recycling out to the barrels in the alley. On the way back I noticed my spare (leave in car) reading glasses in the garden along the sidewalk. I looked EVERYWHERE for these glasses in December before giving them up for lost. They must have fallen into the powdery snow.
  15. Don't let anyone spoil "the bear" for you.
  16. The first 4 are in progress. A couple of them, I'm not going to even try painting their stomach.
  17. Player pad from the Fire Dragon KS. Oof da! Now I have to figure out which side to display.
  18. I received my player pad yesterday. It is quite lovely, especially with the custom lid. I don't know about the fire dragon, but I'm quite pleased with it. Now I just have to figure out if I'm going to display the front side or the back side.
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