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  1. I always struggle with this type of stonework. It either turns our great by accident or I don't like it. Good luck with your "little project".
  2. I'm expecting a box of DMG goodness today. Lots of little goodies like my @Konas killer skull ring.
  3. Dang it! I reacted to the wrong post. This reaction was meant for @Zenithsplendor! Not you @Konas!
  4. I figured for game pieces, I'd keep the bases more durable for handling. It's all one molded piece, so I'd have to cut it to put a different base on it, and I'm not that handy. Best I could do is buy some grit to put into the paint.
  5. Flower, I think is Patty Labelle. She was born on 5/24 and never had a voice lesson.
  6. Over all, I don't think this year's crop of singers is as talented as season 1.
  7. OK I have a guess for the thingamajig. Victor Oladipo.
  8. No matter what you get your kid for Christmas, you'll have no problem putting it together after this project.
  9. My St Paul house had radiators. When I came home in the sub-zero stuff, I would turn the heat back up and sit on the radiator. Kunta Kittie would come and lay down next to me on the radiator.
  10. High in the 30's, and a low of 22 today. It won't be long and I'll have to consider putting socks on.
  11. Ish. We've got mid to high 30's for high temp and mid to low 20's for lows this week. But no snow for the trick or treaters.
  12. backed as an early bird thanks to following @Konas
  13. Well, when I came out of my massage, the lower pumpkin was lying face down in the garden. That's some nasty tattoo removal.
  14. I went to the masseuse this morning and saw this, and me with no police tape.
  15. I didn't realize @Zenithsplendor and @RomyCat did modeling...
  16. The flesh is in the oven, and the seeds are cleaned! Here's the bread I'm going to try. I question whether I have any molasses. I'm really hoping to not have to head to the store.
  17. @SilverSora, https://www.kingarthurflour.com/blog/2011/10/24/baking-with-pumpkin-making-your-own-fresh-pumpkin-puree-is-easy
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