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  1. Hey! I'm a friend of YatesCory. I'm sure he no longer looks on the forums anymore. He need to take a complete break. I would send him a direct message. That will ping his email directly. Good Luck!
  2. I think that was Jaemus' astral projection spell, checking up on his player pads.
  3. I have a wenge "glass" from DMG. I'm thinking I should use it for that.
  4. All I know is if there is another KS with a 4 panel: the dragon (dark rainbow) on the left, flames going across the bottom, treasure, and stuff and I'm going to be in trouble.
  5. The @Zoe Mage and @tgpumpkin doggies are done! I would have liked a second crack at the whisky barrel, but no. On to the next dogs. I made the assumption that anyone that short would have a muddy cloak...
  6. This is really funny as I'm about to head to Jaemus' house to play the Void Seeders expansion to Nemesis. Excuse the Polish guy that translated it. I think it adds to the charm. Nemesis: Aftermath & Void Seeders is an expansion for Nemesis. It contains all of the stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign: the Aftermath expansion, the Void Seeders expansion and the Medic. —user summary "Every spaceship has a voice; a melody of machinery and subsystems its crew learns intimately during long travels. The problem is, ever since the last mission our ship sounds WRONG. There’s something foul in the way it’s speaking to us. Barely audible murmurs. Strange whispers no machine could make. The dark corridors and vast halls almost seem to SING. Some of us have tried to locate sources of this interferences, but they always seemed two steps ahead. Stalked by their never-ending presence, we soon started cracking. Our engineer has cut some words on his flesh. When we asked why, he replied:‘Incandescent secrets need to be written in blood’. Then, our navigator took a spacewalk without her suit. When we pulled her in, her entire face frozen and cracked, she grinned in a way I will never forget. Now, it got even worse. Noises turned into voices, sharing tales of slaughter and terror. They do not run from us anymore. They encircle us and herd us through the ship to some dark purpose. I need to UNDERSTAND them before it’s too late. I put my hand on the pistol grip, looking at the backs of my last two crewmembers. I see dark mysteries swirling under their skulls. It would only take two bullet holes to release them..."
  7. That's why I live alone. My table sits in the middle of my living room 90% of the time. My mini painter is in the miniature painting area too.
  8. I don't have enough reactions to react to all of this thread. Keep it coming.
  9. Your painting table is much more organized than mine! I really like how the mini turned out.
  10. Started using my new DMG mini painter holder tonight. First mini is my Great Pumpkin doggie in honor of my brother @tgpumpkin. I modeled the dog after a puppy that was on "The Incredible Dr. Pol" while I was painting. I like how the leather turned out!
  11. Awesome! I love mistakes when I benefit from the spoils! Maybe if Jaemus isn't a smart ass the next time I see him, I'll gift it to him. What are the odds of that?
  12. Ditto on the mini painters being done. I would assume a lathe is involved. Thanks. I'm pretty sure that PP picture is mine. I know it's going through the shop thanks to SCRY, and the order says Barb B
  13. I got the wider handle on the follow on. And the wash pot holder. That was money well spent. I haven't dump a wash pot since.
  14. I've been working overtime lately, so that's been sucking up my painting time.
  15. My weiner dog mage is sad she got mostly painted before these beauties arrived.
  16. The mini painters are a LOT more chunky than what I was expecting. A huge upgrade from my old pill bottles full of coins. Look at the size difference from what I had been using. Oof da! p.s. My weiner dog mage agrees... The bases are super nice. I think the ziri base is too good for my painting table. I can be a slob when painting and drinking gin. I'm thinking it would be a nice mini display stand. I'm definitely a fan of the birds and flowers, but I'm digging (yes, I'm that old that I say digging) the other two.
  17. When I got this I didn't realize that it would be the last dragon tray to grace the stock page. Makes it that much more special. It's super chunky. The top of the skulls to the table is close to 2".
  18. My new player pad with custom lid. Note: it also came with the blank lid. I can use it on top when traveling somewhere so the custom lid doesn't get dorked up.
  19. My 4 spartan minis arrived. That's a lot of assembly. I may have to outsource that part...
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