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  1. Why are you showing us wood @Josh? What we really want to see and the freshly shaved faces thanks to OSHA.
  2. <snip>On this day, you have been given the honor of entering our city's labyrinth as part of an annual sacrifice which is meant to satisfy the monstrous Minotaur that lives inside. Now this may seem like a dark and twisted fate, but there could still be a glimmer of hope for one of your brave souls. </snip> How many souls does one person have? 🤡
  3. I've gotten 2/3 of the way through the rulebook. I've kind of hit with paralysis with getting up to speed with all the games that showed up in the last couple of months. I need to get up to speed with the Euphoria "Ignorance is Bliss" expansion before Saturday night.
  4. The candles makes it more spooky!
  5. Played Euphoria again after Firefly. I really like that game. I brought the expansion, but didn't play it as we had 2 newbees, so it still sits on the self of shame. Then I got roped into playing Nemesis. We died in a firey blaze when an event card spread the fire. It was fun, but that pushed my game playing time to a little over 11 hours straight. Thankfully I lugged my game bag into the house just before the rain got here.
  6. Played Firefly for the first time. It was OK. The game seems unbalanced. JC had about $15K and the next closest was $7K ish. I came in third at $5.5K out of 7 people.
  7. I've got some design ideas for you. 4 horsemen, 4 elements, ... @Konas, Another request for dice tower configuration pieces! I'm still hoping for the "swimming pool slide" into a rolling/dragon tray.
  8. I know they use this site for ordering their magnets: CMS Magnetics https://www.magnet4sale.com/ I would email @Konas via info@dogmight.com requesting the custom design/configuration. I'm sure they will be willing to hook you up with what you want. I know they've done custom work for several other people (e.g. game boards for their favorite game, custom table rails).
  9. More Village Attacks minis. Tapestry schmapestry.
  10. New "Looking Glass" dice boxes with my "Acid Spartan" sheath. The XL is Kingwood.
  11. Dare I say that the game is out of this world.
  12. We played Lisboa and Lucidity (twice) tonight. Doug finally won, and then two other newbees playing. Love playing Lisboa.
  13. Info from the email Hello Gùgōng backers! After the great success of Gùgōng last year, we asked Andreas Steding to work on one or more expansions. What he then came up with a few months later simply blew us away! The result is Gùgōng: Pànjūn, an expansion box containing 4 great expansion modules. Each module delivers exciting new gameplay and increases the replayability of Gùgōng considerably. The fun thing is that you can combine those modules to your own wish. We will launch this expansion box on Kickstarter next week! If you enjoyed playing Gùgōng, be sure to check our campaign on Monday, September 2 (at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 8pm CET)! What pledge levels can you expect? Gùgōng: Pànjūn deluxe expansion: 4 expansion modules in 1 box Gùgōng: deluxe big box (includes the base deluxe game & Pànjūn deluxe expansion, for everyone who missed our first Kickstarter) Gùgōng deluxe velvet slipcase add-on to store your own deluxe box of the base game and the expansion box in one eye-catching case! There has already been some confusing about the slipcase. It's important to note that this slipcase is NOT just a thin box sleeve. It's a stirdy cardboard box with the same thickness and velvet finish as the big box. The slipcase will look and feel exactly the same as the big box, so there is no need to have the big box as well. First time backers will not only have a box that looks exactly the same as the big box, but will also be the only ones to have ALL the artwork of the base deluxe game AND the expansion deluxe game. More info about the different modules is described on the Boardgamegeek page: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/285560/gugng-panjun In the next few days we'll post more details, the rulebook and more images.
  14. Another expansion to a game I really like (Gugong) is going live on KS 9/2-9/20. Some preview stuff on BGG. It's a chance to pickup Gugong if you missed the original campaign. Top notch quality box, board, components. Expansion contains 4 expansion modules you can pick and choose to use. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/285560/gugng-panjun
  15. Thanks @RomyCat. That's the link I found too. Not sure why the game creators didn't provide deck separator cards. Fortunately, I still have some old (maybe older than some of the people reading this post) index cards. I'll be making my own.
  16. Well, it's not on my table because the unboxing is crazy stupid, but Snowdonia arrived. Piles of decks with no rhyme or reason about them, a pile of different wooden tokens, and not a frickin' thing in the box telling you how to organize anything. With the amount of money these games cost now a day and the fancy organizers, they should show you how to unpack the box and organize it. Thank goodness car companies don't behave this way. I found an unboxing video by the creator and his kid, but now I'm car sick. So I decided to head to BGG. Thank goodness BGG has a good forum about it. But it's pages long. I think I'll wait until tomorrow when I don't feel sick to my stomach.
  17. That's a fine looking dice box. 😃
  18. Nothing I've painted so far have detatchable bases, and I'm not a fan of drilling out my mini. I still feel bad about a door that I tried to recess some hinges. Not sure it's in my DNA.
  19. In hindsight, I'd rather retire a year sooner. 🙄
  20. With the cooler weather, I moved a bunch of plants around over the weekend. Now on Monday, it's pouring out. This should clean all the smoke out of the air too ☺️
  21. Looks like one of those puzzles from Highlights (you're too young if you don't know what that is) where you have to find all the faces in the picture.
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