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  1. Well, let's just say the phone isn't the problem. Ironic that I really like cop shows.
  2. I totally stink at this game. And it likes to tell me I totally stink at it. On the one hand, it's annoying. On the other hand, it makes me a little nostalgic about growing up with my evil sister.
  3. Oh wood you? Kind of against the grain though.
  4. And there are minis to paint. See the miniature painting thread.
  5. When I was at the portion of the latest management chaos, I couldn't actually work on anything for like a year. I used KS to keep from falling asleep. It's blocked now, of course.
  6. In no particular order: Euphoria (expansion makes really good become great) Grimm Forest - delightful with some fun backstabbing mechanics (that can blow up in your face if you're unlucky - yes I have some experience holding my own exploding bomb) Fallen Angel Nemesis Concordia Lisboa Roll Player Gugong Macao Trogdor!!! p.s. I suck at Chronicles of Crime...
  7. I stand by what I said. 🙂
  8. I backed Massive Darkness. It's not the gore or the monsters that offended me. It was treating women like a piece of meat that offended me, and I have zero interest in giving money to pigs that exploit that poor taste. I have more than enough other games and mechanics to enjoy.
  9. 30 minutes a word would get him booted out the door. That's just rude.
  10. The minis were such a turn off, I didn't pledge the game. I know I'm not the only one.
  11. This is really nice. Very diaphanous, right @Konas? Note: this is what I'd love to have on my dragon's eye (skirmish box).
  12. I know what you are referring to, but there are so many other reasons...
  13. I honestly don't remember. Maybe the imperial ruby skirmish box I won from a forum contest way back when the forums were created. Maybe an ebony Cthulhu dragon dray. You'd have to look it up.
  14. Got as in my hot little hands or in purchased? I pledged the CoCo first. First thing off the site? Hmmmm I'd have to think about that. Probably a dragon tray.
  15. I was asked to show my Looking Glass collection. Sorry about the glare. Left most: my wood poly sets in Kingwood Right of that same shelf: Didn't fill it up the Spalty as the wood was too beautiful Next shelf to the right: Phoenix prototype with plastic polys and Spalty with my D20 collection Note: @Konas killer colobolo ring next to it. Leftmost shelf: Sparty spalty with lumberjack tears metal dice and experimental stain for my trap dice.
  16. My brother-in-law was a huge Stratego fan. I played him once (never played it before), and I beat him. He was confounded with my logic.
  17. Nope, but Jaemus has it. Let me know if you want/need his email.
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