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  1. I didn't notice how close they were until I had them side by side. Now I wish I had choses something different. Got them from Elderwood with my mini spellbook pledge. A person could get a lot of sets when looking at what they have.
  2. I think it's Jasper. But I do have a 2nd gem set that is bloodstone.
  3. I'm looking it up. I honestly forgot. Sucks getting old.
  4. Uploading a picture of my favorite set... stay tuned...
  5. Cyber pink? Is that for just girls? 😜
  6. I like a heavier die. Feels substantial or something. 1) Gem 2) Metal 3) Wood 4) Poly
  7. This was the set I got from them.
  8. People give me crap about how much I buy, but most of them are special like this box.
  9. Maybe you banged it too hard. Ha!
  10. Well that stinks. 1) needs batteries 2) it locks itself after a while and you have to bang bang it to activate it again.
  11. Sentinel? p.s. Love Ziricote, but my wallet doesn't.
  12. Did you get those metal/glow in the dark dice with charger cup?
  13. Nice! I have way too many dice, but I feel better about myself when I see all your dice together like this. What is this?
  14. Thankfully it was on sale. Normal price was $249.
  15. Yep. I did. I bought it because it was Cedar, and had some cool bird's eyes.
  16. It's not like there is much else to do. And they were fun after all the tiny details on the dogs and cats I was working on before this. I decided to dip into Monster Slaughter next. The game has a bunch of NPCs like the professor from Back to the Future, Buffy, Machette, Crocodile Dundee, etc. Plus I wanted to see how a bunch of your mini painters worked at the same time. I definitely had more "accidents" as the number of mini painters increased. Like hitting wires with the paint brush that was headed to the bowl of water or dipping the mini I was working on and snagging the wire of another one. But to be fair I did all of Maximum Apocalypse at the same time.
  17. MORE Maximum Apocalypse! The last of those minis!!! The priest! The gunslinger! The Army Ranger! The Fireman! The Adventurer And the Huntress!
  18. Both would be good choices, but seems like redheart speaks to your rose sculpting.
  19. If you had a wife, you probably wouldn't have redheart game table rails.
  20. Maximum Apocalypse! Next 2! Surgeon and Ronin:
  21. The Great Wall KS project. I pledged the "non-deluxe" version (basically blocks of wood vs minis), but now I'm thinking the pledgemanager is going to get me.
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