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  1. Down to 13, on the way to -5 tonight. I just can't get warm after being outside over lunch. I hope I'm not getting sick.
  2. Good thing you put that p.s. in there. I was trying to figure out what barking crows had to do with sand people.
  3. Well the accumulating snow is done now. At 11 am it was 24 degrees out. I went out at 11:30 to blow snow. The wind was howling and it was not a fun experience. When I got done, I decided to take a shower. It felt like my feet were being showered with cold water. I came down to the computer after getting dressed, and I'm still chilly. smh I looked at the weather page and the temp is 16. So the temp dropped 8 degrees in about 80 minutes. It was right on the edge of that 2" mark, so I decided to just take care of it for the delivery guys.
  4. How thoughtful to think of me this holiday season.
  5. I hate when you do crap like this. 🤬
  6. If an enemy or hero swings at a foe, how do I know what value on the D20 (or above) hits the foe?
  7. I was thinking about having Cotton take them to the stable (to rendezvous with Mrs Claus and Burl Ives Snowman (Burly???) ). They can talk to Blitzen. Blitzen could talk about seeing a cloaked figure in the woods behind the workshop. I like the flying around idea, but maybe turn that into the flying zombie Rudolf that doesn't "hurt anyone" but does laugh and click his heals when he poops on someone. Better to fight the hag at/around a cabin in the woods or at the workshop? Like having her operate out of a store room? I sort of like the idea of the visit to the workshop just being an investigation of what's going on and stumbling onto the secret lair and the prototypes/elves/zombies et. al. are called into action to attack the heroes. How do "the rules" work now a days for hits and misses?
  8. I'd love some help with the role playing scenario. I want them to have a fun adventure after creating their characters.
  9. Well, that's something. The snow is really coming down now. 2-4 before noon. Then temps drop down to -4 tonight, and -12 tomorrow night.
  10. Bleah. 😧 We're due for some wet, freezing rain, snow crap tonight/tomorrow morning. 2.5-4.5" due. Then the temps plummet to single digits for highs and minus temps for lows. The last time this happened, the car didn't appreciate the washboarding/ruts left behind on the roads. Sadly, tomorrow is when a bunch of Black Friday stuff is scheduled to be delivered. I don't want to shovel early and leave it icy, but don't want them to have to trudge through the snow either.
  11. The game is a blast. Phrases like "Awww This is the cutest backstabbing card ever" and "I hate you so much right now" have been uttered when playing it. The only downside is the player limit of 2-4. This is my first attempt at a not vanilla base. I can't decide if it looks like grass or vomit.
  12. I have a game "night" on 12/22. The plan is to play Roll Player, and then take them on a journey to "War in Christmas Village". I WELCOME ANY/ALL IDEAS AS TO WHAT TO DO. I thought I'd have fortune teller tell them to follow the white rabbit (ala Neo and the matrix and Jefferson Airplane). Then there is a bunny ("Cotton") with a gun belt slung over one shoulder. I'll have him running by saying "We're late!" over and over and "Come on! Come on then." here and there while waving his six shooter over his head. They have to follow or we can just start drinking. They'll get into a sheltered glen. The bunny then will say something like "Thank you for coming, but I have a feeling you're going to be sorry you did. By the way, I hope you like snow." Then the portal zips them to the north pole. The 50,000 foot level premise is that there is a Krampus like woman named (a little help here). She was beautiful and popular once, but has since been transformed into an evil creature by a warlock that she spurned. So now she's determined to wipe out happiness in the world, and what a better start than to destroy Christmas from the inside out. She cast a spell over Christmas Village. She has Santa believing all children are not nice. Instead of giving toys that would be loved, he's got the elves developing deadly toys. Note: The elves are happy to oblige, as they are tired of making toys for kids and then seeing them ignored because it's not an electronic device. So far they've created evil toys like Chuckie, treent Christmas trees, and mimic presents. The reindeer are also affected by the spell. Rudolf has started turning into a zombie, and Blitzen has taken to walking on 2 legs, drinking, shooting, and smoking Camels. Anyhoo, Mrs Claus sees the changes in her husband (and elves, reindeer, et.al.) but can't convince him that what he's doing is wrong. Others like her (of strong constitution), have been quietly banding together to figure out what's going on and try to fix the problem. The Easter Bunny and Burl Ives Snowman are allies of Mrs Claus. The snowman has some magic ability of his own, and creates a portal for the Easter Bunny to bring heros to help save Christmas. Note: When Santa flies off on Christmas eve, if the house is inhabited by Michigan fans that never went to the school (aka Walverines), he's to put lumps of coal in their stockings and bludgeon any children found inside with the coal sock. Madam Krampus may be evil and all, but if she's going to eat children, it might as be little Walverines. The world would be a better place less of them strutting around. I have the Christmas Treent (how evil are your branches) and packages, fighting elves, and these. The top link I have in my hot little hands (where bunny ideas came from), but the bottom two have to ship yet. They say the 12th for ship date, but I live about 10 miles from a distribution center, and sometimes I get lucky and things ship fast if the items are in that distribution center and another deliver is going to my street. So bear that in mind when making suggestions. https://www.amazon.com/War-Christmas-Village-Mistletoe-Misfits/dp/B07N3WSMQQ/ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075MBSB1W/ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07N3YFVY7/ I'll post more pictures as I take them. The elves are done, and the evil toy is close to being done.
  13. Sound choice. I painted Massive Darkness first. Then Village Attacks, though I've got the expansion(s) coming smh. Now it's Grimm Forest and my War in Christmas Village figures. The only deviation is "the evil toy" from Rise of Moloch. I'm almost done with him. I thought he'd go well with the War in Christmas Village sets.
  14. I've enjoyed Massive Darkness a lot. Once you get the rules down, it moves pretty quick. That and the countless hours that I spent painting the minis. Perhaps we can meet in the middle (Wisconsin?) sometime and I can bring the minis/game.
  15. I love the Mayfair train games. British Rails, Iron Dragon, Empire Builder, Russian Rails, Eurorails, etc. I can't get anyone to play with me anymore. The other big fans moved away, and the casual fans are tired of me crushing them. Runner up: Gloomhaven. I can't find a dedicated group to play it.
  16. Youtube has a ton of videos on how to paint or watching a guy paint a mini and what techniques he uses. Mileage varies, but they were a great boost in the beginning for me.
  17. I suppose I'll have to play Gloomhaven first. It's been collecting dust on my shelf of shame. I'm having a hard time finding a group to play it with.
  18. Sunny, calm, and 38 degrees at the moment! With luck the ice on my stairs will melt/evaporate.
  19. The lion thingie is pretty cool. The baby rhino mash up is kind a creepy!
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