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  1. I was planning on just that! @Konas said to make the villains memorable. I'll be running the game for 4 guys and one woman, so that ought to stick with them. I really like how Edgar turned out and my next favorite is Blitzen. I'm not spending as much time slaving over these like I have others as I'm on a time crunch. Another hour or so on each figure would have helped a lot. p.s. The rat king's shading turned out pretty cool, but that didn't come across in the picture. p.p.s. Jack Frost is almost done. He turned out pretty cool. He looks like he's wearing spandex. LOL. I dorked up one eye, but the more I try to fix it, the worse it's gotten, so I guess he'll just have to have one bulgy eye.
  2. Been colder than normal here too. Tomorrow's low is going to be -6 F. You know it's cold when the dewpoint is -22.
  3. No varnish yet, but here are more of the gang: Blitzen Rat King: Nutcracker: Krampus' girlfriend, the hag. Check out the child's feet... Edgar Winter's basket is done now:
  4. I should get Edgar Winter, Blitzen, Rat King, Nutcracker, and hag done today.
  5. Edgar Winter is just varnish away from being done. The nutcracker and rat king are getting close to being done. Blitzen is looking fantastic. I had a lousy night sleep last night. I slept for half an hour, tossed and turned for about an hour, got up for 1.5 hours, then went back to bed and tossed and turned some more, and then finally slept for about 4 hours. I'll be debating between washing/scrubbing the new sculpts and taking a nap over my lunch hour.
  6. New sets of minis due to arrive tomorrow! Great news.
  7. She looks like my Kunta Kittie did, sans tinfoil hat.
  8. I use loctite for everything now.
  9. With the emergence (please fund!!!) of the gingerbread gang, I'm thinking maybe the villain for this one should be Santa's brother (evil twin that was exiled until he escaped) and save the hag for the follow on. The campaign suggested the name Sugarplum Mary Sparklepants. Had been evil twin's sweetheart until he was whisked away.
  10. Not sure. But is feels like if a site doesn't have certain things or has certain things that are not secure, it won't launch. And if too many hits happen (like KS), it gets blocked. It's annoying anyway. You have a problem, google the problem, find a link that may have a solution, SORRY you can't see it. smh.
  11. I guess I know what I'm doing tonight while paint is drying. Thanks!
  12. I wonder what colors would stream out for @EdInSeattle or @Serge Darveau...
  13. Old habit. Between getting laid off everytime a Bush is in office and taking care of aging parents, I've horded my vaca until the end of the year for about 20 years. It's money if I got laid off and if I had to leave to take care of one of my parents, I had PTO available to take.
  14. Time will tell. I have the hag, mouse king, and Blitzen are more than half done. Jack Frost, the hunter, and toy soldier are more than a third done. The next two boxes of minis show up about when I'm mostly done. What will help is after today, I only have 3 days of work left for the year.
  15. The Easter Bunny is almost done. I'm swinging back and forth between Cotton and Edgar Winter for his name.
  16. On the work pc, so no access to KS. BUT this is live on KS now. Search for "gingerbread gang".
  17. The baker is the bad gal. They smell like cinnamon, nutmeg, and anger. Maybe the hag's sister. Hopefully it funds. They tried in July and it got cancelled.
  18. fyi, this is up on KS now. The Gingerbread Gang!
  19. Cool. That ought to be a KS stretch goal. A day at the shop making something on maker day.
  20. Let's hope not. I've started with the Zicam already. That stuff rocks.
  21. I pledged another 50 packs this morning.
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