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  1. Technically it's not home yet, but I just bought this off the R & D section of the stock page. Pretty cool.
  2. I'm thinking about my tub for tonight. Half a bottle of Pinot Noir left from my garden party on Wednesday. p.s. I never understood taking vacations that leave you feeling like you need a vacation. I'm more of a gal that wants the only decisions to be like should I have a Pina Colada or a Martini.
  3. I've gotten my shipping notice for @Thomas Browne's, uh, my deck jacket. Due to arrive tomorrow!
  4. Etherfields was originally going to be a mini collection for painters. @RomyCat and @WxCougar, you're going to like some of the details...
  5. On Sunday, my Chechen token shield contained 3 kids of M&Ms.
  6. @Cheeky2theGeeky, Pop quiz. Do you know where the phrase "a little dab'll do ya" comes from?
  7. I like the mechanic of the villagers being hit points vs burniating them and watching them move across the countryside with their hair on fire.
  8. I pulled the plug on these too.
  9. Gugong! Still haven't quite figured out the best strategies yet. And we played Trogdor! That was a lot of fun, but we lost.
  10. See above. They will probably be subplanted by a recently completed campaign for glow in the dark metal dice with recharging cup.
  11. There has to be more of you experiencing simple pleasures, right? #simplepleasures The rich people's grocery store had several big sales. Half off porterhouse steaks (yes I got one), and (wait for it) $.10/ear of corn (limit of 10). A $1.20 for a dozen ears of corn! This is as close as I've come to the 13 for $1 from the road side stand on the way home from the golf course when I was in middle school. Now that stuff was fantastic. The guy knew my dad, and would walk back into the corn and pick 13 nice looking ears for us. 20 minutes from stalk to the pot! WAS IT SWEET!
  12. @Zoe, Did you guys see Trudvang Legends on KS? Norse game with cool looking minis...
  13. If no one is around this weekend, I'll get my first or first and a half game in.
  14. Cute meeples in Northland... P.S. Pretty BIG fish. 😂
  15. @RomyCat, These look good. You've got wood down! Consider more liberal usage of washes. I put washes on just about everything. They really bring out the details.
  16. Well I could see the spoiled brat children ripping them to shreads because of the shipping. If they didn't have @Konas' restraint, then that just chums the water of the brats, and it all goes down hill from there.
  17. Well, I didn't follow the comments all day long, but the only thing I noticed was their underestimating their shipping costs. They asked for voluntary help with the shipping costs, and I sent them the $10 via paypal to get a signed copy. I didn't want them to either go into debt for the campaign or not ship (like that wrym game @RomyCat and I backed but never received).
  18. I've gotten as far as sleeving the cards. With a lot of people at gencon, I may have time to try it this weekend.
  19. They had shipping cost problems. What else are you referring to? I sent them an extra $10 to cover the extra shipping and they all signed my box before sending it out.
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