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  1. That has to be one of the most horrible websites I've seen in a long time.
  2. Very nice, but hold onto your drawers young man. DMG is coming out with a KS really soon, that is going to pump you up!!!
  3. All this makes me glad I never went to a con.
  4. You're assuming that it ever gets off my shelf of shame.
  5. Have fun. I'm not worried about when something is going to show up because of the amount of stuff on my shelf of shame.
  6. I broke my new year's resolution already when I backed this with 2 hours to go. If the occasional regret kicks in, I could probably be swayed into a swap or something.
  7. Don't forget to lock up the most unruly lumberjacks. I'm looking at you Leather Mike.
  8. Elder Sign is sitting on my shelf of shame.
  9. BGG just dropped 1000 geek coins on me!!! I'm gonna have to get me some badges and avatar.
  10. Right!!???!!?! I'm already wondering when the next set of cards are going to be available. 😜 I played Spiderman, Josh was Black Panther, and Drew was Captain America. Ultron was fun because he kept taking your top card and turning it into a drone. Spiderman gets another card for each villain and minion that attacks him. So between Ultron creating a drone from your deck and Spiderman drawing extra cards, I cycled through my deck about 2.75 times.
  11. Drew, Josh, and I broke out Marvel Champions Sunday afternoon. It was a LOT of fun. We beat Ultron by the skin of our teeth! I can see where the replayability on this game is high.
  12. I like these better. You might still be able to preorder??? Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs.
  13. No new KS games, period. No new FLGS games, period. Get at least 4 games off my shelf of shame Assuming it arrives as scheduled, paint the gingerbread gang, and run another Christmas one shot. Paint another game's minis. Leaning towards Vindication, but Who Goes There is in the running.
  14. Painting barn, adventure barn, sawmill barn, machine shed, corn field for deer to feast on...
  15. I saw this again when I came to see @Zoxe's post. Casey's cancer has reappeared. Send him some support.
  16. I really like it. I got it 50% off. If I had known how good it was, I would have bought more, but I was thinking if it was good, there is no way they would discount it that much. A couple of people bought cases, and they took it off sale. Oh well.
  17. Yes. It has a spalty skull stopper, so it looks good too.
  18. I finished up Grimm Forest minis. They were half done before I got sidetracked with War in Christmas Village. The Troll! The Giant! The wolves!
  19. Part of it could be my fault with pooping zombie Rudolph playing "reindeer games".
  20. What a mixed bag of crap this week. At least I should have the ice dams gone.
  21. I'm hoping they eventually do more of the acrylic boulder with minis inside. Hint, hint @Konas. I think you and I got the only ones they sold.
  22. I had several great potions/spells they could have found (along with fossilized rat droppings, a set of mossy antlers, a half burned shovel, and a malodorous smoking pipe), but they never searched.
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