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  1. Snowman mob ready to rumble if there is time. The shield turned out cool. Almost looks like leather covered.
  2. St Nick: If the heroes can get the necklace off his neck without killing Krampus, he will revert back to this guy.
  3. Santa. I like him 2nd best (next to St Nick). The misses. Not my best work, but under a time crunch. Didn't do any dry brushing, and would like to start over on the face. Oh well.
  4. 6 newly painted minis hours away. Gloss varnish drying as I type. On to Krampus and zombie Rudolph.
  5. Nice looking LG and I really like your pens. I have some pictures to take/post, but it will have to wait until after my one shot on 12/22 finishes.
  6. Do you want to know if you are correct or not? I was ok with the last 3 standing, but still think Patti LaBelle got jobbed. The butterfly too. In general, I think the women are prematurely voted out for the most part. Note: I REALLY enjoyed the Christmas episode. Flamingo gave me chills. They showed previews for season 3. To debut after the Super Bowl. Bananna, Robot, and what looks like a female version of t-pain's costume.
  7. I'm thinking that they have to write the 3 into the square, but it doesn't unlock unless you write it in blood.
  8. Another option. Also need to figure out what they do with the 3.
  9. I would be great if they had to collaborate to get it, but I want them to get it.
  10. Maybe a Christmas riddle to solve? Anyone??? If they solve the riddle, the box opens and a spell falls out. Needs components of mistletoe, a cinnamon stick, and a drop of zombie blood. I may keep the zombie carolers for next year as I won't get them painted in time, and I got no volunteers for singing. This would leave them finding zombie Rudolf and getting a drop of blood from him. Now I just need a Christmas riddle that isn't too hard and some spell words that need to be spoken.
  11. I've got about 6 minis 90% done. The best one is one I'm probably not going to use. smh So plan B. If they can figure out how to remove/deactivate the necklace before Krampus dies, he become good St Nicholas (the good mini). There will be a clue in the keepsake box. So I need help with a way to deactivate/open the clasp so it falls off, and an easy-ish puzzle for them to want to solve.
  12. This reminds me of my college days and non deterministic finite state machines. smh Encounters/order (so far - off to paint): Edgar gets them into the portal somehow They don't help the stranger. Stranger is actually Edgar. Illusion fades and Edgar says "So that's the way it's going to be. Maybe you'll be more helpful when you're in the soup too." With a twitch of his whiskers and neck tic, he says "I hope you like snow." The portal opens and sucks them all into the Christmas Village stable. They help the stranger. She says "The only reward I have to offer is advice. Follow the white rabbit." Soon Edgar runs by saying "We're late!" over and over and "Come on! Come on then." here and there while waving his six shooter over his head. They follow - They'll get into a sheltered glen. Edgar then will say something like "Thank you for coming. I hope we're not too late. By the way, I hope you like snow." Then the portal zips them to the stable. They don't follow - Edgar turns around. "So, this is the way it's going to be, huh?" Edgar takes a carrot out of his basket, takes a big bite, says "aperi portam", and throws the rest of the carrot at them. The get zapped to the stable. They ignore the stranger. Soon Edgar runs by saying "We're late!" over and over and "Come on! Come on then." here and there while waving his six shooter over his head. Follow the steps above for they help the stranger. Talk to Mrs Claus to find out what's wrong Flesh out intro text Blitzen leaning against the wall smoking a Camel. If they talk to him directly he'll share about the cabin. If they don't, he can interject into the discussion. Find keepsake box that has letters/mirror Big boss battle
  13. I'll have to think on this. It's hard to develop a story this way. How do they find out about Krampus if not through the cabin? How do I set up the hag for next year's adventure?
  14. I think I'll have about 3 hours. Maybe 4 if Roll Player doesn't lag. That's why I was trying to get them to see Mrs Claus as soon as possible. Then the cabin. Then the workshop. If they skip the cabin, then that's OK. The big battle with Krampus will be in the workshop.
  15. If they spend too much time looking into the mirror, Krampus will realize someone other than his beloved hag is looking into it. He'll stop what he's doing and cast a lightening bolt out of the mirror. If they don't spend much time looking into it, they go undetected, and will be able to use the mirror to spy. 1 on a D6 chance of being caught spying.
  16. It dawned on my yesterday that "game night" isn't a week from Sunday, but Sunday!!! 😲 I have to get cracking on the story, and finish up the painting of key characters. Doesn't help that my house looks like the stomach of a billy goat. Shopping/selling online, snow removal stuff, has really left its mark as well as ignoring it for a week. I'm thinking the zombie townspeople will become a wandering group of carolers. I'm looking for volunteers to get me some recordings of zombies singing Christmas songs. I would think it would be a ton of fun. I want more of a crime solving as opposed to hack and slash adventure. The heroes run into a woman. Hopefully they help her out. She then gives them advice as a reward: Follow the white rabbit, then she leaves. As stated at the beginning of the thread, Edgar Winter runs by and gets them through the portal to Christmas Village. They end up at the edge of the forest. At this point, the towns folk I just finished painting says "What took you so long? Come on! She's waiting." The townie takes them to the stable. Mrs Claus is waiting inside. She thanks them for coming, and tells them what's going on behavior-wise with Santa. Blitzen is smoking a camel outside the door. If they are on the right track, he'll stay outside by himself. If they aren't on the right track or they approach him, he'll tell them he thinks the hag might something to do with it. He hadn't seen her before things had changed. He's seen her in a cabin on the other side of the clearing. Just follow the path. Mrs Claus goes to the workshop so no one gets suspicious. As they start towards the clearing, zombie carolers show up. If the heroes clap or show some appreciation, the zombies shuffle away. As they cross the clearing, zombie Rudolf keeps trying to poop on them as he flies overhead. (note: he has a bell around his neck. If the heroes hear the bell it's too late to avoid the poop attack). When they get near the hag's cabin, snowmen outside the cabin attack. Once they defeat the snowmen, they can enter the cabin. In the cabin, there are many different smells, but the one that sticks out the most is what seems to be roasted veal (aka child). They find a stack of love letters. They're signed by Krampus! Edgar fills them in about Krampus being Santa's evil twin and where he's been. They then find an enchanted hand mirror that shows Krampus working on a potion or something in what Edgar thinks might be a storeroom in Santa's workshop. He has an amulet around his neck that has a large black stone that is pulsing. The people in the party that have low constitution, stare at the stone, transfixed. They feel like all their happiness is draining away, and they are starting to die inside. They can be shaken from the feelings if they get away from looking at the mirror. People with high constitutions are not affected. If the low constitution heroes aren't helped by their pals in a timely fashion, they will start to turn into a zombie slowly. When they leave the cabin, they see zombie carolers. If the heroes clap or show appreciation, the zombies shuffle away. Once the heroes get back to the village, the low constitution characters lose half a point of constitution. When they have no constitution left, they become zombies. to be continued....
  17. Not sure who this guy is supposed to be, but looks like he's unaffected by the spell. Maybe a townsperson???
  18. Google "Mexican Train". It's a domino game I've had a lot of fun playing. I learned it from my evil sister in Austin Texas.
  19. Still needs a little bit of grey wash to the hair/eyebrows and snow added to the base and varnish, but here's Jack Frost. I really like how the pants turned out.
  20. You don't have to shovel it, but I think I'd rather have snow than ice.
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