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  1. Did you guys see this on the site under games? Looks just goofy enough. And that's no bull. Don't mean to goat you on, but don't chicken out. Sow, get cracking!
  2. Might as well wait until the game shows up so we don't have to bug Mike until then.
  3. I wouldn't put it past Canadian Mike. He drank Scott's Polish vodka (birthday present no less).
  4. This should probably go in the stupid question forum, but how many pieces of pizza have to be eaten before a lumberjack falls asleep or becomes too drowsy to use the band saw?
  5. One suggestion Mike. You don't show what the inside of the box looks like for GMs.
  6. These two speak to me the most. Thankfully I don't speak Polish.
  7. The obsessive compulsive side of me wants to know why you didn't line them up so all tiles had the little circle up. They are pretty though. Makes me optimistic!
  8. I'm thinking of holding his dino game as hostage until he gives me that rosewood. Ha!
  9. @Ian Coyle, I took the liberty of upgrading your z-rex meeple from cardboard to wood. I would imagine you'd be more upset if I didn't upgrade them than spending $4 more to get them. They are killer (sorry about the pun). $49 for game $4 for meeple upgrade $13 extra shipping to get your game to me ??? for shipping from me to you So, $66 + more shipping. Will let you know what that turns out to be. Do you want thrifty or speedy shipping? Note: I forgot to look at the estimated ship date, but you can look that up yourself on the KS page. Note: I can change my pledge for a short amount of time if you don't want z-rex wood or if you want an extra set of dino meeple as spares.
  10. Ironically, I'm painting something that could be considered the big bad wolf as we speak.
  11. I got a shipping notice for Grimm, but heard that doesn't mean the delivery is around the corner. They got all the shipping paperwork out of the way so that when the boat comes in, they can get the games out faster.
  12. If Ian still wants me to get a copy of Dino, I'll need his shipping address sent to me via email.
  13. @Ian Coyle / @Konas it's PM time. Ian, do you want me to get you a copy and mail it? Konas, are you ok being the monkey in the middle?
  14. Are you "green" with envy? #V4MSU Note: my coco backer number was low 420's...
  15. I'm feeling a desire to dig out my cd with CoCo Cabana on it. Between coco's cocoming my way and -7 out, it would be great to listen to.
  16. Whoop! If it's cheaper for you, you can put them all in the same box...
  17. Barkers found it hard to resist the 30% off. I know I couldn't.
  18. That burled rosewood is stunning @Ian Coyle. I think Bocote is a guy thing, but I know you love it so congratulations!
  19. I'm close enough to retirement, my doldrums are pretty much all day long!
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