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  1. Nice meeples. I guess I have Dr Pol on the brain.
  2. Why are their weiner dogs on your brass board?
  3. Now I'm feeling bad. I do have a need as I bought into a KS with card deck RPGs.
  4. Not my intent. The pictures on the site didn't show the bottom side.
  5. That sounds like my office.
  6. All I can think about is fruit smoothies.
  7. @Thomas Browne, I'm really not trying to rub it in, but the deck jacket just came. It's even more beautiful than I was anticipating. I thought you'd appreciate a peek. A lot of it almost looks like rippling water. Contrary to the mini I'm painting, I'm not trolling you... Close up. Sorry about the glare. I was trying to not do that...
  8. LOL. Maybe we could work a trade. 😃
  9. That's a very nice game room/dining room. I have a similar setup. I have box throne shelves (waiting for my top caps in wave 4), and an old lady crystal chandelier. It looks a little cluttered, what with all my DMG gear. 😍
  10. I like how he said he kept adding things until I couldn't tell anymore that something had been added.
  11. Technically it's not home yet, but I just bought this off the R & D section of the stock page. Pretty cool.
  12. I'm thinking about my tub for tonight. Half a bottle of Pinot Noir left from my garden party on Wednesday. p.s. I never understood taking vacations that leave you feeling like you need a vacation. I'm more of a gal that wants the only decisions to be like should I have a Pina Colada or a Martini.
  13. I've gotten my shipping notice for @Thomas Browne's, uh, my deck jacket. Due to arrive tomorrow!
  14. Etherfields was originally going to be a mini collection for painters. @RomyCat and @WxCougar, you're going to like some of the details...
  15. On Sunday, my Chechen token shield contained 3 kids of M&Ms.
  16. @Cheeky2theGeeky, Pop quiz. Do you know where the phrase "a little dab'll do ya" comes from?
  17. I like the mechanic of the villagers being hit points vs burniating them and watching them move across the countryside with their hair on fire.
  18. I pulled the plug on these too.
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