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  1. Pretty sure that isn't needed or you wouldn't be giving me grief about buying stuff before you.
  2. I think you're mistaking me for my brother, @tgpumpkin. It's his money you should be trying to spend.
  3. Well, I have 8 dragon trays and coco trays already, including @yatescory's boro beauty. I'm full up,... even for me.
  4. There is some new stuff out there. This is my favorite:
  5. For those of you that missed out on Village Attacks while it was on KS, you have another chance. Expansion coming in October. These usually allow you to also get the original game.
  6. Last mob of Village Attacks! Bad picture, but my light shorted out. 😥
  7. What I noticed was he was working at a center marking table. Just shoot me.
  8. We played Legendary Encounters: Aliens, Trogdor!, and Gugong on Saturday. I had never played a Legendary Encounters before. It was fun, but didn't blow air up my skirt. While we waited for a couple of more people to show up, we played 3 games of Trogdor! The first two games, we were dead before the 4th person got a chance to play a card. We won the third game. Then four of us played Gugong. This is my 3rd play of the game, and I'm finally feeling like I'm getting a hold on the strategies. Each time I played, I tried something different. I got out to a huge VP lead, then Bob came charging after me. Jaemus got a great decree, and came flying up the track in the last turn or so. Jaemus won by one VP over me, and I was one VP more than Bob. Mike limped in at a distant 4th.
  9. Nice. That means my copy will be coming here soon. Hopefully there's a page that shows where to put all the pieces into the box insert and trays. I got Vindication on Friday, it has a lot of pieces. Trying to sort all the pieces and put it away took a while.
  10. A one off dice box I was able to stumble onto on the stock page. A smidge larger than the dice box in the R & D section of the page. I hope they do more of these, as it's super cool.
  11. I will not divulge what I did to get such favor, but I was gifted something from @Konas' private collection. Holy Hannah!!! It's made out of Pink Heart!!! (He knows that I'm addicted to pink ivory.) There is skant few things sexier than a man that can handcraft his own RPG character storage for a specific campaign! If he had otter dice, I'd be in big trouble.
  12. I can handle that compared to missing out on pledge manager because of the stupid bank.
  13. This is stunning. If I already didn't have a black limba in this sculpt already, it would be an insta buy
  14. I haven't gotten an update from them in quite a while either. I should check that out. Maybe the pledgemanager email got eaten by the bank. Have I mentioned how much I despise the bank, and can't wait to retire.
  15. Given up on: Darkness Sabotage Whelps to Wyrms Waiting on: Tradewars - a year late from estimated delivery Galaxy of Trian - a year late from estimated delivery Legends of Sleepy Hollow - 9 months past estimated delivery Nemesis - 2nd wave Socerer City - 8 months past estimated delivery Snowdonia Planetarium: Primordial - 5 months past estimated delivery Tidal Blades Assassin's Creed Tainted Grail Vindication - have tracking number Maximum Apocalypse expansion/big box/minis On Mars Fuji Koro DoubleSix dice Dice Charger by Q Workshop Animal Adventures: tales of cats and catacombs (minis) Raid on the Temple of Serpents (minis) Roll Player: friends and familiars Dinogenics expansion Etherfields Live: Trudvang
  16. I would too. Unfortunately, I have to close the house up before dusk because some millenial will start a fire and fill my house up with smoke.
  17. Nothing so spectacular here, but yesterday and today is/was a high on 79 and sub 50 degree dewpoints. Couldn't ask for prettier days in August. I woke up to 59 degrees. I threw open the windows, and am bundled up in my robe with a blanket. lol
  18. I just got my shipping notice from Vindication!
  19. @RomyCat, From the thank you email for Etherfields.
  20. ZICAM!!! Take it before you go, during the con, and for a few days after you come home! Kids, they never listen...
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