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  1. ZICAM!!! Take it before you go, during the con, and for a few days after you come home! Kids, they never listen...
  2. That's fantastic @Zoxe. I know that when someone stopped their car, got out, and took pictures of my yard it didn't suck.
  3. I have Sleeping Gods (for now anyway - note: about 1 in 3 pledges end up getting cancelled), Trudvang Legends (CMON), and Etherfields (AR). Etherfields with expansions, sleeves, and sundrop paint will probably require selling a kidney, but it checks ALL the boxes. Trudvang Legends has the push your luck mechanic that is right in my wheelhouse, a theme I don't have yet.
  4. I have a squeal number. If the price of the game is over that squeal number, I don't pledge. That squeal number is different for different types of games. For example, a card game will have a smaller squeal number than a board that has a fun theme, which is lower than a full on rpg like experience that AI driven. For me, to pledge a game, it must have: replayable unless it's a legacy type game thematic number of players. 2 player games don't hold much interest. Good solo play is a plus. tickles me Some of the card games I have are: gorus maximus, side effects, coup, bears vs babies. bvb was the most expensive. I don't remember the price, but the furry box is a hoot. It must be easy to setup, and encourage verbal interactions like (I hate you so much right now). Squeal number is around $30 Some of the cheaper games I have are Bridges to nowhere, Deja Vu, Fire in the Library, Lucidity. They tend to be filler games we use when waiting for someone to show up or the other table to finish up. It's got to be fun, easy to set up, allows for conversation. Squeal number is around $45. Some of the mid level games like Grimm Forest, Photosynthesis, Fallen Angel, Stone Age, Gugong, Roll Player, Lords of Water Deep, and Euphoria (2 thumbs up!!!) Squeal number under $100. Some of my higher quality/scale games: Dino Genics, Lisboa, Escape Plan. High quality components and has massive possibilities strategy wise. Squeal number $150. Then there are the big kahunas with minis to paint and an emersive experience. Some of the ones I have: Nemesis, Massive Darkness, Gloomhaven, Village Attacks, and 7th Continent. Squeal number is under $350.
  5. Just search board game projects. Then skip down past the top 20 projects or so. That's the best you can do. There is a criteria where you can sort on price iirc, but then you have a bunch of trash projects to go through to get to the $40 range.
  6. There are plenty of games on ks at a lower price point. They are just harder to find.
  7. To be fair, the quality of these games, packaging, and components is extraordinary. They are not just selling the games. They're also selling the experience. And the box is a work of art that seems to be replacing the LP cover art from when I was younger and there was such a thing as a record collection. Those upgrades easily tack on $40 per game. A lot of people are willing to pay for those upgrades.
  8. cmon and awaken realms are far worse than $100. But I've enjoyed games from them a lot.
  9. Thanks @RomyCat. I won't be getting the expansion.
  10. Check out Sleeping Gods on KS... Can't get the link on work computer...
  11. Nice meeples. I guess I have Dr Pol on the brain.
  12. Why are their weiner dogs on your brass board?
  13. Now I'm feeling bad. I do have a need as I bought into a KS with card deck RPGs.
  14. Not my intent. The pictures on the site didn't show the bottom side.
  15. That sounds like my office.
  16. All I can think about is fruit smoothies.
  17. @Thomas Browne, I'm really not trying to rub it in, but the deck jacket just came. It's even more beautiful than I was anticipating. I thought you'd appreciate a peek. A lot of it almost looks like rippling water. Contrary to the mini I'm painting, I'm not trolling you... Close up. Sorry about the glare. I was trying to not do that...
  18. LOL. Maybe we could work a trade. 😃
  19. That's a very nice game room/dining room. I have a similar setup. I have box throne shelves (waiting for my top caps in wave 4), and an old lady crystal chandelier. It looks a little cluttered, what with all my DMG gear. 😍
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