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  1. I did get a redheart one, and am crossing my fingers (figuratively as I can't do it anymore physically) I don't get paint on it that I can wipe off with a damp cloth.
  2. I like these 2. I liked blackened blood, but thought bruiser would be good too. 😁
  3. I have to be careful sharing my screen cause it has things like bookmark folders named "Process Crap".
  4. I write software. Sometimes you can be immature in subtle ways. For example, we need to look for something in 1 of several possible mainframes. I had a variable called "tryThisMF"
  5. If you are playing games on it, I think that could be classified as a "gaming table". 😈
  6. Out of reactions! Not bad for a guy that said he wasn't going to make tables anymore.
  7. This is a fantastic idea. Table with a hinged top so I can store my minis inside the table (i.e. metal plate in the bottom of the compartment with a stunning lining over that).
  8. IDK. That sounds like a great idea. At least for a customizable option.
  9. Get some pics posted, and this will all go down the drain. Not technically at home, but my new favorite DMG purchase.
  10. Poop! That was going to be my next pun. Perhaps I need some huggies...
  11. I'm becoming quite fond of you. I would still like to see a picture of your player pad when you have time. And clearly @Konas has been pampered his entire life!
  12. Atta boy. There are several of us that enjoy inflicting pun-ishment. Particularly @Thomas Browne and @tgpumpkin
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