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  1. The guys that did the dogs and cats above, are on KS again. Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove. Check it out if you've liked these minis, but missed their KS. This new one is a gaming system book, maps, and more minis. Latest stretch goal is this:
  2. That's because you're weird. 😈 Just kidding.
  3. I'd give you a reaction, but I'm out of reactions. @tgpumpkin and I have redheart sentinels from the same board. They are awfully sweet too. In case you don't know, KEEP IT OUT OF SUNLIGHT!!!
  4. After the dogs, I'll either start on Vindication or Nemesis next. Gloomhaven is lurking too, but their minis seem chincy compared to those other two. And considering Gloomhaven is still on my shelf of shame...
  5. CMON tends to have crap storage solutions to their games, so I'll always look for an alternate solution for them.
  6. Oh and I have a carry bag for accessories like traps, bridges, pillars, etc.
  7. Missed this piece. I started out with MD. I bought a couple of those cardboard boxes with the layers of foam blocks in them. The monsters go in those, and the heroes go in the imperial ruby skirmish box you gave me. For VA, I got some lasagna pans for the villagers, and another skirmish box for the monsters (heroes) and boss villagers. Grimm Forest goes back into that game box. WiCV figures go into another skirmish box (last made by DMG?). Dogs in another lasagna pan as there is that KS that is live now plus the cat's KS coming semi soon.
  8. I couldn't even hazard to guess. Almost all of Massive Darkness and their expansions, Village Attacks and about 2/3 of the expansions, 10-12 minis for Grimm Forest, War in Christmas Village (3 box sets), and 10 dogs. Maybe 200-ish??? Some of them can sit half done or just started for quite a while, and get little bits here and there. When I start pulling out the washes, things can move fast.
  9. @Konas, Here's a peek into my methods. Nine dogs. Each row is a dog's base paint color. Extra paint can also get dumped onto the bases of the beds in the background.
  10. I do minis in batches. That way, I can use up most of the paint that would otherwise get wasted. I'm currently doing the last 3 dogs from the KS project and the 6 dogs from Vol 3. I'd be interested in seeing what you have, but it needs to be cost effective for doing batches. The pill bottles are free.
  11. Why are the bard and druids always so cute and so fragile in game play.
  12. Mini dogs. Two of them got too dark, darn it.
  13. I can't get "Zoro, The Gay Blade" out of my head. I really like the colors. Especially around the bustle area.
  14. I hope you feel better soon. My lower back is thinking about, maybe, just maybe, getting a little better.
  15. Does anyone proofread anymore? I'm finally catching up with some NCIS episodes. At the end of the 2nd to last episode there was a screen: "Happy New Year to the men and women who protect and serve our county at home and abroad." I'm so relieved that my county (Hennepin) is being protected by men and women at both home and abroad.
  16. That has to be one of the most horrible websites I've seen in a long time.
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