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  1. Doc from Back to the Future has been a hoot to paint.
  2. The ghost had slight lines in the mini, but no red stripe.
  3. Probably. Red got redder than I originally intended, but he's a spoof on Crocodile Dundee, and he was pretty darn tan.
  4. It was one of you boys. I don't remember if it was @LuckyIke, @Peter Pickle, @Adam or someone else. I do know that it wasn't @tgpumpkin. He wouldn't have gotten to a decision in time.
  5. Well the one of them was on the R&D section of the stock page for over a month, so I don't feel bad about that one. The deck jacket, that one I feel a little guilty. Maybe we could swap Patagonian Rosewood burl for the deck jacket burl.
  6. No big deal. I know I had a special custom order in for when @Konas got another burled Rosewood piece of lumber. We ended up cancelling it as he couldn't find another board after 5 months of looking out for it. This walnut tray is the 3rd burled black walnut piece I now own. They are all awesome in their own right.
  7. Right? I'm still kicking myself (several years ago) when I didn't pounce on a burled rosewood piece. I think @Thomas Browne ended up with it while I pulled a @tgpumpkin.
  8. Ding Dong. Dogmight at the door! Burled Black Walnut tray (ooh baby): BoRo Deck box (30% off!) Rainbowed Cocobolo Mini painter:
  9. Those are pretty. I just coughed up $145 plus shipping for Massive Darkness 2.0, so not sure buying more dice makes sense.
  10. And now for something completely different. Monster Slaughter. 5 stupid teenagers go to party in an abandoned cabin in the creepy woods. The monsters (players), compete for killing them. "Special Guest Stars" come to the aid of the stupid teenagers. Stupid Teens 1 and 2: Britney and Tom Guest Stars! Zigmo: Agent MS: Red Ansol: Summer: Ghost Hunter:
  11. For Wings fans, some meeples. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meeplesource/deluxe-meeple-upgrades-for-wingspan-oceania-and-pendulum
  12. @Anne / @Josh / @Konas - Is this still a thing or are you guys going to revivie it again now that the shop is back up and running?
  13. Your stonework was really good. I hate doing faces/skins too.
  14. If you didn't win, I'd really liked to have seen mini.
  15. Oh, you make me blush at my profiling.
  16. I didn't notice how close they were until I had them side by side. Now I wish I had choses something different. Got them from Elderwood with my mini spellbook pledge. A person could get a lot of sets when looking at what they have.
  17. I think it's Jasper. But I do have a 2nd gem set that is bloodstone.
  18. I'm looking it up. I honestly forgot. Sucks getting old.
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