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  1. Drew and Tracy got my patio furniture into the garage and Michigan State is #1 in the AP preseason ranking for hoops. Goat milk/cheese is kicking my digestive track after I bought a bunch of it.
  2. For what it's worth, I adore the right click --> mark me as spam. When used correctly, the categories are very helpful. e.g. Put all that linked in stuff off to the side.
  3. Today it's rain, rain, and more rain. Swirling counter clockwise.
  4. Yes. Polish vodka I tried for the first time when visiting DMG 2 years ago.
  5. Bummer. Today my have been the last decent day of fall weather. But I got the patio furniture into the garage and all the rain barrels are drained, so I'm prepared for colder temps, rain, snow, etc sans getting the snow tires on.
  6. In my neighborhood they get eaten alive by squirrels and/or smashed in the street.
  7. Does anyone know of a "glow in the dark" paint? I want something creepy to paint the white glow...
  8. Village Attacks expansion just went live. Cool game with cool minis. Barb gives 2 thumbs up.
  9. The white ash dagger is probably going to Jaemus as a house warming gift.
  10. Chechen Sprig Wand, Black Limba Stake, and White Ash Cthulhu Dagger.
  11. Ding Dong! Dogmight at the door. Spalty skull (that got a little washed out by the camera), Chechen cthulhu, and macassar ebony dragon.
  12. I bet you learned some new vocabulary while at that game.
  13. Out of reactions! I made some spaghetti sauce yesterday. One batch with turkey meat, and the other is for good neighbors made with some ground beef still lurking in my freezer. I'm thinking about making some chili after work today, though I'll be cooking ribs tonight. Freezer space is coming at a premium at the moment.
  14. The forecast is talking 65 on Friday here. I know what I'll be doing. Getting my garage squared away so I can get the patio furniture into the garage, and still have room for my car. The boys are coming over Sunday, so I can ask them to move it!
  15. It's very hard to find sausages that have no beef, milk, or MSG in them. I was pretty pumped to find these. Not sure what's the difference between Polish sausage and German sausage. I guess I'll find out soon.
  16. Grimm Forest headliners. After Massive Darkness and Village Attacks, this was a real change of pace.
  17. Just back from Costco. Oh my! I almost got the same kind of muffin for both packages, but decided on some blueberry muffins for package 2. I had one of the pumpkin strusel muffins and a victory cup off coffee for "lunch". Deeeeeelish!
  18. I guess I'm cooking today. I ended up painting and shampooing the living room rug. It feels great when I'm done, but the water coming out of the machine leaves me sick feeling. I like to think it's just dirt from the garden...
  19. I just went to the grocery store. I decided since I have tomorrow off (weird bank holiday), today would be set aside for making chili, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and if I'm still game later some apple sauce. I looked at my garlic, and it was pathetic. It was about 35 degrees according to my car when I went into the store. The ground was wet, but that was it. When I came back out with my garlic, beans, tomatoes, etc it was like a blizzard!
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