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  1. Brain fart. I was thinking you were @EdInSeattle. smh Enjoy your youth as getting old sucks.
  2. Ding Dong!!! DMG at the door! Boulder: Redheart. Regular sized: Orange Osage, Mexican Ebony, Spalted Tamerand.
  3. I found some MSG/preservative free pumpkin bread mix on Monday. 2 for $4.00 so I got 2 boxes. 🎃
  4. Backed this. Rock Manor puts out very solid/entertaining games.
  5. Out of reactions, but thanks!
  6. Yes. I'll try subscribing and see how different youtube.com looks for me.
  7. @Konas / @WxCougar / @EdInSeattle / @marsniper_27 Can someone answer my questions?
  8. An update to Heckna had this link. (Let's roll players). Pretty funny. I've never subscribed to anything on youtube, and am relatively clueless as to how it all works. If one were to subscribe, how do you even know when a new "episode" is coming out? Do you have to subscribe to youtube in general AND these guys or just a few that you would be interested in. What's approximately the break even for when subscribing to youtube is cheaper than individual subscriptions?
  9. Not to throw gas on the fire, but the next stretch goal up introduces a whole new way to play Heckna. As his minions!
  10. I pledged Humblewood but cancelled out when something else (probably from Awaken Realms) ate my wallet.
  11. Check it out. I got the $80 pledge and will probably add the small mini set.
  12. Heckna! Cosmic Carnival Horror!!! I'm on this one.
  13. https://babylonbee.com/news/fda-recommends-pouring-all-pumpkin-spice-flavored-beverages-down-drain-immediately/?utm_content=buffer5623d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  14. Last team: Zombies (note: forgot to take picture of cards before putting everything away) I did some wet blending on the skin and the nightgown. Took a lot longer, and I'm not sure how much it helped the skin after I added the wash.
  15. It's been awesome fallish weather this last week. It would have been perfect for the State Fair that got cancelled.
  16. I would have picked different colors, but was trying to match the spirit of the card.
  17. Team Ghost! Trying to decide if the gloss is more ghostly than matte. Note: There are more color variations than the flash is letting be shown...
  18. I use a brush on gloss, and then a brush on matte. If I want something to say glossy (e.g. big eyes or magic orbs), I put a little more gloss on. I've been avoiding things that have to be used outside.
  19. That's a good idea. I went from true red down to black red. Then a crimson wash that made it feel too glossy, so I dry brushed red on top. Then light dry brushing with magenta on the top part of the cloak folds. I tried to keep them true to the cartoon look/feel. I only have 2 other teams (sans clowns) left to do. I'll be sad when this game is done. It's been a lot of fun.
  20. Team Werewolves turned out pretty cool. An attempt at wet blending on the cloak
  21. I'm more protective of game pieces. Maybe I need to buy some minis I don't care whether they turn out great or not.
  22. I haven't done very much wet blending. It's kind of intimidating. But when I have used it (e.g. my hell hound) it turned out really nice.
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