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  1. 7 am and it already is dreadful out (I woke up to steamed up windows). I suppose today will make the high 80s the rest of the week seem not so bad. What a year. Everytime something I enjoy looking at starts to bloom, it gets really hot. Already trashed the iris and coral bells. Now it's the day lilly's turn.
  2. It continues to be hot here though rain this morning has jacked the humidity and dewpoint up too. Standing water in the raingarden lets me know there was more rain that I thought. Should be ~ 90 degrees all week with some rain thrown in. Oof da. At least I won't have to water anything, though weed ought to spring up too.
  3. Well, the konas killer I couldn't stop looking at it is waiting in @Anne's office... Also the extra boco in case the crack couldn't get fixed in my boco.
  4. Macassar Ebony, Chechen, Redheart, Maple, Mora, Cocobolo, Katalox, Chakte Viga, Spalted Tamerand, and Bocote.
  5. And then there were 10... Note: my buddy thinks I have a problem. I'm inclined to believe him.
  6. Vindication!! Note: photobomb by Mrs. Fisher's sister...
  7. Ugh. Gnats are out here, but nothing on an apocalyptic level. Hotter than crazy for here. Noon and it's mid 90s.
  8. Me too. Last thing I wanted to do was slop paint over my redheart.
  9. I'll second not getting paint on them. And I'm kind of a slob (spastic smh) when it comes to painting. They all look as good as the day I received them in the mail.
  10. There are some stunning Cocobolo mini painters on the stock page. Mine showed up yesterday, and it's drop dead gorgeous in person.
  11. Yes it is, but I thought of you when I saw the ebony
  12. My new mini painters arrived. Macassar Ebony and Cocobolo.
  13. Send the bard in first. 😈
  14. I really like that first one, but they are all cool.
  15. I have a 4th one (first player mini) done, but for some reason my phone won't download the picture.
  16. Sort of. They came preassembled. In some cases, I've had to fill in gaps with putty.
  17. By the time you see the game, covid will be in the rearview mirror pretty sure.
  18. We played it about 10 time so far. Definitely worth the price for me. Very memorable games, but the more people you have (and helps to have at least a few people that don't mind being a villian) the funner it is. Everyone has their own hidden agenda, but you can't make it out alive without help from others. Some are like player A has to die and the ship returns to Earth. Others are like you need to get the ship to Mars with an alien corpse. Others are like destroy the ship and return with an egg. You can't actively hurt the other players, but you could close a door so a player fleeing from an alien can't escape. Or you could throw a grenade in a room that you are in if there is an alien in there too. Or you could skip helping a player with an alien.
  19. Several of mine have shown up in the last week. No one to play with 😥 Fuji Koro is a beast of a game. No wonder the shipping was so expensive. lol
  20. Dang it! Nemesis Lockdown is live. If you missed the first Nemesis, now is your chance. It's an awesome game.
  21. It was hard to give up, but I knew it was going to a good home.
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