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  1. Sounds like good plans. I'm heading out into the yard real soon. Just waiting for the motrin to kick in. It's only 70 degrees now at 7am, and I need to start getting ready to leave at 8:30, but I should be able to get some more much spread. By the time I get back, it'll be upper 80's. Looking at high temps over 95 all long weekend long. So thinking a nap before game night will be in order.
  2. Note: I don't think lumberjack juice and band saw should ever be used in the same sentence (except for here).
  3. Hey I know that sheath! The mystical properties must work since I haven't heard from either sister since I got my first piece of BoRo. Note: Not even BoRo can cure what ails my singing. Thanks for the blog @Konas. Though you know I wouldn't have given you so much grief if you hadn't said you'd do it next until that trouble maker Eric suggested you do it last.
  4. I have way too many games and I've only played t2r out of your list. Geesh there are a lot of games out there.
  5. Yes. Jaemus is going to host games tomorrow, so I won't be totally boring. Not sure what all will get played or how many people will end up going, but I'm bringing my new Lucidity and Visitor in Blackwood Grove.
  6. LOL Walking through blood. I got woken up by thunder early this morning so I decided to get the grocery shopping done before work. It was only about 70 out, but the dew point is definately in the 70's. Note: More people that you would think would be shopping at 5:15 am. Plus side is that's all done. The minus side is now it's 8:40 and feels like 10:35.
  7. It's 45 degrees today (in February in Minnesota), and I have my upstairs windows wide open! Woot! I'd almost forgot what fresh air smelled like (I hadn't left the house in 5 days).
  8. 5 weeks or so ago, there was 14" of snow on the ground. Not a drop of rain for the last two weeks. Now the finger of God is over my house, and it's going to be wicked hot this weekend. It's about 8 pm and it's 88 degrees out. Geesh.
  9. Did anyone notice that Zoe has a beard in that last picture?
  10. Thanks @RomyCat. I just missed out on the $104 early bird, but got the $109 early bird. Not that I need anymore games.
  11. I wasn't able to get a picture, but thought you'd enjoy the story. It's been super dry here. I was working at my dining room table and this chickadee was LOUDLY tweeting it's brains out just outside my window. I sneaked over to take a peek. Sure enough he was happily hopping around on top of the fountain, occasionally taking a drink and zipping through the water stream coming out of the top of the rock, and then shaking his tail feathers. At one point he looked like he was using it as a bidet! By the time I got my camera and got back to the window, he had flown into the tree. It was just precious.
  12. My yard is starting to wake up, and neighbors have been stopping by for a drink.
  13. Lots of will power to not pick up my third dice tray (not including the coco dice trays). Nice get Eric! Your second pick of Zircote is aok too.
  14. Don't even get me started with that one.
  15. I got my discover card bill today. Half the listing is DMG item. smh
  16. The roundabouts are getting more popular because they are cheaper for the cities than the traffic signals. If people know how to actually use one, they wouldn't be nearly the problem they are.
  17. They think they are being polite. Four way stops are brutal. It's my turn but you go first or I don't know who's supposed to go, so I'll just sit here until someone else goes. Parallel traffic doesn't collide people!!! It's ironic. "Minnesota Nice" is really a slur (nice to your face, but that's it, what with all the Germans and Swedes that live here), but most now think it's a complement, and many try to drive like we still all have model T's. I can easily tell which neighbors are native to MN and who grew up in Michigan or Wisconsin
  18. If you don't like Michigan drivers, you will absolutely hate driving in Minnesota. They are predictable, but in a bad way. Most (those that have learned how to drive in other states are exempt) have no clue how to merge. I've seen people stop at the end of the entrance ramp, turn their head around, and watch traffic that's going at least 60 mph for an opening. I've seen drivers on the highway either slow down (as the guy entering is also slowing down so they both keep slowing down) or speed up so you can't merge in front of them. Then my big bugaboo, slow drivers parking themselves in the left lane so no one can get around them. Then aggressive people doing whatever they feel they must to get around the slow guys. Tailgating, cutting over when there is barely 1 car length separation. Uh oh, a gentle curve so I better go 10-15 mph slower just in case. Then there are the immigrants from Africa or where ever they've never seen snow in person. Uh oh, a snow flake, so I better go 35 mph on the freeway. Whoops someone cut me off so I better slow down to 30. Whoops someone cut me off again so I better slow down to 25. smh
  19. Well, One could argue once Cam, Puzz, Lindsey, and Zoe were gone, there would be less to have to watch over. 😉
  20. Nice. Glad to see someone can be a master of gravity. Now when I trip, I just go down like a sack of wet flour.
  21. My grandmother's dining room table chairs looked just like that!!!
  22. ziricote dice is sort of a crapshoot. I got a d20, and you really can't see the grain much in mine. The box is big enough you can see the grain.