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  1. I've been wondering if anyone has seen any flying pigs. Cleveland has won a football games, so there must be flying porkers somewhere.
  2. Village Attacks showed up. I got all the minis washed/scrubbed and had a magnet glued on. It seems sort of, kind of, similar to Massive Darkness. The big twist is that the "good guys" are the monsters in the castle, and the hostiles are the villagers trying to drive the poor monsters from their home.
  3. I'm with you. I don't like games where I feel like I'm being picked on and the rules encourage people to pick on each other. If I wanted to feel picked on, I could just see my siblings. There was that suite of games where you're at the bar after a campaign. People are trying to get you drunk and steal from you etc. Blech.
  4. Played Who Goes There again. Again paranoia triumphed, and no one won.
  5. Yeah. I need to retire sooner so I can play games more often, but I keep buying wood products. Sigh.
  6. It can be a tricky dance to try and get all three right AND get enough battle dice in the end.
  7. When you are trying to get a color die in a specific location (in this case, for the craftsman), the boost die never matches. I'm not sure what your little blue cubes are for, but I thought it was for saying I got the right total and the right color die in the right spot.
  8. There have been requests from the Underdogs to have a photo gallery of previously sold (and AWESOME) products so that we can get ideas for future orders (or live vicariously through other people's wallets). Here it is!
  9. That happened to me when the nice old lady next door died and an obnoxious family moved in. Thankfully they got divorced, and the vindictive jerk of a husband is gone, but I was really hoping the bipolar nut job wife wouldn't be able to afford the house anymore. I guess the support money is enough to keep her entrenched until the twin boys reach 18 years old. It's weird because each boy is like one of the parents. The bipolar nut job perpetual victim twin looks like a kid that everyone would pick on and he'd take guns to school eventually and shoot the place up. On the plus side, everyone that has lived on the other side of me have been super awesome.
  10. @Zenithsplendor, I like the boost dice. The possibilities of larger numbers, but at the cost of them not being a color (either I read the rules wrong or you're cheating above 😼 - regardless I like that you can't consider them matching a particular color of die - If I read the rules wrong, then this will be a house rule). For some reason the battle dice are really cool compared to the other regular dice. I think it's that they are clear but with fire colors. Having played both with and without the expansion, I wouldn't play it without the expansion again.
  11. I got several games because there was a solo component, but I've yet to play them solo. I get distracted by other things like painting and TV and well gin.
  12. I think Monsters and Minions did for Roll Player what Skullport did for Lords of Waterdeep. i.e. I wouldn't play the game without the expansion(s).
  13. The Fedex can't even push the door bell even though it's right there and a big note asks him to.
  14. I got a picture of the shrink wrap on one of the boxes with water beaded up on it.
  15. I came home to a soggy box. The top had sagged in and a puddle was sitting there. smh. The outer box was so saggy, it was hard to pickup and bring into the house, but the boxes inside were ok as they were plastic wrapped, The art book is a little damp. Why they didn't plastic wrap that, I'll never know. I put a heavy stock pot on it in hopes the pages don't curl as it dries out.
  16. Not sure whether to use the sad reaction or the laughing reaction. I guess I'll just pocket it.
  17. I like that you have the "saturn" tile with Galaxy stain.
  18. Village Attacks and Paladin sleeves are do to arrive in a 3 hour window where I'm gone 3:45-6:45. 👿 Collective fingers crossed that the cardboard is heavy enough and/or there is a window of no rain.
  19. Grab yourself a favorite beverage, turn on the TV, and zen it out.
  20. All the rats are done (though some are drying still). Lizards have been washed, and half are trimmed and primed! The roaming monster lizard is going to be one of those that will be fun to paint and a pain in the butt to paint with lots of hard to reach places to paint.
  21. Just launched on KS "Lockup: a roll player tale" 1-5 player and has option to add cards to role player. KS live going on right now 11 am CDT Tuesday.
  22. That's exactly what I thought about Village Attacks! I'll be putting on a little bit of paint onto the roaming rat, and wash/scrub some of the lizards.