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  1. For your consideration: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-galaxy-s8-4g-lte-with-64gb-memory-cell-phone-unlocked-coral-blue/5923206.p?skuId=5923206
  2. I'm old school in more ways than one. I've never been in a selfie, let alone take one. Never sent a text. While I like the security of having a cell phone (if you can call my clam a cell phone), I've tended to roll my eyes at people I considered addicted to their phones. I kind of like my clam as it only runs me about $3 a month for pay as you go, and given I'm in front of a computer every work day, why spend a ton of money on something I haven't consider important. But it's getting harder and harder to get by without a smart phone. Tickets/deals/even medical reimbursement all require a stupid smart phone. The straw that has broken this camel's back is a kickstarter game project that requires a smart phone to play it (Chronicles of Crime - check it out). Ironically enough, it's the only kickstarter project I've backed that's been delivered on schedule (arrives today). So, I'm looking for advice on cell phone makes/models that don't break the bank (as we all know ALL my disposable cash goes to @Konas), and aren't too "new fangled" for me to figure out how to use. T-Mobile has an old lady plan (half off if you are "old in the tooth" - also have one for vets fyi) I'm leaning towards signing up for. But is that deal really a deal? I just don't know. My neighbor, Mark, suggested Samsung. What do I need to know about data plans, must haves/avoid like the plague Makes to consider/avoid like the plague Models to consider/avoid like the plague Attachments/accessories to consider or must have I'm planning on trying to get some sort of Black Friday / Holiday deal (if they exist). Help me Obi wan. p.s. Yes. I'm feeling more and more like my mother, God rest her soul, every day. She wanted her radio/appliances to have 2 settings: on and off.
  3. Another session of Massive Darkness. We had several deaths. Hysterically Jaemus was the corpse every time.
  4. Well, I need storage for all the wooden dice 🙄 It will have to be spectacular to tempt me to get another. I still may give one or two sheaths as gifts.
  5. @RomyCat. Here's another one that you can get post KS. https://sideeffects.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
  6. @tgpumpkin, This is for you! My Sentinels and Sheaths. As you can see, I don't have 20 of them, but what I do have are pretty spectacular. @Konas and DMG are da bomb! My favorite is hard to pick, but it's between the Ziricote XL Sheath, the aluminum inlay Sheath, and the BoRo Sentinel. Note: @Thomas Browne still may have some resentments over the BoCo and BoRo sentinels and Ziricote sheath, given I beat him to them by about 14 seconds combined. I don't know if this makes me a bad person, but I still don't feel bad about that.
  7. OK, here's some more pictures, some with staging. Can't let @RomyCat and @Serge Darveau one up me. This is my garden kitty, Lilly. I've had her in my yard for about 20 years. 🐈 Sorry about the quality of the pictures. If I get any distance away, the flash just makes them glare. Without it, they're too dark. Massive Darkness mini props. That Black Limba is just ridiculous.
  8. They've had problems with the steins, and decided to not make any more of them.
  9. They are talking 4" of snow tonight, so I may try to take some pictures. ☃️
  10. I have 4 sentinels. I DON'T need another one. So I'm very happy with that configuration on the lovely BoRo.
  11. The top ridge could be decorative and be on them all, but if special ordering, you could get the grove on the bottom side as a feature (extra money for you). People may be more likely to buy one per player if they could stack.
  12. Some male like ridge on the top rim, and a female grove on the bottom so when stacked, they won't tip over as the ridge is nestled into the groove.
  13. Maybe change the bottom/top so you can stack them without sliding as an option.
  14. Some people aren't happy unless they are complaining about something.
  15. Thanks for continuing to make the BoRo sentinels dice vaults.
  16. Yeah. The black one. It has more of a sinister vibe to it than the purple one.
  17. I really like the new bank trays. I bet you sell a LOT of those to people that didn't get CoCos.
  18. The zombie screen is a hoot! I don't expect that to stick around long.