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  1. Put your kids to work. Lemonade stand comes to mind.
  2. No. Didn't feel like spending $10 just to get a signed copy.
  3. I haven't played the first 2 in that list.
  4. Backer 154. I really like Lisboa, and Lacerda designed that one.
  5. Gnarly says, I don't have much of a farm house, and it's kind of gone to seed this last month as I brought the crops in, but my barn is large and available for you to rest tonight. It could easily handle 8 travelers.
  6. I do have a Chechen XL coco, and a stunning Chechen boulder.
  7. There have been requests from the Underdogs to have a photo gallery of previously sold (and AWESOME) products so that we can get ideas for future orders (or live vicariously through other people's wallets). Here it is!
  8. Name: Foghorn Race: Thunderbird Class: Free Ranger Best Known Skill: Scrambling Famous for: Helping @Konas and @Lindsey decompress after a long string of difficult battles. Most Ashamed of: Laying an egg An excellent companion, and no party will ever starve with this Free Ranger in the party. And while he may not be the first into battle (can be a chicken sometimes), he will be the first to get the party moving in the morning. He can get his feathers ruffled from time to time, but you never have to worry about him flying the coop.
  9. Please help me come up with an RPG character for @Konas's vacation pet.
  10. @Serge Darveau, Looks great with the duck farts.
  11. That's some sexy wood. If it all looked the same, how boring would that be?
  12. I need another rolling tray like I need another hole in my head, but I can't get this tray out of my head. I'll put something for you into my will, if you put is in your will for me. 😀
  13. There is all kinds of stuff out there. I helped a great coffee shop move after they lost their lease, I pledged to get some 3D murals put outside "Theatre in the Round", Women on the Move, restoring the original telescope that found Pluto, and several other feel good projects.
  14. How about when Cthulhu comes out, we meet in the Dells. The kids and the spouses can hit the water park, and we can hit the board game?
  15. @yatescory, I took my chechen coco outside and the rainbows really popped. Unfortunately my camera wouldn't capture anything but glare. So I went inside and took some more pictures. These are against my white ash coffee table.
  16. @yatescory, Now you have me wanting to take my Chechen coco outside into the sunshine.
  17. If you snail me a copy of the game, I'll go in with you.