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  1. Thankfully, that ship has sailed for me. It's a slow canter back to the barn for me.
  2. I seem to recall an episode of "borrowing" a cafeteria tray and trying to slide down that roof after a huge snow storm. Probably not the stupidest thing I ever tried, but it's up there.
  3. I'm with you on the weather. Yesterday it was 45 degrees. This morning it's snowing.
  4. fyi - there has been rumblings of you having to change to a bulldog in a cheer leading outfit.
  5. I never got the appeal for nascar, but can see the appeal of hockey. I kind of soured on hockey when the North Stars were whisked away to Dallas of all places. I haven't been to a game since. When in college, I went to an MSU game and sat in the corner, right up on the glass with my evil sister. My only other memories of the game is yelling to the other team's goalie that his mother was a colander, and everyone pounding on the glass when an opposing player's face was up against it. I went to a couple of North Star games in the early 80's. The most memorable thing about it was my introduction to "makes my face hurt" north wind when walking to the car after the game. This was back before global warming. I don't remember the temperature out, but it was below zero. This fierce wind gust blasted into my face as I was breathing in and my sinuses cramped or something. God as my witness, it really hurt. I had to hold my mittens over my face until we got out of the wind.
  6. It does look great. I debated long and hard on whether to get the copper dice, but @tgpumpkin and @Konas convinced me to get the Lumberjack Tears. Both solid choices! Sadly, they are now in the backseat since receiving my Dark Bloodwood polys.
  7. I'm having dice fantasies thinking about what's in the next dice drop. DMG hasn't disappointed me yet.
  8. They are stunning @Zoxe. This BoRo lover gives 2 thumbs up!
  9. If @Konas hasn't changed his avatar by tomorrow morning, I'll have @Zoe change Mikes' to the cheer leading uniform. Worst thing he could do is fire her yet again.
  10. It was either keep up with the puppy theme or get the cheer leading outfit. I decided to keep the sniffing to a minimum, so I went with puppy.
  11. I had been waiting for @Shamgar to provide my avatar, but I can make the change to one of these if he's ok with it.
  12. I bet Pitt regrets kicking their last coach to the curb because he kept coming in around 4th place.
  13. @tgpumpkin, that avatar is awesome. I was afraid you'd lose your gourd identity with the switch.
  14. And that's with my crappy home router. Imagine the damage I could do if I were using one of the bank's routers. <insert evil laugh>
  15. Here we go again. Counter-clockwise whip around headed my way. https://radar.weather.gov/Conus/uppermissvly_loop.php
  16. It's 45 degrees today (in February in Minnesota), and I have my upstairs windows wide open! Woot! I'd almost forgot what fresh air smelled like (I hadn't left the house in 5 days).
  17. @Serge Darveau, we have the same box and the same rotting pumpkin dice!
  18. My ex hit a deer with his truck once. Neither the truck or the deer made out well in that encounter.
  19. For your consideration: press your luck game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/weirdgiraffegames/fire-in-the-library-board-game
  20. If you like press your luck games like I do, you will want to check this one out. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/weirdgiraffegames/fire-in-the-library-board-game
  21. Thanks Zoe. It's hard to tell in person, in the sunshine too. I plan to give the Chacate Preto as a gift, and want to make sure I give the correct one away. But the Chacate Preto was doing a pretty good Ziricote impression.
  22. Ouch. On to recruiting season. A ton of good players in Michigan and Ohio this year.
  23. I can't see Bridges coming back. But Jaren Jackson is still so young (just recently turned 18), that maybe he and his parents decide to let him continue to mature with Izzo for another year. I think Ward has shown he's not ready for the NBA yet, but he may prefer to make money overseas vs going to class.