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  1. Village Attacks: mob #2 - woman X 8
  2. There have been requests from the Underdogs to have a photo gallery of previously sold (and AWESOME) products so that we can get ideas for future orders (or live vicariously through other people's wallets). Here it is!
  3. Those look cool. The little ones would drive me crazy trying to tape things. Just like Goldilocks, the middle one looks just right.
  4. I'm not sure how it works yet. This is the game we are going to play after Massive Darkness gets finished. I'm trying to get the painting done before we start playing. Fingers crossed. I've realized that I do like painting rocks. I think it's because they start looking terrible, then they start looking really good, then you try to tweak them a little, and then you feel you've ruined them, then you try to fix them (repeatedly), and then suddenly you really like how they turned out.
  5. Another trap. I'm calling it Indie. Varnish is still marginally wet...
  6. @RomyCat, Looky here! Future KS for the same guys that came up with the dog minis... p.s. The ball of yarn CRACKS ME UP.
  7. Out of reactions @Zoxe, but those look great!
  8. fyi That screen says 15% off, but the founder's birthday says 20% off.
  9. Did @zoe pinch his cheek for me and say happy birthday from me?
  10. That one was fun. I wish now that I had built up the gems before applying the glaze.
  11. It doesn't help that I'm running on 4 hours of sleep thanks to a production deployment last night...
  12. @Konas! My wallet hates you!!! Insult to injury, you have them 20% off. But I DO NOT NEED A THIRD SCREEN!!!
  13. I'm bored as @Konas and @Zoe are probably talking about secret projects or celebrating "Founders' Day", so I thought I get some pictures up. The villager mobs take a long time and get boring, so I started painting some of the traps and treasures.
  14. We all knew this was going to happen. I just hope my ice dams don't cause a roof leak before they melt away.
  15. It's 45 degrees today (in February in Minnesota), and I have my upstairs windows wide open! Woot! I'd almost forgot what fresh air smelled like (I hadn't left the house in 5 days).
  16. I'd react to that, but well, you know.