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  1. I busted my tail to get my gardens ready for this Saturday's garden party before dinner at Al's Place. Mother Nature is a twisted witch. I'd take some pictures, but it's too darn hot and muggy out.
  2. And this. I imagine Puzz's dog might be like the ones at 2:40 mark or maybe the 4 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4LnorVVxfw
  3. This is how you lose an hour or two of your life. I clicked on one of the other videos from one of @Serge Darveau's above. Some of them are meh, but some of them were LOL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9S_FNKCvys
  4. Inkie actually perched on top of the toilet to get a better view and fell in. That was the last time she watched the toilet flush! As far as the tub goes, it wasn't full of water, but it was full of water droplets from me just taking a shower.
  5. My cat Inky was a weird cat. She'd prop herself up against the toilet when my ex would flush the toilet. Her head would swirl around as she watched in fascination as the water swirled around. Other times she'd jump up on the tub edge to lick the water off. She would jump into the tub after I would get out of the shower. I'd tell her "That's wet ding dong" but she'd have to look at the water droplets. Then about 10 seconds later, she'd realize that her paws were getting wet, and there would be this clatter of scratching of claws against the tub. Then she's rocket out of the bathroom. It took her about 10 times of doing that to stop going into a wet bathtub. So Romy, you can be attracted to water even though you don't want to get your fur wet.
  6. I pledged the paladin sleeves project just for this game.
  7. Me too, but since I have around 4 new games I've not played at all yet, I'm actually the opposite of sad for the delay.
  8. For your consideration (on KS - no link at work): Gorus Maximus: A trick-taking game of gladiatorial combat! Dispatch gladiators & beasts in an effort to earn Crowd Favour. Match gladiator rank & change trump mid-trick! Free-For-All or TEAMS! Note: Jamey Stegmaier is spending my money again...
  9. The Grimm Forest. I've played it twice now. It is insanely cute. I can't speak for the younger crowd, but I was read The Brothers Grimm stories by my oldest sister and my mom when I was a little girl. So just from a feel good memories angle, there's definitely that appeal. Here's why I love this game: It doesn't take hours and hours to play. The artwork on the cards is outstanding. Grown men going "Awwwww. This is the cutest backstabbing card ever." There are fun miniatures that you can paint. There is a lot of guessing involved, and a fable card mechanic that can disrupt the best of guesses. You have 3-4 places to put your little pig (depending on the number of people playing). If you are alone, you get all the goodies. If you're not alone, you have to share. What goodies do you need? Other's need? Which location is the most likely to get nuked by a fable card? You all may choose to play a fable card, but it's initially face down so the other players only know that you are playing one. This is done BEFORE you select a location to go to. Is the fable card going to help you or hurt a location or help a location? Does it just randomize everything? (e.g. Anyone in the forest location must take their pig back and randomly select a location again.) Special friends - each person can draw a special friend when they complete certain things. Some special friends are awesome good, awesome wicked to others, and some are just ok, but the important part is you can only have one friend at a time. When you pick a friend you can keep it for yourself or give them to an opponent. So if you get a awesome friend, use them quickly and as frequently as you can because someone else will undoubtedly give you a meh friend to replace them as soon as they can. There is a lot of socialization going on when you play as opposed to everyone sitting in silence while they plot or figure out what to do. Phrases like "Uh oh", "I hate you so much right now" or "Good bye Rapunzel. I'll miss you." can be heard. Barb approved with 2 thumbs up.
  10. Boxes are an excellent weed deterrent. Superior to weed "cloth". Lay them down on the ground where you want no weeds, and cover them with enough mulch to keep them from blowing away.
  11. Can you provide the link? All I see is this.
  12. The box! Cardboard with some mulch, grass clippings etc on top (to keep it from blowing away and masking it) is the best thing for keeping weeds down.
  13. When you get your table, you will have a really big piece of cardboard! Mine is going out into the garden to help keep the weeds down. 😁