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  1. We just finished Gugong. Most of the time it was figuring out the rules, but I was much to hospitable of a host as I was dead last. I want to play it again before I forget it. Maybe I'll try a solo game tomorrow.
  2. That sucks. I had water in my basement once when we had a monsoon, and it knocked out my power. I now have a backup sump pump and a generator waiting patiently in my garage. Note: kitty litter helps absorb humidity.
  3. The storm is curling around to be north north west now.
  4. @tgpumpkin: Brother, I think you need this... https://www.plowhearth.com/en/Halloween-Decorations/Headless-Halloween-Pumpkin-Holder-Figure/p/65F98
  5. Friday, I got an email from John and Linda asking me if I wanted to sneak in a pontoon ride on their new pontoon before the weather turned. Uh, YEAH! It looks like a floating cocktail lounge. 73 degrees and sunny. Music playing through the speakers. Wine/cheese/crackers/grapes while floating in the middle of the lake with a gentle breeze. Several pairs of Canadian Geese with their new really ugly baby honkers paddling beside them nearby. Then a quick spin around half the lake, and then steaks and baked potatoes on the grill. A nice and relaxing afternoon/evening before the weather turns ugly for a week. Note: everyone should have a good friend with a pontoon.
  6. @Adam was right. I dug up most of my annuals and stuck them in pots. smh 🤬 On the bright side, some neighbors stopped in to say hi before the big storms hit. The way she was waddling, I think she's in the family way.
  7. Guess what's lumbering north by north east? Looks to get here around an hour after games start. I must be getting old. I'm blowing off games tonight.
  8. We are definitely related, brother. I thought the same thing.
  9. I started work on the fountain garden this afternoon. I didn't finish that garden as I was diverted by the promise of Punch Pizza. But I did get the pump out of the basement, installed it, and it still works. I got to listen to the water trickling down while I was working.
  10. Whenever I wear a new sweatshirt or shirt that I really like, I end up slopping some sort of food on it. It's really weird how chronic the issue is. The last time it happened, I wore my new Michigan State grey sweatshirt to the local pub and ordered a burger and a beer. Once my burger showed up, I shook the mustard jar, and of course the lid wasn't screwed on. You guessed it. Mustard EVERYWHERE. I never did quite get the yellow stain out. Of course the waitress felt terrible as I told her about my spill curse while ordering, so I wouldn't order something that was prone to dripping. Any who, while I was in the yard (and far past the point of enjoyment), Emma came over and asked me if I wanted to go out for pizza with her and her mom (that is visiting). Uh, yeah! I ended up wearing my brand new ladybug t-shirt that has to be washed in cold water, inside out, and on the delicate setting. I seriously stopped and contemplated not wearing it because I didn't want to spill on it. I decided to just wear it and get it over with. We ended up going to Punch Pizza. It's a Vera Pizza Napoletana member, wood burning pizza place. I got the "Milanese" (ham, roasted red pepper, gorganzola, and basil). On the third slice, I took the first bite, and tomato sauce/red pepper fell off the slice and onto my new lady bug shirt. SMH
  11. We usually don't split up, so I'm guessing either 6 person co-op Nemesis or Massive Darkness.
  12. I was hoping to play one of them on Sunday, but on short notice, all 5 people rsvp'ed they are coming on Sunday, so we'll have 6 people.
  13. I have several games in this state: Gugong, Photosynthesis, and Escape Plan come to mind.
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