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  1. Too late for that warning. You kind of remind me of my mom, saying be careful after I've smacked my head. 😊
  2. Thanks for the tip. Mostly I do rest on my forearms and elbows way too much. This last round of pain was from having broken it previously, knocking it out of alignment by all the painting, and the bad weather.
  3. It's going to take a while to get used to that avatar.
  4. These guys were just sitting there waiting for some varnish to be applied... Not to enthused about them and it kind of shows.
  5. I finally finished the guy that I used as a beta test for my hell hound. The flame turned out not too bad given how many coats of "trial runs" are on that torch.
  6. It took a while to complete. My elbow has been giving me the finger for about a month. I debated on eye color for a little while. As this "monster" only goes postal on you if attacked, it didn't seem right to give her demon eyes.
  7. Very sexy @DragonKin92! I just plucked this from the stock page! It's going to be a long week waiting for its arrival.
  8. Twins played Cleveland in PR. The Twins have two PR natives on their roster. The pitcher pitched shutout ball for 7 innings, and the other scored the winning run in 16 innings (2-1 final score). But my favorite tidbit from the game was <snip>The game took so long that Minnesota's Joe Mauer and Zach Duke both aged a year - they turn 35 on Thursday, which meant their birthdays started around the 16th inning.
  9. "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I can change my avatar tomorrow! It's only a day away."
  10. A lot of alerts are being sent to me about the game Growl 6 people I follow have backed it. It doesn't speak to me, but it might to you.
  11. @LuckyIke, What you don't see in most of California... @Adam, More St Paul hyjinks in url https://www.twincities.com/2018/04/17/why-no-car-towing-during-winter-storm-st-paul-ran-out-of-room/
  12. You would love Grimm Forest. Look it up and see if it's available to get late or via retail.
  13. Speaking of Bridges to Nowhere, it's ready to ship!