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  1. Dang, @tgpumpkin, that Rosewood sibling connection must be working. I just pledged for a set of Halloween dice.
  2. @Serge Darveau, can you send a crate of those to Minnie?
  3. I'm down to 3 heroes only needing some essence of pearl to be put on the bases (and gluing the magnets on), 1 monster almost done, 2 monsters not started or barely started, and 3 more heroes then I'm "done" with painting Massive Darkness. Unfortunately Jaemus has been in Indiana since GenCon. He bought a bunch of Massive Darkness while at GenCon. After a few emails back and forth, I saw he got 2 expansions I passed on (rats and reptiles - another one I didn't get because I got half of it as an exclusive). KS wanted $32 a piece, but Amazon had both on sale and I ended up getting them both for under $60 including taxes. So instead of almost being done painting the game, I'm back to almost 50 miniatures to go. Why do I do these things?
  4. I actually don't care for TM. Everyone just sits in silence, and plots, so it feels more like work than what I'm hoping to get out of game night.
  5. Nope. Just wingaling. I would have gotten the mini version if they were paintable minis.
  6. Holy crap! The guy on the far right was an overweight freshman when he hit campus last summer. Just goes to show what you can do when you are young, hit the weight room, and eat right. Not sure how his weight has changed (fat vs muscle), but I would guess he's 40 pounds lighter.
  7. Wood your redheart sibling do that to you?
  8. Barb's latest kickstarter: Trogdor. Check it out, but do it soon! Only a little over 5 days left. (17667 backers so far). Pay no attention to the Wrymwood collaboration... Note: the flaming peasant helmet roped me in.
  9. This video randomly came up after I watched something else. I watched the whole thing spellbound. p.s. Is it safe to use a chainsaw in sandals?
  10. Huh. I pledged that one, but got no notification about shipping.
  11. @tgpumpkin, Look at the size of these minis you passed on!
  12. Welcome back. It's been dead around here this last week. Did someone actually buy the Sapphire Stag?
  13. Same here. I'm going to go out and do a bunch of dead heading today and tomorrow, so I can enjoy the blooms while they are out there.