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  1. Minneapolis ended up with 8" of heavy snow. I lost a good sized limb from my backyard tree because of the weight of the snow.
  2. Snow is really coming down now and has started to stack up. Even on the concrete.
  3. 11 days BEFORE HALLOWEEN, 3-7" of snow forecasted for today. 😝
  4. I went to the fancy grocery store on Sunday. I saw this and couldn't resist. This is the only candy I'm allowing myself this fall, and I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into it. It was almost $4! smh
  5. I'm in on this one for the full collection. It looks fun.
  6. I'm getting a selectively stained one for myself. Don't screw it up. 🎃 Seriously, I want Jaemus to be green with envy when he sees it.
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