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  1. @tgpumpkin, a really fun game is on sale until the end of Feb. Lots of fun, and a chance to seek revenge on people that carve up pumpkins. The expansion is new, and looks to a great addition to an already fun game. https://theawkwardstore.com/
  2. Short fuse sale. Organ Attack and new teams expansion on sale. Organ Attack is fun. https://theawkwardstore.com/
  3. I need to retire. A big part of the problem is the government coming in and telling us what to do, and how fast to do it. Rather than figure out who needs something, everyone is stuck taking a class. Target gets hacked, and we have to stop what we are doing, and figure out if we are vulnerable in the same way. Everything is getting locked down. I'm a .net developer, but now I have no local admin so I can't even change my IIS now without submitting a security change request and wait 4 hours. Rather than worry about a virus getting in, shut the doors to just about everything. It's just stupid.
  4. I haven't played it yet, but I did "organize it". The game components are a hoot.
  5. I really like it, but I would find it hard not to glue on some rhinestone.
  6. That one looks like medusa on a bad hair day. I like the metal one.
  7. Great. Now I have the "Toyz Are Us" jingle in my head.
  8. The local paper has a deal called "The verbing of America". Pretty sure, adulting would apply. Software development is really good at creating verbs. An old boss created: vaulting the data we need to vanillasize the component
  9. In my last job, there wasn't a Christmas party, but I did get a small window scraper with the company logo on it.
  10. That's pretty funny @Serge Darveau
  11. Sell plasma @tgpumpkin. I covered the last part of my rent several times with plasma money when I was in college. Bonus: you get buzzed quicker when you drink after donating.
  12. My father-in-law used to say the best way to plant a pumpkin seed is right in the middle of a cow pie.