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  1. Why are the bard and druids always so cute and so fragile in game play.
  2. Mini dogs. Two of them got too dark, darn it.
  3. I can't get "Zoro, The Gay Blade" out of my head. I really like the colors. Especially around the bustle area.
  4. I hope you feel better soon. My lower back is thinking about, maybe, just maybe, getting a little better.
  5. Does anyone proofread anymore? I'm finally catching up with some NCIS episodes. At the end of the 2nd to last episode there was a screen: "Happy New Year to the men and women who protect and serve our county at home and abroad." I'm so relieved that my county (Hennepin) is being protected by men and women at both home and abroad.
  6. That has to be one of the most horrible websites I've seen in a long time.
  7. Very nice, but hold onto your drawers young man. DMG is coming out with a KS really soon, that is going to pump you up!!!
  8. All this makes me glad I never went to a con.
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