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  1. Dang it! Nemesis Lockdown is live. If you missed the first Nemesis, now is your chance. It's an awesome game.
  2. It was hard to give up, but I knew it was going to a good home.
  3. Once things settle down, perhaps you could get permission from the RoT people and get @Konas to hook you up...
  4. I don't have the game, but I do have the dragon tray. 😉
  5. That's some sexy rosewood. @Zenithsplendor did some excellent shopping. I was also amazed how big the card stands were. They come in handy when Jameus is being a dink and is sitting across the table. Not as pretty as some of my DMG weapons, but they have some heft to them and are less likely to kill him. 😈 That black Limba is perfect for a necromancer and really show off your dice.
  6. Getting free stuff will do that. Apparently they really wanted that record.
  7. What part of the picture is that? I never saw that movie.
  8. It's hard not to root for this kid. Hopefully this is the last time... https://247sports.com/college/minnesota/Article/Minnesota-Golden-Gophers-football-Casey-OBrien-holder-cancer-survivor-fifth-time-146977999/
  9. I pledged the extra $15 to get the contents. I hope they put them in a box that you can't see the contents.
  10. I'm tapped out. Maybe @WxCougar can pick up the slack.
  11. Street A Fire Company of Wolves? Amadaus?
  12. That train! smh ummm - what about throw mama from the train? Money Train seems more of a 90s movie...
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