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  1. Village Attacks! 2nd to last mob time 8. A LOT of putzy details, and hard to reach places. Note: Mrs. Fisher's sister photobombing...
  2. That canarywood screen is the best screen to ever hit the site.
  3. When was the last time you saw a dewpoint in the 80's? Look at that heat index too.
  4. Nice! I was just in my yard to water the containers. Yuck! A week of in the 90s with high dewpoints continues for another week at least. I knew it was going to suck when all the windows in the house were fogged up when I got up this morning. Just like last year, the day lilies are getting burned through, and it's too lousy out to go out and deadhead and enjoy the zen of it.
  5. http://dogmight.forumflash.com/topic/55-viking-lumberjack-life-advice/
  6. You should check out the tread on Viking advice. You'd fit right in.
  7. The board game goddess is a fickle bit*.
  8. Etherfields has gone live today. Funded in 2 minutes. Looks cool and I jumped on.
  9. Both my "mint games" are still in the shrink wrap. When I saw them, I thought that they would be a nice x-mas gift to a service person that is deployed over the holidays, so I haven't tried them out.
  10. That's a good price @yatescory for the card stands. There is a set of 4 exotics on the stock page now for $69. Those are lovely cocos too. Unfortunately we think alike and I have similar sets.
  11. I just cut/pasted from an update email. I've never created (and never will) a KS project. When I get the email about the launching, I'll put the link here.
  12. fyi - War in Christmas Village news. "Expansion": "The Gingerbread Gang" coming in for, insert gag here, "Christmas in July". In other news...I’ve decided to launch the next Kickstarter for “The Gingerbread Gang” with a Christmas in July theme for #breakkickstarter on July 15th, as we finish up international fulfillment, as well as, the shipment of loose minis.
  13. As fate would have it, I got an update from the Village Attacks project. Their store is up and running if you wanted to buy it. Can't click the links on work computer, but here's some cut/paste from the email. So if you like the idea of the monsters (you) being the heroes, and those pesky villagers being the villians, this looks like a load of fun. The minis are really fun. https://www.grimlordgames.com/store
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