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  1. Huh. All I see is a Fibonacci sequence.
  2. Santa Claus is going to war! Mimic packages. Pretending and ready for attacking...
  3. If only you could have caught @Konas smacking his thumb with the book tower...
  4. Getting old stinks. Enjoy what you have as it will never get better, but it will definitely slide downhill.
  5. Good choice, though there's nothing quite like an ice palace or a holidazzle parade.
  6. I noticed the duplicates and commented first. Come on @Thomas Browne. Dem's the rules.
  7. Something flat without sculpt or engraving. Like a sentinel or screen. Or if you were to make another skirmish box out of really pretty stuff, I would buy it.
  8. That stinks! Maybe something else needs to get super glued to the ceiling of the shop.
  9. I felt that way with Massive Darkness. But it was annoying when some people didn't really appreciate just how many hours of work went into a mini. But playing with other painters was rewarding.
  10. I'd love to swap mine (chechen) for yours. I tried to be a good girl for too long.
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