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  1. Oooh, nice! Piratoons looks really fun, I've never heard of it before.
  2. Oof, yikes! Thank goodness Washtenaw County is so protected. 😋
  3. Echoing Ed's sentiment... O M G YES
  4. It's not technically a game, but I just found this KS and I have a MIGHTY NEED. I don't even know what I would do with a robot cat, other than be delighted every moment of every day.
  5. I think she'd probably appreciate the unruliness, actually, lol. Yeah! I've done a handful before, but never with someone who moved nearby first. It's really neat! One of my other guild members is fixing to move out here when her life settles down a little bit. We've been BFFs for almost 6 years now, and I'm really pumped. It's probably still a few years out, because moving cross county takes a lot of planning, but it's the goal. We're also planning a big meetup at the wedding of whoever gets married next.
  6. Soon to be achieved - Meet someone from my World of Warcraft guild! One of the ladies in my guild lives in Michigan, I just found out, AND she's moving super nearby in a few months! We're going to hang out once she's settled in after the move. And, of course, she gets to come have a tour of the coolest place in Ann Arbor.
  7. Do I need it? No. Do I know how to paint minis? Also no. Do I want it? Absolutely.
  8. Ooooooh so many shiny dice. Where do you guys get the boulders? I've been considering getting one, but I've only really looked at Die Hard Dice. I'm on a gemstone dice kick right now, and if I could find a gemstone boulder I think I'd die from happiness.
  9. Oh that sounds like such a blast! I love that Santa was going to beat all of the Michigan football fans with coal 🤣
  10. *dons tinfoil hat* I've never been more ready for anything in my entire life than I am for this moment.
  11. @tgpumpkin I require reading on all the DMG conspiracy theories. As a fan of conspiracy theories, it's incredibly valuable to my ability to do my job.
  12. Maybe that's what Demon's Blood ACTUALLY is. I mean, I've never seen it applied, so I can neither confirm nor deny this. Is this the first Dog Might conspiracy theory?
  13. I can't imagine a world in which it would be safe to do. Neat in theory, dangerous in practice.
  14. That sounds like a safety hazard... but it would be neat!
  15. Everyone has been so nice to me, and teaching me all about wood working! On my first Maker Day, Thomas walked me through all the steps for making a Looking Glass, up to it going to the CNCs. On my second, Jake helped me start my cutting boards and supervised while I planed and joined my wood for cutting boards, and then taught me how to do a glue up! Yesterday, Jeremy supervised while I planed them again, used the table saw, and use the router to make them fancy. I've still got plenty more to do, but I'm having a lot of fun - it's really cool to see them come together. This one is for my mom. This one is for my friend, for the Secret Santa my Warcraft guild is doing. And this one is for me!
  16. Goodness, you're so talented! Question for you, and for everyone: how does one get started painting minis? I like doing my polymer clay ones, but I'd love to try my hand at painting some proper ones.
  17. Brr! It's chilly today! We had a little bit of snowfall last night, but nothing major.
  18. Do you display them at home? I like to imagine that you have a tasteful and elegant china cabinet, except it's full of weapons!
  19. Today it's very chilly, and it started to snow on my drive in. I'm not sure if it will stick, since snow wasn't forecast. Thank goodness for space heaters! Without them, I'd be an Annesicle.
  20. Aren't they so pretty? I love the blue to purple gradient.
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