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  1. My partner and I played The Isle of Cats today! We absolutely love it. I did, however, comment that I’d sell my soul right now to have a Token Shield on the table 😂 . We made do with the top of my Sentinel
  2. Oooh, fun! I hope you enjoy it.
  3. I called @Josh into my office to tell him how happy you were, and he started chanting ominously.
  4. I'll be sure to give you my full review. We can gossip about it!
  5. Did it work? If it does, you'll see me in milling ASAP!
  6. The beds look amazing - wow!
  7. I've come to a decision. I'll be spending my stay-cation watching the Masked Singer. 😎
  8. Is there a "frightened" forum reaction that we could add? Asking for a friend. Definitely not me. 😰
  9. Something happened in the stock room this morning... I was collecting orders to send to our shipping station, and all of a sudden the lights started to flicker. The room went completely dark, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a massive shape scurry into the back room where @Josh keeps track of all the orders. I went and investigated against my better judgement, but everything looked totally normal. Super weird.
  10. Like I said, I've been talking a LOT about Ark. I've been playing it for awhile now, and my favorite thing to do is build. I've lived on a lot of the different maps, but right now I'm on Ragnarok, living in the Highlands. I keep talking about how I'm going to build a castle, but I'm REALLY indecisive when it comes to massive building projects in games. So, instead, I'm making a tiny village. Right now I have my home and greenhouse set up! Next up is the stables, and a workshop area. I use a few mods for decor, since I discovered that I like building so much. Here's what I've completed over the past week: Not perfect, and I think I need to adjust the windows, but I love how it looks on the inside! So far. Everything is kind of a mess since I don't have a workshop set up yet, and I'm still learning the ins and outs of the new mods I'm using for decor and building. I also think I'll change my greenhouse roof. I'd like to have more of a wrap-around balcony, so that I can snipe down pterandons. There's a cave behind the waterfall just off screen on the left! It's my storage area for dinos. Also currently houses my baby dino nursery. The biggest challenge for my home interior will be where to put my art gallery! The only thing that I like more than building is painting. I follow along with Bob Ross videos. Here's the one that I'm the most proud of, from my last home: And that's what I've been playing. That, and a LOT of Dead by Daylight.
  11. Hi everyone! I've been talking a lot about Ark: Survival Evolved and the new Animal Crossing at the office, so I figured I'd make a thread to discuss video games. What video games are you currently in to, or looking forward to?
  12. As Queen of the Stock Room, it's rare to see anyone else in there. My organization efforts stay largely unhindered, and things are rarely moved. Until this morning. I walked into the stock room to get the items that sold, and it was in disarray. Dice were everywhere. Everywhere! In the middle of the floor, they were arranged as some sort of... summoning circle. I fear for what I'll discover next. @Josh.... you okay?
  13. Snagged up this beautiful Black Limba Looking Glass from in stock the other day! My partner and I call Black Limba "Boo Limba" because it looks just like Miss Boo's fur. My best friend did the beautiful art of Miss Boo for me. Gave this to my boyfriend yesterday evening so that he won't miss the kitties too much while he's away for work. I didn't have time to get him one to match Calliope, our calico, but I'll mail that to him when I get it. Here's a photo of the original art, because she is SO TALENTED. Edit: he also feels VERY STRONGLY that no one but us gets our kitty engravings. 😅
  14. Gah! I keep meaning to watch this!
  15. Here’s what I worked on today for Maker’s Day! Hand for size comparison. I spent a LOOOONG time sanding these, but it was super fun. I brought them home to finish sanding over the weekend, and will have them sprayed on Monday. I used the laser to cut out the shapes which made it easier, but gave me a lot more sanding to do. For my first time making wooden earrings I’d say it’s not too shabby at all! I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to do with more practice.
  16. I list and label all of our stock, and I have been running into the same acronym issue. Fortunately, I'm the only one who sees them, so I can revel in my own brief immaturity. My absolute favorite are the bottle stoppers, though! They're abbreviated as "BS". 😋
  17. @Konas Wow, that looks gorgeous! Will this week be your first game night testing it out?
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