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  1. I'll work on it! I didn't end up going this week, but I'll see if I can get some photos from other people.
  2. I ended up backing The Emerald Flame a few weeks ago, and I'm really excited for it! You can only play it once, but it's absolutely gorgeous. The whole idea is that you play it and solve it, and then pass it on to someone else. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/postcurious/the-emerald-flame I also backed this one awhile ago, because of course I did. It looks like an absolute blast. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/363185239/communist-cats-revolution
  3. They're pretty enough that I'll pay a very pretty penny for them... when my inner child/dice goblin can have instant gratification and not have to wait.
  4. Ugh, so pretty. I really wanted to back them, but I'm just going to wait patiently for late pledges and pre-orders.
  5. Hey Denise, welcome to the forums! I've never sold art online before, but I've dabbled in selling vintage and antiques. My best suggestion would be Etsy, as I've had the most luck there and find the user interface to be easier than eBay. I also know of a few sellers who use Instagram, strangely enough. @Konas, do you have any suggestions?
  6. @Barb Bliss Your cats look positively purr-fect! I particularly like the orange fluffy cat sitting on the books.
  7. My partner and I played The Isle of Cats today! We absolutely love it. I did, however, comment that I’d sell my soul right now to have a Token Shield on the table 😂 . We made do with the top of my Sentinel
  8. Oooh, fun! I hope you enjoy it.
  9. I called @Josh into my office to tell him how happy you were, and he started chanting ominously.
  10. I'll be sure to give you my full review. We can gossip about it!
  11. Did it work? If it does, you'll see me in milling ASAP!
  12. The beds look amazing - wow!
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