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  1. i have a bunch of ideas for customizations and accessories. lol probably too many. sorry if i'm being a bother but i have a couple more questions @Konas, how much pull force do the magnets u use have? i kinda wanna know how crazy i can get with things lol. and is custom placement of additional magnets something you have done/are willing to do? examples: a) some along the bottom of the screen (for Co-Cos to snap to) b) four extra ones around the normal 6 on a panel (for holding a letter sized piece of paper) c) ones on the outer edge of the two end panels (i want to attach a carabiner clip to a chain, snap the chain to a magnet, and use it to hold status/condition/spell-effect rings) on that last one, now that i think about it do the rods between panels become magnetized enough to hold anything else to them while they are touching the magnets? a carabiner and some plastic rings arent that heavy, i just wouldnt want the clip in the way of what i have on the panels. hell, while im going nuts on ideas, you guys need anyone else on your design team? just kidding... unless you need someone, then im not kidding haha
  2. @Konas thank you very much. ill be in touch. should i wait to email until i have a decent amount saved up or would it be worth it for you just to get the details of what im looking for in advance?
  3. thank you for the quick reply, barb. i feel like i should wait to email until i have money to go through with such a custom order, but maybe im just overthinking it...
  4. So im planning on ordering a valhalla screen at some point once i save up the money (disabled, with just some side work to make cash so it takes awhile) but Ive been wondering a few things that i was hoping someone might be able to answer for me. Ive had a few ideas for some extra accessories that i was thinking about trying to make for myself so i was wondering what the diameter of the magnets DMG uses is, what polarity faces the dm, and how far apart they are placed in the back of the screen (so if i ever get these things made and buy a screen, they'll match up). was also wondering the thickness of the steel rods (as id really like to get ones that go all the way up the screen instead of stopping an inch or two short on both ends). also how are they about custom orders? for one id really like to get the money to do a 4 panel one with a custom design. i know they do custom designs for a fee, but are they willing to do so on a 4 panel one? i'd also really like a version of the newer mini dice tower that doesn't have a 3d design on the back, n has magnets instead, so i could attach that to the screen like the plexiglass style one. has anyone ordered something in that general level of customization from them? do they do that sort of thing? sorry if this is too many or too random of questions, just got a generally inquisitive mind lol
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