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  1. I know it may take a while, as you guys carve each story teller screen. Since there are 12 Tribes of the Garou Nation (Since the Stargazers left to go East.) I was thinking that Each screen could represent the different tribes. With the Tribal Symbol being in the center. And the Breed symbols on one Panel and the Auspices on the other. Another idea, would be again with the Tribal Symbol in the Center, and the garou on each panel, shifting between the 5 forms, Left would go from Homid to Lupus and Right would go from Lupus to Homid. With the Crinos Howling towards Luna, at the Top.
  2. I see that you have done a Vampire the Masquerade Line with the ST Screen's. I was wondering if there are ideas for any of the other World of Darkness games. Werewolf in particular. If so, I have some ideas, I would like to share.
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