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  1. The card stand is /gorgeous/--the pic doesn't do it justice (it's a very grey day today)!
  2. Signs of life confirmed: just got my March in-stock order, placed right as things were shutting down. Can't wait to hook that dice tower up to my VS!
  3. Hello @Konas! Got a few questions about that awesome-looking Bat LED VS: Where's the on-off switch? How do you replace the battery? I'm assuming one or both of the answers are related to that wire-lined cutout on the back of the central panel, but wasn't sure!
  4. Hey @Konas, I didn't notice until I saw an ad calling it a "mashup" but that awesome "Hit or Miss" VS on the in stock page isn't the usual Hit or Miss design! I'm trying to identify how many other screens you took elements from to make this--I want to say 4 (counting Hit or Miss itself)? It's amazing!
  5. Although, correct me if I'm wrong, if someone requested a custom VS that looked like another VS you had made for a KS campaign or private individual, something could be arranged (unless there was an agreement not to duplicate said VS ever again, of course)--right?
  6. You are correct! The Galaxy Sentinel that's up right now was tempting purely for the stain alone (the cyberpunk engraving certainly doesn't hurt--yowza), but I'm holding out for something I'll actually use, heh.
  7. Ha ha ha <ow> 😛 Although that was a pretty stain--not sure I would have bought it, but I liked it!
  8. <raises hand> I think the fancy woods are very pretty, but 99 times out of 100, I'm going to buy something with a sick colored stain.
  9. I feel like this post should be in Klingon...What a gorgeous piece!
  10. The Pads kind of lost the acronym lottery, didn't they? 😛
  11. Now that's a table! Simple, spacious, with clean lines--congrats!
  12. Access to all the tools in the workshop is a pretty hefty savings as well!
  13. Holy crap, Anne, those are amazing--kudos for holding out for just the right woods! ...Huh, am I the only one suddenly realizing a player pad is basically a specialized half-Sentinel? Now I wonder if DMG should offer the Pad engravings as an option for the Sentinels--are they the same dimensions?
  14. That engraving is insane--what is it? The Sentinel came out amazing--congrats!
  15. Anytime! And I totally understand--GC is a serious commitment of both time and money! It's normally an every 2-3 year con for me at most, but I may wind up going again this year after attending in 2019 due to friends who missed last year planning a 2020 trip. I'm buying a ticket and entering the housing lottery, but we'll see how my finances are looking this summer to see if I actually make it...
  16. You can request a refund on your badge up until mid-June (check for the exact date once badges go on sale)--you pay a $10 "administration fee" but otherwise get a full refund (IMO, they include a modest penalty to account for all the people who jam the housing portal on registration day but then cancel when they don't get a downtown room--otherwise there's no risk to going on a fishing expedition). Of course, if you're haunting the room portal looking for cancellations, you're going to want to stick around after the cancellation date because that's when people are most likely to drop their reservations. But I think you still stand a decent chance before that date to snag something (again, especially if you just want a 1K room).
  17. FWIW, if you're willing to obsess over the Gencon housing portal in the months after the block sells out, you stand a decent chance of still getting a downtown--or maybe even connected--room. That's what I did last year after both me and my friend got a crappy time for the lottery and missed out the first day--I checked the portal several times a week, sometimes multiple times a day, and a couple months out I was able to snag a 2Q downtown room. Your chances go up if you only need one bed, as it's the two-bed rooms that are really in demand. People change their plans for a number of reasons, and the new system means any cancellations have to go back into the block, rather than get traded between attendees. Just something to keep in mind!
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