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  1. <grumble grumble> Stupid Dog Might, stupid 20% off sale, stupid gorgeous wooden gorgeousness...Stupid mailman, taking so long to deliver my new items! 😛
  2. You aren't kidding--that's how I wound up with two Adventure Cases and a half-dozen Dragon Sheaths! 😛
  3. It was a good call, because that's exactly what it reminds me of! I already have a "dark rainbow" spinner, but with the sale I may have to pick up this one as well. I'll give it a little more time to see if anyone else saves me from myself though (ditto that Glacier Sentinel)--thankfully some of the other items I've been tempted by have been snapped up already!
  4. Just when I think I have a favorite experimental stain, I see something new. Current favorite: Nebula stain. ❤️
  5. Thank you both--and I agree! Over the summer there were a few colorful Valhalla's that caught my eye, but I finally pulled the trigger on this one! It's a good multi-genre color. I was also really tempted by the Fruit Punch screen, but someone beat me to it before I could go too crazy, heh.
  6. Speaking of alternative uses for DMG products: fun fact, the Rolling Tray can hold 5 Dragon Sheaths, with just a little space to spare!
  7. Have I mentioned I love DMG's brilliantly-dyed products? Like a lot? Behold my ever-growing collection! Left to right: Fourth (back) row: Sapphire Adventure Case; Experimental Ocean Depths Valhalla Screen; Experimental Seaworn D20 Adventure Case Third row: Sapphire Arcane Circle Dragon Tray; Pride Deck Jacket; Experimental Teal Tentacles Deck Jacket; Imperial Ruby on Ash Polys Rolling Tray Second row: Sapphire Police Box Dragon Sheath; Imperial Ruby Viking DS; Experimental Dusk Slimline DS; Moss on Ash Celtic DS; Pride DS; Demon Blood on Ash Halberd DS; Experimental Dark Rainbow Chest Token Shield First (front) row: Sunburst Greatsword Skirmish Box Most of these purchased over the summer via the ever-dangerous "In Stock" page (the sapphire case came from Gencon a few years back, where I first discovered DMG; the Dragon Tray was ordered later (sadly after the KS so I couldn't get the Stargate sculpt!). I really need to run games again so I can put some of this gear to use, although the teal Deck Jacket is working great as a tarot deck holder:
  8. I was just about to post about that one. Damn that's nice! If I wasn't already getting a Rainbow version....!
  9. That new DM screen is what I'm coveting! I'm still tapped out after Gencon and earlier DGM splurges though, heh. But man is it pretty (I'm a sucker for the dye jobs!), and a great "gaming themed" screen!
  10. No worries, some of us have been obsessively refreshing the DMG Stock page and saw the new goods that way.
  11. Oh, that's just pretty. https://www.dogmight.com/stock?id=10003&vpd=1191
  12. And maybe you could get some pin board and cut it to size--maybe even stack them if you have a bunch! I'm going to give that a try anyway!
  13. Huh--maybe the combination of "scifi" and "wood" creates a cognitive dissonance in some people! Or maybe the scifi tropes aren't as universal as the fantasy ones, meaning people are more particular about their luxury scifi items... Ha, I get the feeling there's a running gag going on here. But on the other hand, pumpkins would give it a "house of eternal October" kind of feel, and I could even see a staining option that would paint the scene in autumn sunset colors, with lots of golds and browns and reds. I was thinking a graveyard, or a ghost or werewolf for that right panel, but there's something to be said for a more subtle atmosphere! Hmm, October /is/ coming up--maybe I better start saving my pennies...
  14. Ha, I cannot stand the smell of weed, and would never subject my case to anything that stinky. I /do/ have an older copy of Illumuniati that would fit in a case--it's just cards, tokens, and the instructions! Plus I have a ton of Disney pins that are just kind of laying loose right now...Yeah, I think I have some ideas now. Thanks all!
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