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  1. I was just about to post about that one. Damn that's nice! If I wasn't already getting a Rainbow version....!
  2. That new DM screen is what I'm coveting! I'm still tapped out after Gencon and earlier DGM splurges though, heh. But man is it pretty (I'm a sucker for the dye jobs!), and a great "gaming themed" screen!
  3. No worries, some of us have been obsessively refreshing the DMG Stock page and saw the new goods that way.
  4. Oh, that's just pretty. https://www.dogmight.com/stock?id=10003&vpd=1191
  5. And maybe you could get some pin board and cut it to size--maybe even stack them if you have a bunch! I'm going to give that a try anyway!
  6. Huh--maybe the combination of "scifi" and "wood" creates a cognitive dissonance in some people! Or maybe the scifi tropes aren't as universal as the fantasy ones, meaning people are more particular about their luxury scifi items... Ha, I get the feeling there's a running gag going on here. But on the other hand, pumpkins would give it a "house of eternal October" kind of feel, and I could even see a staining option that would paint the scene in autumn sunset colors, with lots of golds and browns and reds. I was thinking a graveyard, or a ghost or werewolf for that right panel, but there's something to be said for a more subtle atmosphere! Hmm, October /is/ coming up--maybe I better start saving my pennies...
  7. Ha, I cannot stand the smell of weed, and would never subject my case to anything that stinky. I /do/ have an older copy of Illumuniati that would fit in a case--it's just cards, tokens, and the instructions! Plus I have a ton of Disney pins that are just kind of laying loose right now...Yeah, I think I have some ideas now. Thanks all!
  8. I own two adventure cases (a sapphire blue one purchased at a Gen Con--my introduction to DMG!--and a more recent purchase in the experimental Seaworn finish). I love them--the solid construction, the extra compartments, everything. Only issue is, I'm at a loss how to use them! I don't really need them to hold dice, so I was curious: what non-dice uses have /you/ found for your cases? Gaming or non-gaming related--give me some inspiration, even if that means I'm tempted to buy another one if I see a dye job I can't resist!
  9. I'm bringing this topic back! I'm tempted (when I have the funds) to commission a scifi piece--something with a spaceship zooming across the screen, with nebulas and black holes and such in the background. With a custom stain, of course. I'd also be tempted by a haunted house sculpt--something similar to the castle, but with a mansion in the center, and something spooky in place of the dragon head! For now I'll be content with my Ocean Depths stained screen, heh.
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