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  1. Anytime! And I totally understand--GC is a serious commitment of both time and money! It's normally an every 2-3 year con for me at most, but I may wind up going again this year after attending in 2019 due to friends who missed last year planning a 2020 trip. I'm buying a ticket and entering the housing lottery, but we'll see how my finances are looking this summer to see if I actually make it...
  2. You can request a refund on your badge up until mid-June (check for the exact date once badges go on sale)--you pay a $10 "administration fee" but otherwise get a full refund (IMO, they include a modest penalty to account for all the people who jam the housing portal on registration day but then cancel when they don't get a downtown room--otherwise there's no risk to going on a fishing expedition). Of course, if you're haunting the room portal looking for cancellations, you're going to want to stick around after the cancellation date because that's when people are most likely to drop their reservations. But I think you still stand a decent chance before that date to snag something (again, especially if you just want a 1K room).
  3. FWIW, if you're willing to obsess over the Gencon housing portal in the months after the block sells out, you stand a decent chance of still getting a downtown--or maybe even connected--room. That's what I did last year after both me and my friend got a crappy time for the lottery and missed out the first day--I checked the portal several times a week, sometimes multiple times a day, and a couple months out I was able to snag a 2Q downtown room. Your chances go up if you only need one bed, as it's the two-bed rooms that are really in demand. People change their plans for a number of reasons, and the new system means any cancellations have to go back into the block, rather than get traded between attendees. Just something to keep in mind!
  4. Another idea! A literal "wall of flames" for the DM to run game behind. What's extra cool (IMO) about this is that it lends itself well to several different color options: Fiery red Infernal green (blame white wolf for associating green with Infernalism) Icy Blue Abyssal Black Something something Purple Etc.
  5. I'm getting the "revised" (the publishers are firm that this is not a "new" edition) corebook for the Cypher RPG soon, in part because I'm continuing my quest for a good rule-set that could be adopted to multiple genres. I have this dream of running a series of one-shots/short campaigns for friends without making them have to learn a new system every time I change from cyberpunk to space fantasy to "historical occult adventure". The catch is I like rules with some crunch and a clearly-defined "GM/player" dynamic, versus some of the more collaborative-style games that have become popular in the last decade. I guess I'm just old-fashioned--get off my lawn, Apocalypse World! Thus far I've run games in Fate and Savage Worlds (and, well, GURPS, but that was a long time ago. Don't look at me like that it was the 90's, everybody experimented back then), and I've played AW and the new Firefly game. Cypher seems to fall somewhere in the middle of the "rules crunch scale" (where, say, Shadowrun is at the "maximum crunch" end, and AW is at the "collaborative storytelling" end), in that there are still mechanics and a DM to create and run the adventure, but the players have the ability to alter the world around them to a degree. Anyway, I have high hopes, but was curious if anyone else has gone down this road and had any insights on how well Cypher system works running games not set in a Monte Cook world! I've already dabbled a bit with Cypher, and the reason I'm interested in the revised version is they say they address the issue of how to integrate the cyphers themselves into settings where players aren't necessarily stumbling over random treasure all the time. And, of course, if you have a favorite generic RPG rule-set, feel free to share it, and why it works for you!
  6. You have my permission to be jealous of my custom card box. Experimental Aurora stain, with a ship's wheel carving on one side, and a diving bell helmet on the other (to make it suggestive of the tarot card from my deck it's based on). It's going to hold so many business cards at shows! Thanks Dog Might--it came out even better than I hoped!
  7. Thanks! They're from Pens n More I think--a GenCon merchant I always make sure to visit!
  8. In my continuing quest to find alternative uses for DMG products so I can keep buying them: turns out an XL Looking Glass makes a more than adequate fancy pen holder!
  9. From my right arm., Glacial; from my left, Dark Rainbow. And my heartsblood is Teal/Aurora.
  10. Thanks! I wish I could tell you both more about it--it's been in my collection so long I can't recall where I got it from, but I'm pretty sure I picked it up from a friend when she was downsizing. It is normally kept closed with a bit of cork, but I think the Griffin (Griffon? Gryphon?) makes a much better topper! Now I need to clean the bottle so I can decant something into it... Although looking at it again, I'm not sure just how much liquid it can actually hold--it's smaller than it looks!
  11. Thanks! I want to be one of those people who keeps all their booze in cool bottles like that.
  12. Wow, the bottle stoppers are even nicer in person than on the site--what a surprise. (I was right, BTW--the griffin is a handsome boy!)
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