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  1. A way to thank DMG for their great product with picture showing or using it.
  2. There's some monsters in the last KS
  3. Star Realms, 8 players test Player has choice to attack left or right
  4. Comment on KS about the strike Post delay on KS delay...
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/676985183/don-and-hillary-hit-the-apocalypse-28mm-zombie-min/description
  6. Learning Rise of Tribes with Pacha of course. ?
  7. My coins are almost completed, waiting for 11 more Coin value: 1/5/10/25/50/250 (could be changed) Waiting for those coins
  8. Dragon warrior is one of my favorite video game on NES. In fact, I've the Dragonlord pseudo on a lot of games and forums. My boardgame collection was in the 70/80's, so my daughter show me Carcassonne three years ago, and I've probably the most complex Carcassonne game of the world with about 4000 tiles. The 10 008 game play was just with base game. I've created some expansions with new tiles, new mechanics for the game. Also created cards expansions with the Zipang card game. Also created solo and 2-4 players mode for the werewolf game. Knowing a good place for games parts, the time to create my own game has come. I will show you the game to the beginning to the end. It's a game using about 120 tiles, 300 cards, 60 dices and 34 plastic/resin minis.