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  1. very soon, just tired from the restaurant with a need of cooks, having some good evening
  2. Coasters but look like a game
  3. Just received my Dinoblivion and made some solos
  4. Almost used in every games, and my set up always looks awesome with DMG gears when I post it on popular gaming groups.
  5. having Snow thursday last week and over 90°F all this week
  6. Mike was really happy when I've won the game on the Meeple University's live. My daugther will received a part because I only need the expansion LOL
  7. I'm in 4 giveaway for this kickstarter, 2 for the all-in (BGR, Meeple University) and 2 for saber tray (Breaking Games).
  8. 1-Kings of Leon 2- 3-Green day 4-Snow patrol 5-Arctic monkeys 6- 7-Linkin park 8- 9-Backstreet boys 10- 11- 12- 13-Franz Ferdinand 14- 15-Adele 16-Eminem 17-50 cents 18-Arcade fire 19- 20-Snoop Dogg 21-Damien Rice 22- 23- 24-Avril Lavigne 25-Maroon 5 26- 27-Alicia Keys 28- 29-Pink 30-Korn
  9. Talking about free stuff, I've put my pledge at 1$ for Rise of Tribes to received the All-in pledge from Meeple University's giveaway
  10. Only 5 left: pictures with the newspaper, the drum, the wall, the campfire and the dancers.
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