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  1. Learning Québec, with a small upgrade.
  2. Cool, 'cause they will have game's pictures with my CoCo on BGG, BGR and EBG soon.
  3. Mike at Dog Might Games has sent you a package
  4. I can't pass on this one https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/217170560/nouvelle-france/description
  5. Making some mistake but get the right answer from Nocturion I love the game with really nice components. I will make some jealous when I could put pictures with my CoCo... Nocturion: you first place the die on the location, then move the calendar and finally pick up (gather) the resource.
  6. Learning Nocturion and yes there's some DMG products on the table.
  7. New board for Frontier, the tracking circles will be smaller and don't hide the art like before. Hope to get the game before Christmas.
  8. May be I'm waiting my CoCo to play some games, Founders has a lot of small parts.
  9. Received too much games last winter, about 30, still receiving some... most of my unplayed game are for group or big one. Still have about 20 of my shame. Made some boards with 11 shame written on it as a remind me lol. (also one of my 5 late KS deliveries: Ember will be ship this week and my CoCo probably really soon )
  10. Dune is already preordered... could be on the table soon.
  11. Soon or waiting the expansion with the update of the first edition. Just try both Brass, Sorcerer on the table, probably Founders before Dinogenics.
  12. Having about 20 unplayed games, another one today: Nocturion. I've put some small board to remind me 11 shame and 5 waiting Kickstarter. And there's 2000 tiles of Carcassonne in each bag.
  13. I.m waiting for this mat for my fantasy game.
  14. First playtest, only 2 bad guys to win, but everytime, the first one who has tried, always win, so with 6 in a row, it's a little bit harder.
  15. The good knight against the evil is sad?
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