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  1. Back the first two and a remind me on the last two.
  2. A way to thank DMG for their great product with picture showing or using it.
  3. Next time, a KS about exotic toothpick, with all the variety of wood, and the choice of how many of each kind.
  4. You should see the Christmas time with all those company party
  5. A common evening for me But I won't use a DMG cutting board here, it will be overused
  6. The meat is cold, I prefer to warm up the steak before. I've been asked for it only once in 20 years.
  7. That's why I've put a picture of Sid in the same standing
  8. I've found the fossil of Sid in the wood of my wall.
  9. #6: Flame Birch

    and with my fiery pack too, and also probably a cake dragon sheath later.
  10. #6: Flame Birch

    So my rainbow dice tower will protect my baby dices from my monsters dices
  11. My homemade multi counter. In a DMG looks like with smaller counter using magnet.
  12. You could find this bowl for lizard in a pet shop
  13. Dragon warrior is one of my favorite video game on NES. In fact, I've the Dragonlord pseudo on a lot of games and forums. My boardgame collection was in the 70/80's, so my daughter show me Carcassonne three years ago, and I've probably the most complex Carcassonne game of the world with about 4000 tiles. The 10 008 game play was just with base game. I've created some expansions with new tiles, new mechanics for the game. Also created cards expansions with the Zipang card game. Also created solo and 2-4 players mode for the werewolf game. Knowing a good place for games parts, the time to create my own game has come. I will show you the game to the beginning to the end. It's a game using about 120 tiles, 300 cards, 60 dices and 34 plastic/resin minis.
  14. About two years ago, I've begun to renew my games with Carcassonne, and with KickStarter, a lot of game have arrived with more to come. I will need some gameshelves for it. Since one year, I've received those games.