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  1. Just received Star Realms years 2 promo, was missing with my reward.
  2. I'm lucky for this never happens to me, everything stay at the post office.
  3. A way to thank DMG for their great product with picture showing or using it.
  4. Dragon warrior is one of my favorite video game on NES. In fact, I've the Dragonlord pseudo on a lot of games and forums. My boardgame collection was in the 70/80's, so my daughter show me Carcassonne three years ago, and I've probably the most complex Carcassonne game of the world with about 4000 tiles. The 10 008 game play was just with base game. I've created some expansions with new tiles, new mechanics for the game. Also created cards expansions with the Zipang card game. Also created solo and 2-4 players mode for the werewolf game. Knowing a good place for games parts, the time to create my own game has come. I will show you the game to the beginning to the end. It's a game using about 120 tiles, 300 cards, 60 dices and 34 plastic/resin minis.
  5. Still receiced nothihg in september, the postman will be busy for the next 6 weeks lol, 20 ks should be coming home
  6. One year already done for this forum. Why this could happens, 'cause the people are here with their passions, making this alive day after day. Passion of the boardgame, passion of gaming gear, passion of WOOD, passion of art, passion of dogs (and cats), passion of doing something wonderful. One year, 182 members, new friendship from everywhere. Some are cool, other are savage like me even if I only cook pumpkin twice in 30 years lol. Everybody here are special and we could see it in all the comments everyday. I'm glad to be a part of this. Long life for DMG
  7. This playtest was cool with the new components, working well, with my two waiting KS metal coins coming up, I will be ok for the money. I've to review the final, too easy to win, I will try to reduce a little bit the chance for the player with low weapons and armors, it's still a dice game but you choose the way to explore the land, the weapons from the shop. Lucky for a critical attack (2x) of 117 hp but at 20%.
  8. Turn 25: No cat on the table during the night 😼, only one dragon left, one wizard's done. Only the Red and the White player have less chance for the final.
  9. Turn 20: CoCo should be nice here lol Only 3 dragons in play now, it will be the turn to fight the wizards (D100)
  10. Battle against a dragon (D60) vs warrior level 3 (3D6), brother in arm (D12) and a companon (D8) using the hat dice (D20) to get invisible, dragon's attack reduced by a (D%)
  11. Turn 10 All players are at level 2, begins to have nice weapons and armors, some strong companons and with the level 3: brother in arm will be in play.
  12. First village to be destroyed... and a baby dragon.
  13. First, the dragon was aways destroying the village only. With the flame and smoke markers, I give a defense of -30 for the village and will roll a D60 for the attack. If the result is over 30, the village is destroyed (adding a smoke marker), 30 and below, the village gets damage. (putting a flame marker of 20, so the village is now -10). Warrior could help damaged village by visiting it, also restored it by beationg the D48 ghost in the destroyed village. City has a defence of -60 and castle of -90. Flame marker looks nice
  14. Ready for an big simulate 8 players playtest for all the components added recently, and of course, Pacha is ready for it. 😼