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  1. Took a look on Tang Garden, expenxive for me if I don't have the chance to play... Here thre's a nice poker cards set, cool with a fiery CoCo set . https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1509715903/starry-sky-an-art-poker-with-thousand-nights-waiti/description
  2. My Kickstarter's update Nice summer's coming up
  3. 41 turns for the game, feeling that I've faster the game in the wrong way. Brother in arm is good, but may be at the level 4 only. The end, too easy, I will think about it.
  4. I'vbe restarted the game, and it's working better. New rule, brother in arm for 50 Dragocoins with a D12 for attack with a weapon no more than +15. Need level 3 for it. Yes new minis will come soon lol Hunting the dragon now, each horse give a D6 more attack. It's turn 16, so more faster now.
  5. Fast playtest, stopped before the end. Making easier money gain, too much, doing unbalanced chance between players. I'll will think about something else
  6. New order on EBay, big russian token coins from China. The Dragocoins 10/25/50 coins will be a variety of different coins (having fire set from fantasy coins and legendary coins this fall)
  7. lol, it's the creator of Carcasonne, authentic signed tile Gift from a british member of Carcassonne Central Forum.
  8. I will have a new tile for Carcassonne, but I won't use it I've choosne the center one, the CCCR tile.