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  1. Only a few delay about parcel leaving Canada, rather than the 4 weeks in the other way for me... but everything shoud be alright in a month. And Goblivion has two cards deck, one in english and one in french, you could play some game à la française.
  2. With 4/6 weeks for delivery, it's begin to looks like Christmas
  3. Update from Canada Post: International incoming The embargo on items arriving from International Posts was lifted on November 27th. Based on current incoming volumes and discussions with our international partners, we now expect to receive roughly half the daily volumes we had projected this holiday season. Some postal administrations are continuing to monitor our progress before sending any additional volumes through our network. With reduced international volumes and our continued work in partnership with the Canada Border Services Agency, we expect to be current on International items in January.
  4. Goblivion: nice solo and 2 players co-op
  5. Just received this one: Goblivion. Lots of parcels waiting to be delivered from Canada Posts, but I'll have them one day.
  6. I'm really quiet for now, backing about 70 KS in 18 months to renew my game collection, still waitng for 26 and the strike will add more delay.
  7. Duel of Dragons, solo or 2 players.
  8. A lot of new games have been added.
  9. With the holydays rush, it could have more delay, but I've some to learn how to play for the waiting.
  10. Lot of game come from China, and Canada Post have stopped the shipping from there last month, and other countries like USA, Australia, Germany.
  11. First game of december: Duel of dragons. One set of dragons is holographic.
  12. KS delay, and recently Canada Post strike, so it should be a real Christmas time. 🎁🎁🎁