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  1. I've -29°C this morning. -34°C with the winds and should have less snow than you.
  2. Probably or want to know more about this.
  3. It's look that they try to launch another KS recently, Ghost Star, and they have cancelled it before Kickstarter, and no more comments from them either on Facebook. Was looking to back it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wreakhavoc/ghost-star-a-solo-board-game-you-wont-want-to-play/description
  4. Just come home after a 20 miles on rainy night with a 28°F... and -15°F in a few hours.
  5. Living north, there's snow or nice temperature about -20°F/-40°F and add some winds.
  6. I will received another game soon from them, already in fullfillment in Canada. So probably more I've to wait.
  7. Having two big delay KS projects: The CoCo (steady updated), and Galaxy of Trian (less update but still delivering others projects). Hello conquerors of the galaxy, We know that we haven't informed you for a long time. Too long. Unfortunately, we could not get more information from the factory. In phone conversations, our requests to contact the sales maneger are ignored. He is eternally absent. We know that there are holidays right now in China (until February 20). Until then, we will not know anything. Here is the timeline we have put together if production ends in March and will be sent to us immediately: 1. The end of production of plastic and metal - we assume that it will be just after the Chinese new year 2. Acceptance of plastic and metal components (sent by air mail, 1-2 weeks) 3. Transport from China to Poland (by train, 5-6 weeks) 4. During transport, the factory in Poland will start the production of cardboard and add-ons. We have the files ready. We're just waiting for a signal from China. 5. Clearing customs for goods from China + transport to the factory (3-6 weeks) 6. Game packaging (components from China + cardboard) (4-5 weeks) 7. Pickup by the logistics company, shipment to hubs (6-10 weeks) 8. Shipment from hubs to backers (1-2 weeks) We have a very big problem, because we have already paid for the production, and we can not see the results. This is one of the reasons why we have not spoken for a long time. We do not have much idea what we can do to somehow influence the factory in China. Flying to China will not help much. In addition, these are very large costs. We have a plan that if there is no contact after the New Chinese Year, we will not be able to work together anymore and transfer cooperation to another factory taking molds and what has already been produced. If you have an idea about what else we can do, we are open to any sugestions. Creativemaker Team
  8. I've this one in french: 161 minutes (theatrical cut)