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  1. Our Game Rooms

    About two years ago, I've begun to renew my games with Carcassonne, and with KickStarter, a lot of game have arrived with more to come. I will need some gameshelves for it. Since one year, I've received those games.
  2. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    lol just see it
  3. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    Mine too, but after I've put some felt protectors, for my 30 yrs glass table, it's alright.
  4. On the lookout for awesome new games

    Last hours to back
  5. Land of the Dragons

    The next turn, malva player won the game.
  6. Land of the Dragons

    Who's gonna win this game? In fact, all of them could win. Black: attack 19-39 defence 32 Malva: attack 18-50 defence 20 Green: attack 26-50 defence 43 Red: attack 16-70 defence 16 But Green player has the best chances.
  7. Land of the Dragons

    One player (red one) was attacking by a dragon, the green player could give help, so both attack the dragon, and spliting the gain in case of victory. Both player use the magical hat to become invisible for a cost of some HP (with the roll of the D20 hat). So the dragon attack first with 80% of 38 on the green and 00% on the red one.
  8. Funny things on the web.

    I wooden be at his place.
  9. Land of the Dragons

    New playtest, 4 players, new components added (rolling tray, wizard dices, D100) and upgrade weapons.
  10. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    I will try my new rolling tray Looks like I need my CoCo, lol
  11. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    After the gaming product, the kitchen stuff.
  12. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    lumberjack viking: research on google picture And found this
  13. Pictures of DMG products at home.

    My parcels from DMG have passed here after the customs and arrived in good shape. .