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  1. Dune is already preordered... could be on the table soon.
  2. Soon or waiting the expansion with the update of the first edition. Just try both Brass, Sorcerer on the table, probably Founders before Dinogenics.
  3. Having about 20 unplayed games, another one today: Nocturion. I've put some small board to remind me 11 shame and 5 waiting Kickstarter. And there's 2000 tiles of Carcassonne in each bag.
  4. I.m waiting for this mat for my fantasy game.
  5. First playtest, only 2 bad guys to win, but everytime, the first one who has tried, always win, so with 6 in a row, it's a little bit harder.
  6. The good knight against the evil is sad?
  7. For a big game, I'm waiting for the launch of Nouvelle-France this fall.
  8. For now, just backing Dinogenics and Frontier
  9. I like it, try Birmingham first, make some rules mistake. and Lancanshire is set up for a try.
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