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  1. Land of the Dragons

    Enough dices for the game, may be with a D48 and D120 later, just may be for now
  2. Dice world

    Received some Impact Miniatures Elfball Dice today.
  3. Land of the Dragons

  4. Land of the Dragons

    Plate 2/38: small beast
  5. Land of the Dragons

    A flying dragon of course.
  6. Land of the Dragons

    One of 38 plates done. Sometime, no monster, no item.
  7. Land of the Dragons

    Soundtrack for the game.
  8. On the lookout for awesome new games

    Who said dragons..
  9. Land of the Dragons

    Art in progress... lol
  10. Land of the Dragons

    In fact, this monster will be a D6, equal to a new warrior without weapons and defense. Strong fierce at the beginning of the game
  11. Fun Holiday Memories

    They have been a lot of great holiday times in my live. Playing cards and boardgames in family, eating, drinking, sometime too much people inside, too hot but -35° to -45° outside. Playing cribbage, 500, poker, careers, monopoly, dealer's choice, pay day and masterpieces. Festing like the french canadian tradition to the sunrise. Remember the day of my mom have squeezed her nipple closing a sparkle wine bottle during a card game. I know that wasn't funny for her but everybody have laugtht so much, almost pissed in my pant. But time change, now she's gone about 15 years ago, but keeping every small moments in memories. There's a painting of her, 17 years old, 53 years ago, she was holding me in my few days of life, before my first Christmas in Montréal. .
  12. Land of the Dragons

    Master file for the PnP lawn cards Just to add monsters and items on it.
  13. Land of the Dragons

    All pieces have been shipped, dices from USA and the rest from Germany, hope to get it before Christmas. PnP artwork has been started. It will be the longest part, but the temporary stickers are almost done for the cards.