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  1. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    And he has a lot of dp, over 500 dp (dog power).
  2. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    Name: Pacha Race: Puddy tat (i did i did taw a puddy tat) Class: Apart Best Known Skill: Hunting Dodo birds and Tweety birds, steeling gold everywhere Famous for: There's no more Dodo birds Most Ashamed of: pooping on his gold coins .Hunter and bandit at the same time, he survives at all the dangers, daytime and night.
  3. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    And he had broken this chain before, nightmare for me, I've strong dogs, 3 years old and too much energy lol
  4. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    Name: Shiloh Race: Labrador with Bernese Class: Nigthmare ninja Best Known Skill: Invisible in a new moon night Famous for: destroying all his enemy in one night Ashamed of: be visible at daylight He's knowing all the ancient way to be close to you before your death, when you see his brown eyes, it's too late for your life.
  5. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    Name: Mustang Race: Labrador with Newfoundland/Bernese Class: Babyface beast Best Known Skill: hypnotize enemy before their dead Famous for: getting rid of all his enemies in one shot alone Most Ashamed of: be affraid of himself in the mirror This animal is a weapon of incomparable fight, his babyface look will charm you and the time of think, it will be too late, the hand which brandished your sword will not be your member anymore...
  6. On the lookout for awesome new games

    Halloween is coming soon, two nice cards game for it. 4 days to go and delivery for halloween in USA and Canada. Friday the 13th, going back in the 80's horror time...
  7. On the lookout for awesome new games

    The first one, for pledging, it was 65 plus 19 for Canada Now it's 49 plus 17 for me.
  8. On the lookout for awesome new games

    In fact no and yes, It was 3-5 at the origin, now 2-5 players.
  9. On the lookout for awesome new games

    It's a 2-5 players, but always better in group.
  10. On the lookout for awesome new games

    For the fan of Jurassic Park, there's a relaunch for a nice game with awesome dino meeples.
  11. Favorite Board Game Artists

    I've backed the KS game cards Savage Planet 'cause the look of the 80's fiction comics and cartoons.
  12. New Kickstarter soon....

    May be like dice towers for the CoCo
  13. CoCo Configurations

    The first I will use the CoCo, it would be like the Flinstones meeting the Jetsons.
  14. On the lookout for awesome new games

    The dice is the key of the game, you roll it without have the same item twice, commonly 2-3 rolls are safe, but you have card to ignore the last roll or roll again, someone could make you another roll. The Doggo card block some move and if you try to steel someone, he could steel you instead with the Kitten. Rolling the 2 trees, you can put two cards for your trash reserve, your points at the end. The game is only available from the creator (kickstarter suspended), at the same price and shipping of the KS campaign (without the SG of course).