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  1. Another unknown shipping Have two #28 KS backing already received.... Send by Shippo.... My guess: Crows or Night Clan.
  2. Received some pieces Flames for dragon's attack on cities. Coins for the 250 pieces coin. (1/5/10/25/50/250) 2 KS metal coins coming up this fall to complete it.
  3. From my yard, Ann Arbor a little bit in the south of this, some wild cherries. Nice wine will done this fall
  4. So Mint delivery delivered in mint condition.
  5. Got a delivery notice rather than card notice, so probably the parcel fit in my post office box, like mint delivery, I will know it at ten.
  6. I will received an unknown KS shipping less than two hours, knowing for Déjà Vu and Zipang, what could be my guess? Mint delivery (french) Star realms with hero realm Crows