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  1. I found a really nice technique on Youtube specifically for this terrain that I'm happy with. Dark green base coat, grey drybrush, and then a light white drybrush for highlights.
  2. I'm starting with the terrain. I got everything primed over the weekend, and this is my progress so far. A few more colors to add, but I should have a good dent in it over the weekend.
  3. The only kid in the house is me 😂 It was on heck of a build though!
  4. It's pretty fantastic. I'm excited to get it painted up!
  5. Assembly complete! Now to basecoat this week and start the painting process.
  6. Thanks! I'll try to remember to take progress pictures as I go.
  7. I ended up taking the plunge! I bought the last copy of the starter set from the LGS and have begun assembling. There's SO much plastic in the box! The models are done, and I'm working through the terrain now. My goal is to get everything base coated this week so I can start the painting process.
  8. Exactly! They're doing a Stormlight expansion based on Brandon Sanderson's works as well, so I'd imagine even more fantasy expansions are to come as they can get rights to them. I picked up Call to Adventure simply because of the Name of the Wind expansion
  9. I played Nyctophobia and Call to Adventure at the local meetup last night. Nychtophobia was an interesting experience, though I'm not sure I'd want to play multiple times. I think it's a great game to try at least once though. Call to Adventure was fantastic. I was already interested in this one simply for the Name of the Wind expansion (which I'm now waiting to come in stock at my LGS), but I definitely enjoyed the base game. It was really fun to build up a story and make decisions based on narrative over optimal game play. Even with this, all three players came very close in points at the end.
  10. Hello everyone! I was able to play through a game with the starter set of Warcry at CinCityCon this past weekend. I played Warhammer 40K for over a decade before diving into Malifaux 2e, Kings of War, and dabbling in Star Wars Legion and A Song of Ice and Fire. Warcry really hit a sweet spot for me. The footprint on the table is small enough to play on a standard sized table (no more 4x6 requirement), and the model count is low enough to keep the game pretty affordable. I really enjoyed the fact that combat was quick and bloody - a single roll takes care of hit/wound/armor saves, and each model has plenty of wounds (and attacks!) to make the combat interesting. Has anyone else played this one? I'm probably going to try and snag a starter set from the FLGS since they already appear out of stock on Games Workshop's website. -Travis
  11. CinCityCon turned out pretty good! I only went Friday afternoon and Saturday, but I won some Age of Sigmar Champions starter decks on Friday and the Dwarven Smithy tournament on Saturday. That, along with trading or selling a bunch of games that had been collecting dust on my shelf, made it a pretty exciting weekend. I was able to play Obelisk (already available) and Quest for Gaia (coming to Kickstarter) from some local designers and had a great time.
  12. Anybody hitting CinCityCon in Cincinnati this weekend? I'll be there Friday night and all day Saturday!
  13. That sounds like an awful way to spend a Monday! Although, I expect if we get a burst of warmth soon I'll have to mow the lawn one more time this year.
  14. It's finally cooling down in Cincinnati! It was perfect for the Renaissance Festival on Saturday, and I've been able to take Zoe (our chiweenie) out for walks in the park again.
  15. Finally got Everdell to the table on Saturday with three players. Took us a few rounds to really "get" the game, but once we did, it was fantastic! I'm definitely ready to break out the Pearlbrook expansion as well and add that in. It has a very nice table presence as well, even if the tree is a little unnecessary
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