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  1. I haven't played the 5e version but in 3.5 Ebbron was a great mod that the is easy to mod into a one shot I'd also recommend getting info from the players for an idea of what they want to play and an alignment and have characters ready to play. If you want to give them a feel for the role play element give characters out a day early and ask them to create a back story. Also look into Hero Labs from Lone Wolf Dev not sure how often you DM but its used to track and create NPC but it works well with creating and setting up for one shots and the pages are easier to read to new people. http://www.wolflair.com/
  2. Is it supposed to be Ratatoskr?
  3. Look up lignum. It was given to me as a joke but it turned out to be a really good game.
  4. It's been a while since I've played so I might be a little off the mark but after characters are chosen each player/hero has there own draw deck so if players play with a closed hand an alpha like myself can't tell them when or what to play. Also for groups that have alpha issues the unlock series is way better then exit I recommend it.
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