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  1. Just wait. My memory sucks. I would probably just forget everything we talked about. 😛
  2. Hey Wilki, thanks for the questions. I am always happy to discuss anything you may want to know. The magnets are a quarter inch in diameter. The negative face always goes into the screen. Positive faces out. The magnets are 4" apart horizontally and 5" apart vertically. We could easily leave the rods longer if you'd like. We make them shorter so they work on every sculpt but it is easy to leave a bit longer. They are 5/8ths in size. Yes, we will do a custom 4 panel sculpt. The dice tower idea is interesting. I would have to discuss more of what you wanted in detail before agreeing to it but I am sure we could work something out. Yes, we have done that level of customization on a lot of things before. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks. I painted a bright off white base and followed up with only washes. Wanted a sickly feel. I used some technical rusting paint on the metal. I thought it offered a nice contrast to the fleshy skin. Pleased with all of it, especially since it was a lot of experimentation. One thing my MFA taught me, do not be afraid to experiment.
  4. That is so cool. Congrats. You are inspiring me to paint more and, maybe, enter a contest or two....maybe....someday. Congrats to Mrs. Zoxe as well. You are a power painting couple! I did a little painting last night as well. Finished up my mole man for Monsterpacolypse. Had a lot of fun with him.
  5. https://www.magnet4sale.com/neodymium-magnets/neodymium-disc-magnets/
  6. Check these out. I usually use the quarter inch for a standard and go up to a half inch for large sized minis. Or I will just add two.
  7. That's very cool. Nice work. To make it a little safer, you could drop a magnet into the center of the plinth and glue one to the base of your mini and it would hold that puppy on there tight. That mini looks amazing, btw!
  8. That's hilarious. Tough little bastard.
  9. Hah. No TENNIS!!!!!! What's a game con without tennis and a trail run!?!?!!?!??! I would consider going. Will need to check my schedule as we get closer. It is quite the haul for me...7.5 hours without stops.
  10. That is a big game with a lot of very cool minis. So far, I have painted....wait for it....ONE of them. One of the Mounted Flayed Men. Turned out very cool. I can understand your idea to paint them quickly. One of the problems I foresee is the variety of units but it shouldn't be too difficult. I painted mine using almost primarily washes then some opaques over top for highlights. It went quite well. I also cannot wait for the new Tully Cavaliers!
  11. Some new stuff coming out today that I am very excited for!
  12. Yeah, very similar here. I am loving it. I sleep so well when it cooler at night.
  13. That's amazing! Congrats on your well deserved win!
  14. Perfect. Thanks for that. I am just thinking about our next game. It will be in the 40 buck range. High quality but no minis, which is where the big price jump occurs from our end. We are leaving them out but might do them later if the game goes well. Thanks for your input. Very helpful.
  15. I totally phrased that wrong. What I was feebly trying to ask was where do YOU personally rate game prices? What do you consider to be an inexpensive game nowadays?
  16. I agree on these points. One question, where do you see the price points for inexpensive, expensive, and very expensive. Just business curious? I.e. What would you consider a game that's $20, $40, $100, etc.?
  17. I will keep my eyes peeled for another piece like this. We are doing a small batch deck jacket run later this week. Let me see what I can do...
  18. Here's a quick little video of our shop. New camera. We will get better with it. Try not to vomit from the movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkgj2iJtkxI&feature=youtu.be
  19. Okay, email just went out. Sorry, I got busy and didn't post here.
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