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  1. This is the first bust I have ever attempted. It is about 80% done with some more work needed on the Goblin Rider.
  2. A place to post any questions about the hobby and to post pics of your work.
  3. Konas

    #2: Chechen

    It is highly sought after because of its rarity and because of its unique patterning.
  4. I have one that have been working on for a while...if Lindsey reminds me I will take a pic tonight and post it here tomorrow. I was fearful at the start too so I know how you feel.
  5. Don't fear the busts...I think they are much easier for skin tones and faces. Much bigger space to work with.
  6. Konas

    #2: Chechen

    @Barb Bliss 90 Hostas! I had no idea there were that many available. Gotta get me some Spartan Lances!
  7. If you are curious to see how bad of a mini painter I am, you can check out our Skirmish Box KS. I painted all of the minis used in the pics (except for the Star Wars ships which are prepainted).
  8. Be sure to use a good protective finish after you are done, especially with minis you plan to use heavily. Most people prefer a Matte finish because its more realistic. It's not as hard as a Gloss however so spray with a gloss first, then a matte after its dry.
  9. We have been playing Mutant: Genlab Alpha for a little bit now (I believe I wrote about it on these forums somewhere). I highly recommend it...highly. Mutated anthropomorphic weasels and bears...nuff said.
  10. Konas


    Thanks, I wholeheartedly agree.
  11. YES! Love this as well. Also, love the engine used in that game...it's from Mutant: Year Zero.
  12. And, of course, the art of Jakub Rozulski from Scythe
  13. I love the work of Tomasz Jedruszek. Most of what I have seen from him has been in the Game of Thrones card game...does that count, @Lindsey?
  14. Imitation is the purest form of flattery. We saw this while the campaign was running. We sent an email to thingiverse asking them to take it down, but they wouldn't. I did happen to notice that there weren't specific instructions for getting the polarity of the magnets right. That will be fun for them to figure out. Especially because once the magnets are put in place, it is nearly impossible to get them out.
  15. Konas

    #2: Chechen

    Not many people know that woodworking is actually a form of self defense...
  16. Konas

    #2: Chechen

    Thanks. I will try to keep up the pace of one a week. That's a great idea, you could even keep a small pic of the rash in your wallet and show it to them. Then let them know that it won't start for a few days.
  17. Konas

    #2: Chechen

    Ah, gorgeous Chechen. As I write this, it sits in spot number 2 on the list of my favorite woods that we use (#1 is Redheart). Chechen is strong, heavy, displays an amazing variety of colors, and takes a fantastic finish. For the linguists out there, it is pronounced Chuh-Chen with the emphasis on the second syllable, not Cheh- chen like the Republic. Weird warning about this article: There is a disgusting pic below. Not for the faint hearted. A close up of the colors of Chechen General Info Chechen is grown primarily in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. It is a very valuable tree and is a wonderful source of lumber for these nations. The heartwood of Chechen is incredible, displaying high contrasting stripes of reds, oranges, and golds with alternating grainwork of dark chocolate browns. On the Janka scale of hardness Chechen measures 2,250, making it one of the hardest woods we offer. The Janka hardness scale measures the resistance of a wood to denting and wear. Technically, in one of the more unique tests we have heard of, it measures the force required to push a small steel ball halfway into the wood. In comparison, Red Oak and White Ash (the wood that professional baseball bats are made of) score right around 1,300 on the Janka scale. Our foreman, Puzz Longbeard has a very hard head. His head scores in the 800s. The Chechen tree is a small to medium tree with dark black sap. One of the most distinguishing facts about the tree is that is it poisonous, but more on that later. Incredible looking Chechen timber. Chechen lumber is also known as Black Poisonwood, Chechem (it’s original Mayan name), Coral Sumac, Cedro Prieto, or Caribbean Rosewood. Don’t be fooled, however, it is not a member of the Rosewood family but has gained that moniker due to its amazing coloration and because every wood secretly yearns to be a Rosewood. Fort Save vs. Poison (dc25) If you are travelling through Latin America or the West Indies, be wary of trees with black sap! The Chechen tree emits a toxic sap that can cause some nasty skin reactions. It starts with a redness but will develop into itchy and burning blisters and is, like shaking hands with Puzz Longbeard, very painful. As if that wasn’t enough, the rash won’t start for a few days after contact so you can’t even be sure where you got it or how to treat it. On the bright side, the sap from the Gumbo-Limbo tree acts as a natural antidote to the poison and these trees often grow near Chechen Trees. The Mayans had a wonderful myth about these 2 trees involving 2 brothers that fell for the same beautiful woman. A vicious brawl ensued and both brothers died. While the brothers were chilling in the Underworld, they both prayed to their Gods to be able to look upon the beautiful woman again. The Gods granted their wishes and each of them was reborn as a Chechen and a Gumbo-Limbo tree. Spoiler Alert: the mean brother became the tree with the toxic sap. Rest assured, only the sap is poisonous. The wood, once kiln dried, is safe as is any Dog Might product made with Chechen. Before I forget, I would like to nominate Gumbo-Limbo for coolest tree name ever. I warned you. Thoughts from a Woodworker After years of going to our lumber mill, they would, on occasion, order rough boards of woods that were more rare. Then, they would try to sell them to us with nearly a 100% success rate. Our first introduction to Chechen was the direct result of these fiendishly good sales tactics. Immediately, after the first planing pass, we were hooked. My personal minimalist wooden wallet made from a fine piece of Black Poisonwood Now, everyone in our shop loves Chechen. It may not be everyone’s absolute favorite, but all our woodworkers appreciate its beauty. Chechen is incredibly hard but remains relatively easy to work. Because of its density, sanding it can really suck: you just have to know going in that it’s going to be a time-consuming process. Plus, the resulting finish is well worth it. It is because of the hardness of the wood that it has such a gorgeous luster. And the color, oh my, that color. The pics of Chechen products on our site just don’t capture the sheen. The warmer tones in the wood really come alive after varnishing, especially the golden hues. The grain work, often straight, can be interweaving and almost wild at times. Chechen is a near perfect mix of beauty and strength. When I finally go to the great mead hall in the sky, it damn sure better be made of Chechen. A Dragon Sheath, made from the only board of Spalted Chechen we have ever seen Sources: A bunch of pages from the innertubes and the only book I will ever read, The Wood Bible.
  18. I used to feel similarly but since using them, and for the right game, I love them. For RPGs, I will always "hand roll". Like sushi. Thanks for all the input everyone. Please, keep it coming. We have our prototype close but are making some design changes and are open to all ideas right now.
  19. What do you think of Abyss? I always wanted to try it out, especially after seeing the expansion come out.
  20. We had our second set up session for a new RPG group last night. We are playing Mutant: GenLab Alpha which is a fantastic setting and engine. The PCs are basically mutated animals living in a computer run prison that was built on the remnants of a ski resort in Colorado. The world is post apocalyptic. They are fenced in and watched over by drones and sentinels who the elders in each animal tribe view as guardians that must be obeyed. The PCs will be part of the new Resistance that is just starting to take hold. Very excited. I am GMing four players, all woman. 3 of them have never played an RPG before. I am pretty pumped up about it. The art in the corebook is fabulous as well. https://www.modiphius.net/products/mutant-genlab-alpha-core-book-print-pdf
  21. Konas

    Dog Might Game NIght

    Starting at 4pm at the Dog MIght Worldwide Headquarters! All games palyed. All players welcome.
  22. Konas

    PAX Unplugged

    Dog Might will be at the very first PAX Unplugged.
  23. Konas


    Dog MIght will be at there!
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