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  1. @Innov8 When did you break into our shop and take this pic?
  2. @Ian Coyle Oh yes, you can do that. You will be able to upgrade any or all of the CoCos in any 4 pack. Its already added to the PM.
  3. Coward. @Barb Bliss How about you? You got any guts?
  4. Lindsey and Barb....your turn.
  5. I would love these forums filled with Lumberjack Dog avatars!!!
  6. @Barb Bliss The Mint Tin game box is a brilliant idea. Lindsey and I just played Rhino Hero the other night and it was fantastic and fun.
  7. @TheAuthorOfOZ Its amazing to hear that someone in the world created an Excel spreadsheet just to aid them in deciding what they want us to make them. Awesome! @Serge Darveau Love the color selections and the tile choices. I, too, am a sucker for the sculpted tiles.
  8. I love that you started this thread. Let's see if I can be of a little assistance. Here's is the link that will appear in the Pledge Manager (out VERY soon) that will allow you to make your tile configurations. You can just copy and paste your selections here using the style code generator. http://dogmight.com/cccode Hope that helps! My personal selection would be an XL CoCo in Redheart with the following tile choices: Square|Square|Bowl|Bowl|Dragon|Quad|Dog Might|Dog Might|Dual|Reverse Deck|Branch|Spartan
  9. Yes, an engraving option is on its way. And, yes, that pic above the Red Oak is Red Oak. Awesome comments everyone, thanks so much.
  10. Allright everyone, here is the preview link to our newest Kickstarter that we will be launching shortly. Would love to hear some opinions!
  11. I've played Betrayal at House on the Hill. It broke badly, which I have heard can happen. I also have heard that it can be amazing if it doesn't break. Will look into Fortune and Glory. If you like Co-op, check out Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. A completely different board game experience that is well crafted and loads of fun to play. Especially with a glass of fine spirits in your hand.
  12. Hah, hopefully our new woodworkers won't see the "dumb and happy" comment and think that's our new mission statement.
  13. Konas

    Our logo.

    If you ever see us at a Con, ask us how we came up with the Dog Might name....
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