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  1. Might want to wait for the email cuz there's a way to get a discount. A survey.
  2. @Thomas Browne You are going to love that Ziricote Mini Box. I don't know how you all keep seeing these before the email even goes out. Incredible.
  3. Yes, we did once sell a box for the low, low price of 1 dollar. We clearly haven't learned our lesson.
  4. Hmmmm, it is an amazingly hard wood but.....YES. Send me a note.
  5. I love it. We really appreciate the voracious appetites for exotic lumber our Barkers continue to demonstrate.
  6. Yes, Adam, you should try it out. Loads of fun! Even if it's just a smaller local one with no vendors.
  7. That looks great! I hear you on the "need for fresh eyeballs". Let's just say that I like to paint the bigger models...
  8. Sucks. Get well soon. Thanks for visiting. It was great to put a face to the name. Hope the trip was worth the illness, especially with the loss at MSU
  9. Barb, did you make it home safe?
  10. I demand a jumping high five freeze frame next Kickstarter Live!
  11. Wow, so pleased that we are making such high demand stuff. Don't worry, we will have more up soon. And it is gorgeous....
  12. Wow, you were quick on those Dragon Sheaths! You got them right before we sent the email! Do you have a camera up in our office? Nice buy on the Tamarind...
  13. What are you going to use the d120 for? Just curious.
  14. @Lindsey So proud of you! Great work on this amazingly fun game!
  15. Your first one, the Rosewood, came through today. The rest are coming! Shouldn't be too long...
  16. It was a one off finish. Like our Demon's Blood but using an Orange tint instead of red.
  17. Thomas, I just packed up your CoCos and they are gorgeous. The Redheart is beautiful as always but the XL Benge might beat it. Gorgeous luster on it! Should be to you in a few days!
  18. That looks great! Your minis are fantastic.
  19. I know. I am slow. I have been swamped with the Holiday orders and CoCos. It should lighten up this week and I can hopefully finish the Blog soon. It is about half written.
  20. So many times I could have used this. I often find myself scrambling to find a Dog Costume AND a wheel of cheese at the same time!
  21. Great article, Lindsey. Although I prefer to be play a Villain, I do enjoy being the occasional hostage as well. One question, who ate the piece of pizza from the delivery guy's box?
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