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  1. Any one out there into the NFL Draft tonight? As a Detroit Lions fan, I regrettably admit that I am. It is the most hopeful time of the year.
  2. You should try it. There are printable files out there that give you the board and tokens for free. We use d6s for the dice because they are easier to pick up. Just make 1, 2, and 3 zero and the rest count as a 1. It is a really fun game that gets surprisingly tense. Especially when you roll a couple zeros in a row.
  3. Yeah, we have 4 of each style available in stock. They will be just like the ones here.
  4. I feel this way as well. After we got the Song of Ice and Fire game in, we haven't backed another. Great game but just too much. It, literally, filled up the entire back seat of Lindsey's car. We condensed it all into one box but it feels a bit overwhelming. If I owned only one or two games, that would be great but it is not the case at all. Plus, while I do love miniature games, they are the least played at my house mostly due to the time commitment.
  5. Cameron has been obsessed with this game recently and made some very cool boards and pieces for it. http://dogmight.com/rgou
  6. I honestly don't know. Never been attacked by a robin. Plenty of geese have tried to take out one of my dogs but not a robin. Maybe, get a Batman picture and place it close to their nest to keep them in line.😁
  7. Woo hoo! You getting excited for the visit?
  8. These first warm days of spring always make me miss my pontoon. Guess what I named it....
  9. The newest Bones minis delivered on Saturday. As if we didn't have enough minis to paint!
  10. I use good ole Rust Oleum Matte finish on all my minis and have been for a while, even Bones without a problem. It's like 4 bucks at Meijer. Works like a charm.
  11. Great work. These look fantastic. Love the Chef especially, very cool mini.
  12. We have cut the Sentinel deeper for minis, as a replacement for the Skirmish Box. We don't sell many of the SBs and the crew hates making them...lots of glue ups. I have 2 prototypes now. That may interest you, just let me know.
  13. We will be having a drop today, probably about noon EST. Also asking peeps to fill out a survey again for a discount. Check it out here. I always get a bit nervous asking people what we could do better but it's worth it for some more info. http://dogmight.com/survey
  14. Yeah, I love those washes. The Umber Hulk I painted almost exclusively with washes.
  15. Very nice. Everyone is getting so much better. I attribute it all to these forums.
  16. That's very cool. Love the detail in the bottom of the cloak.
  17. Will do. We are low on it right now but should have coming in our next delivery in a few weeks.
  18. Yeah, apparently, some non Underdogs are lurking on the site as well. Maybe a lot of people know that @Barb Bliss is at the dentist.
  19. Yeah, if anything is 'featured' it stays at the front of the line. That's why they appear to be out of order. We are looking into it.
  20. Really, no worries at all. All of the Underdogs have been amazing supporters. I really appreciate it more than you all know. If you never buy another thing from us, you will still hold the same standing with me. In honor of that sentiment, I give you this!
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