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  1. Cool, I will send you an email when @Ian Coyle gives the thumbs up.
  2. Sure thing. Let me know what you need.
  3. Guess what Barb, you will get 2 shipping notices today (or maybe tomorrow). One for the Dice Chest you picked up...and....one for your CoCos!!!!
  4. "Word vomited" and "Ugly cried" used in one post! Amazing. I so love you all.
  5. New stock will be going up later today. Yeah, that stuff really moved yesterday!
  6. All right, everyone. I am going to sand for a few hours then home. Talk soon.
  7. Yeah, that is on our list. We saw "The Evil Dead" last year. It was AMAZING! I never stopped laughing.
  8. Yours was the only response I read. Just kidding @Barb Bliss and @Serge Darveau and the rest.
  9. Lindsey and I just went to Les Mis a few months ago. Oh, and thanks. I will now be singing "One Day More" for the next 5 days.
  10. All righty, here is a little teaser vid for you. We will put up a page on our site tomorrow, if all goes well. We are calling it the Dog Might GM System. The screen is detachable and includes an initiative tracker and 2 pieces of Plexi for notes. The whole system also holds 4 slimline Dragon Sheaths. The screen comes off easily so you can move it around the table. It is also amazingly stable. And it all closes up into one portable package. More details tomorrow. Love to hear your thoughts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOy3x94G3a4
  11. That's fantastic. You should have two buckets. One for songs and the other for voices. Pick one from each. Draw and sing "November Rain" by Guns and Roses in the voice of Edith Bunker. My best buddy Phil used to be amazing at voices and at Karaoke he would do a perfect rendition of Julio and Willie singing "To All the Girls I've Loved Before". Both voices. Perfectly.
  12. It is a long standing Konas tradition to scream/sing "It's the ace of spades" by Motorhead when playing that card in Euchre.
  13. Ah yes, Polish Vodka. Warms my heart just to read those words. Sawdust has a tag with "Sawdust" on it but he has a few collars. Some with no name. Pre CoCo KS.
  14. I love the line, "Where hustle's the name of the gameAnd nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain". Pretty cryptic for a Rhinestone Cowboy.
  15. And by Mike you mean Cameron. He is more of the rhinestone and feather guy. He wore spurs on one of our freaky Fridays at the shop. For those of you that don't know, on Fridays here everyone can wear whatever they want, within reason, and we vote on who is the freakiest at our Friday afternoon shop meeting. We also have beers. Barb was with us at the end of our last one!
  16. Hah. You are kind of right but its not a traditional one. I don't know how I feel about the occasional reference to my musk.
  17. I will tell you that it looks awfully sexy in our shop right now. May want to check on the hacked cameras for a look see.
  18. No, no slide. But lots of other features. Barb, it may not be your bag because it is an RPG thing.
  19. I will post in this forum when we have some pics. Before it is up on our site.
  20. Wait on the rolling tray...until you see what we have coming tomorrow.
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