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  1. I also dare anyone to play me in classic Risk. I have what I believe to be a pretty unbeatable strategy.
  2. Evil Empire, Hah. I was like that with AGOT LCG. After messing with my Targaryen deck for a few months I wound up with what was accidently a tourney level competitive deck. Lindsey was not a fan. Haven't played that one in a while.
  3. Has anyone here played Rising Sun? Sorry to go off topic. We have it and have a chance to play it soon and wondering anyone had any thoughts.
  4. 7 Wonders Duel is a great 2 player game that is easy to get into. The Hand of the King is a gateway game. You should checkout Onitama from the DMG game library and play it with Don Johnson.
  5. We had an idea for a hanger system for the Valhalla Screens. Hold tight.
  6. We play mood music too! Usually 1920s jazz or big band. It gets really creepy. My game of the year is Aristeia with Monsterpocalypse a close second. I think those both came out last year though...... Game I played most this year....probably the L5R RPG which is AWESOME.
  7. We are not going. They scheduled it at a terrible time of year for us. We are WAY too busy with straight up holiday retail. Lindsey was considering going to do some work on her games but I think she is holding off.
  8. Your screen in the background is still one of my favorites to come out of the shop!
  9. I feel like this thread is getting dangerously close to a "Let me tell you about my character" conversation that never ends well for anyone. Pro tip: Never do this at a con.
  10. I also only use him as a mount, never in combat. Although I did make him scout for me using the empathic link. Love that I can see through his eyes.
  11. Mine is an Elk named Karl. In the player's companion, their is an Elk-like animal available. We just made mine a straight up elk because I have a cool mini....
  12. I don't cheat! 😉 I just happen to make really effective characters some time. In this group, I am actually holding back a bit because they are new to the game and I want them to make decisions and not feel overrun.
  13. Yeah, I am really digging it. If it were just a straight up archer, I would get bored but the spells ready add a lot of options. I LOVE options and tactics.
  14. Yeah, she was pumped. We have a Barbarian that's heavy into Totems, the newb is an Oracle, and I am a tiefling Hunter that, apparently after last session, cannot miss with a bow.
  15. Yeah, the screen from the KS in Walnut. We gave it to her as a Congrats on the game thing. It's a good game. The Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path, which is really cool. 3 players, another couple and myself. Lindsey GMs. The other female is brand new to RPGs but goes all out. Lots of fun. This was our first session back for about a month because of adult things so go to get going again.
  16. Yeah, Lindsey used her Minotaur screen this weekend for our Pathfinder game and I just kept thinking what a badass she looked like behind that screen.
  17. I just drop some super glue on the base and pour some grass grit on top. Works like a charm. Add a small stone from my driveway and I am good to go.
  18. Wow, you are really getting good. Your work is getting really tight. Love the red around the teeth and eyes. Any chance of adding some texture to the base or does a flat one fit the game better?
  19. Excellent work. Love the color scheme. The base is killer. Let me know if you'd ever be interested in a sculpted plinth.
  20. These are interesting ideas. Keep in mind that small features are easily lost. If you look through the offerings we have you'll notice that most things are larger in scale. We try to keep them bigger and more 'readable'. Some of the sculpts can get lost on busier grained woods.
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