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  1. Absolutely. And there are no silly questions. Not here. Send us a note to custom@dogmight.com and we can start up the conversation. I have four of them at home and use them almost everyday and they work great. They look better the more you use them!
  2. Looks great. Thanks for posting. May all your rolls through it be TENS!!!!
  3. I do not own one and am quite jealous of you at the moment.
  4. This is an interesting thought. I watch Lindsey paint a lot and she learned from practice and watching a ton of mini painting tutorials on you tube and other channels. I paint much like I did when painting on canvas. I am much more 'free wheeling' than her and willing to try anything for an effect. I think it comes from having to create something on a blank white canvas. I also fail a lot and that's quite all right.
  5. I am still resistant to the wet palette. Mostly due to my canvas painting experience. I watch Lindsey use hers and just think that it actually decreases moisture control by adding some immediately to any pot of paint. But, I realize it is TOTALLY subjective. I just use a piece of acrylic that I have used for years.
  6. Reading that was worse then getting spanked with a steel belt...
  7. BTW, trying out some inlays on your bleached Wenge today. Will know more tomorrow. And yes, I am just mentioning 'bleached Wenge' to get the others fired up! Let the demand for pics commence in... 3...2....!
  8. This use of puns tires me...
  9. One of the more interesting stories from art school: Van Gogh used to clean his brushes in turpentine but he would often forget a towel to wipe it off so he would pop the brush in his mouth to clean off the turpentine. After a while, he grew to like the taste. He then started straight up drinkin' his used turpentine. They believe it could have helped make him a little crazier then he was.
  10. I am jealous. Maybe this XMas I will treat myself to one as well.
  11. Great to hear! It was truly a pleasure to have you here and you are welcome back anytime! We are all moving a little slowly here today, btw.
  12. Yeah, they have successfully foiled ALL of my schemes thus far so I will have to scale things up a bit. The first encounter this morn shall be a tough one. Two words....Cow People!
  13. Some new game boards we are working on. Do you like the look of them? They are relatively small, about 5 x 5". I am really digging the antique design feel to them.
  14. Sweet! Have a safe flight and see you in the morn!
  15. New stick going up. I really dig this mixed species screen. Although, it may be too beautiful for how I GM. It may not send the right message.
  16. On another note, I spent the whole day finishing my prep for the weekend. Prepare to meet your DOOM!!!!!!!!!! @Zoe kept telling me how amazing her Zen Archer Monk was so I had to raise the difficulty just a bit. Just a tiny, teeny little bit.
  17. Yes, I believe it is. Cameron just beat me bad. He was the Coyote. I am guessing that's the fox in your scenario.
  18. Cameron has been working on some new ancient game reworks. Any thoughts? On the left, 12 Men's Morris. On the right, the wonderfully named El Coyote.
  19. I agree with all of these statements. I thought he was in a sling.
  20. I will make a guess that my Lions will pick either a Linebacker or Lineman. Most mocks have them taking a Defensive End or the tight end, TJ Hockenbutt, or whatever his name is. I know neither of you care, just want to state it before they draft.
  21. Hah, yes, I love watching how all of the mock drafts come to a pretty close consensus as the draft nears then it is blown apart by the actual teams and scouts. I think all of the secrecy and smokescreens work more on the mock draft writers then the other teams.
  22. Enjoy it. Were you excited when they got Mayfield last year?
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