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  1. I saw this post earlier but never posted. This is a fine time to do so, being the New Year and all. (In no particular order) 1. Buy a home with a good amount of land, ideally 100+ acres. 2. See a fjord. 3. Finish CoCos. 4. Grow my company to a stable, medium sized shop with 30-40 employees. 5. Run a massive, years long RPG campaign with an incredible group. (I've been a player in a game like this but really want to GM one). 6. Always have at least one dog. 7. Learn how to play my papa's accordion. More to come but that is it for now.
  2. Sweet. That is one of my favorite drinks. The skull is a fitting choice.
  3. Love the giant. Nice work. I have to hand it to you, Barb, you are the most consistent painter of the bunch. You definitely kick out a lot more work then I do. Is that a bottle of Auschentoshen in the background?
  4. With newbs, you have to do a fair amount of handholding. They just don't know what to do unless you tell them sometimes. Happens with experienced players too.
  5. Yeah that is a common feeling for a GM. Don't be too hard on yourself. It was ambitious for a first go. Keep in mind that the main goal is to have fun...yourself included.
  6. Congrats on your first official GM session. Nicely done. How did you like it? The story sounds fantastic.
  7. That's disgusting....and truly AWESOME! The green bile is the best part. I saw somewhere one time that a painter used ripped up cotton balls on the bases to look like snow. Could be cool to try in a minimal way. Nice work on the antlers, too.
  8. You could have a lot of fun with the treasure in this. Sleigh Bells of Deafening. Flying Sleigh. Big red bag of holding. Oh, maybe there is a tree with a bunch of presents around it. When they open the boxes, some may explode. Some grant them buffs. Some have treasure. Could be a fun little game for the PCs to play. It could be like a Deck of Many Things but in wrapped presents. https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Deck_of_Many_Things
  9. Also, make sure you give the PCs some way to heal themselves. Super Duper Egg Nog of Healing. And after you run it, give us a super duper long post letting us know how it went.
  10. Looking over this in detail, it looks really good. It really depends on how easily your PCs can hit things. If you find that they are demolishing their foes, up the AC and HPs as you go. Or lower them if they can't hurt a fly. Always keep in mind that you can make any change you like at any time for the good of the session and the story.
  11. I will dig into this this afternoon. Looking great so far. I have some last minute holiday shop things to take care of but my afternoon is fairly clear. This is a very cool idea, BTW.
  12. That would have been my guess. I think its pretty easy but who knows about others.
  13. Tie a perfect ribbon? Sing a carol? Find some mistletoe?
  14. Perfect. Free and loose. Ready for any thing the PCs throw at you. I might add one encounter that could happen anywhere. just to have at the ready, in case it goes too quickly or you need to buy yourself some thinking time. Just a lightweight mook battle, like an awakened evil snowman or something. Looks like you are off to a great start! Nice work.
  15. I get it, just keep I mind that they won't do what you think they will. So, keep it flexible. Plus, the mirror can be anywhere.
  16. It sounds like a lot of fun. I am sure you'll do great.
  17. I feel like I may not be clear enough so let me try to explain better with an example. The PCs enter an old, broken down church. They can go to the altar, to the side room, to the priest's quarters, or downstairs to the secret offices. I have four encounters prepped. One fight with a mook, say an ogre. Then a puzzle trap thing. A roleplay encounter with a person imprisoned there by the head priest, and then the fight with the priest as the finale. I am going to run them in that order no matter what the PCs do. Say they go into the basement first, guess what, the Ogre is there. If they go to the altar first, the Ogre is there. They feel like they have player agency and the story gets developed in the best way. Imagine if I just had the evil priest in the basement. They go there and kill him then leave because...mission accomplished. This way, everything is revealed and the finale is at the end. The priest is in the last place they go, no matter what. Now, I wouldn't do this all the time, but for a one shot, it is a really good rule of thumb.
  18. How much time do you have for your session? In a four or five hour session, I usually plan 4 or 5 events/encounters. I would try to mix it up a bit by encounter type. 2 fights with mooks, on roleplay event, one puzzle thing, then the BBEG fight. In any order. When I ran the game for the shop, I would prep 4 encounters of different types. In four different areas. I would let them choose where they wanted to go and run the 4 encounters in any order I liked. Once you realize that you are free to do anything in any order, the whole GMing sky opens up to you.
  19. I like it. Have them roll the d6 and don't tell them why. It will freak them out even if they succeed. Plus... PCs love to roll dice.
  20. I like this general outline but, if I may, I would like to offer some advice. First, you have some "if this then that" kind of encounters. Trust me, these will not work out. Your players will NOT do what you want. It's cool to have one in any campaign, but not more than that. They will get discouraged and you will as well. It can be really frustrating to GM something that demands a certain answer. It's more satisfying for you to think of your job as the presenter of obstacles. Don't worry about how to solve them, let the PCs do that. You just present obstacles and be very open to different ways to solve them. Let me say this as loudly as I can, players NEVER do what you want them to. Never ever. So don't hinge the story line on what you want them to do. Keep it open and fluid. I love the necklace but give them a save to try to prevent the effects. At least make it a die roll. If you just say, "You are transfixed because you have low Con" they'll feel robbed. Always give them a dice roll. This story is very cool and you have some very interesting encounters already. Being a GM is a lot of fun. The best advice I ever got was to remember that the main people in the story are the PCs. The GM is just there to provide a framework only. Let them do all the heavy lifting.
  21. Wow, nice work. Blitzen and the Hag are my faves! You are rocking these out.
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