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  1. @tgpumpkin If I build this, will you GM a game? 😋
  2. I've tried this various times to varying degrees of success. With kids, it's great and super easy, just go way over the top. I have also tried it with people in their 50s with no experience just to show them what an RPG is like. Some liked it, my brothers and their wives, some just didn't get it, a girlfriend's parents. Fun either way.
  3. Ah, you sir, are halfway there already. If you want to try it out, try doing something like this with your kids. Come up with a basic plot idea, something like break into a cave and steal a magic chalice from a dragon. Ask your kids what kind of hero they want to be, anything at all. Then just narrate them going through a few rooms. No character sheets or stats, just pure narration. Have them roll a d6 if they want to do something extremely risky. On a 5 or 6 it works. All you have to do is give them obstacles and see how they overcome them. Great for car rides as well.
  4. Interesting. I check out KS that way on occasion. Didn't know if others did as well.
  5. Very cool hearing about the first thing you got from us. Here's today's question...how did you hear of DMG? Just curious, really.
  6. Hah. I will wear my unconstructed jacket....
  7. Yeah, that's the hardest part. It helps if you know the system well enough to be able to do things on the fly. I always also have a few back pocket encounters I can throw in at almost any place. It helps buy some time to think of how to get it back on track.
  8. In the news this morning was a story about a man North of my home that fought off a robber with a Battle Axe that he got at the Ren Faire. Pretty epic.
  9. When I have the time to make my own screen, I think it will be something like this.
  10. Mace and Glass Shelf are words I don't like to see together. I am sure we could build something for you but would need very specific measurements. We have a 'real' flail around here somewhere. It is the weapon that scares me most out of all that we have.
  11. Does anyone around these parts have one of our old dice towers?
  12. That could be a little pricier than we want to go.😁
  13. That is impressive. What was the first thing you ever got from us?
  14. No biggie. Happens all the time. We will get it down. Just need different supplies. I like the creative problem solving.
  15. Maybe when you retire. Until then... All ideas become the property of Dog Might LLC.
  16. So glad I converted another AH player. It gets better once you dive into the scenarios. The things they do to create tension with just a few decks of cards is truly amazing.
  17. Here's a hint...it's ALL about the cards.
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