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  1. Happy hump day everyone! I am in a fantastic mood despite not sleeping at all for no apparent reason. Got the new table home and, I must say, it looks so much better at home than it does in the shop lighting. The figure on the curly maple is just stunning. Not great pics that don't capture the warmth of the wood but I am very pleased. Just in time for Pandemic Legacy tonight!
  2. Like 'design it so that it comes with an attachable gaming table'? 🤣
  3. Pampered....nice. I guess it 'depends' how you look at it......🤣
  4. OMG. I didn't think I could feel more regret...but now I do. 😁
  5. Really?!!?!?! Is no one going to call @Barb Bliss out for this poor word choice? 😁
  6. So, we've been playing around with the R and D token trays. Just the simple four well ones. We've been using it at home for our Pandemic Legacy game and it is working quite well. I love that I can keep the tokens in it and bring it to the table full every week. We are going to plop some plexi on it today and try it out tomorrow. Its like a token shield but it fits better on the table because of its shape. Anything you'd like to see in it? We do want to keep it really simple and elegant.
  7. We've been messing around with this in the shop with good success. We've been using acrylic paint. Pushing it in to the etching and wiping off the top while it is still wet. It has been working well although isn't as consistent as we would like to offer it. And it takes a good amount of time. Hope that helps!
  8. That looks amazing! Thanks for posting. You may get some challenges from some of the others on your 'most perfect version'. I know there are some beauties out there from people that hang around here. 😁 But damn, that is pretty. And, as many know, Redheart is my favorite wood.
  9. I am working on Zombicide: Black Plague. They are decent. The big, expansion monsters are amazing.
  10. Wow, very impressive. I have about 40 on a mini shelf I built. Do you keep them in their game boxes? Do you spray them with lacquer? Just curious.
  11. Wow, you are like a factory. Amazing. I have that many out at once but only actively work on about 3 at a time. You are a machine. How many minis do you have painted in total and where do you keep them?
  12. Those are very cool but do look like a massive pain. Is there a reason for that many parts? Are they super customizable?
  13. Yeah, it wouldn't be for batches, but it would have some added features. I should have pics later this week. Curious to hear your thoughts.
  14. Wow, you are crushing it lately. Great work. Do you work on all of these at once? Also, it appears that you just sticky your minis to the tops of pill bottles. Would you be interested in something a bit nicer? We've been working on some prototypes.
  15. This is sweet. Thanks so much for posting. Could you go into more detail about the initial color stacking? Do you start dark and move up through the lighter colors? If you don't mind...
  16. Now I know where the Wall-a Wall-a moniker comes from...cause its a WALL!
  17. Yeah, FFG's LCGs are pretty damn addicting. For a while, we were hooked on 3 of them and had to get everything that came out. Then, we got too busy and cut back a bit. Thank goodness. Now, I will be pestering you to play the Arkham Horror LCG . I have already turned @tgpumpkin and @WxCougar!!!!!!!!!
  18. Uh oh, did you just play your first Fantasy Flight LCG?!!??!?!?!?! You have opened a can of worms.
  19. 10 would be sweet too. But gotta dream big. I've always wanted a good amount of land to hunt.
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