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  1. I am not saying to shoot a roosting duck. Give the kids a few months to fatten up first.
  2. Ducks are some of my favorite foods. Get your shot gun ready!!!!!
  3. Yes, you do. I have said it before and will say it again, one of the best games around. It might not feel that way when you first start, the beginner scenario doesn't really show off what this game can do, but it is worth sticking to it. I promise.
  4. And it is suspended already. That was quick. I guess KS doesn't like the negative press.
  5. I am aghast. I really don't know what to say. How is this even possible?
  6. I feel like that when I don't want to take my dog for a walk. Can't imagine how it is with kids. Must be brutal.
  7. Wow. Just wow. What a sad tale.
  8. The sad truth is that it will hurt the consumer most of all. Even a 25% tariff doesn't get US companies close to beating China on production prices. In my experience, US manufacturing for board games is about double what it is in China. That tariff would need to be about 100%. But, I am not an expert at all.
  9. Wow. This is going to put some small companies under that are waiting for KS fulfillment orders to come in from overseas. Ouch.
  10. We had a great weekend of gaming. It was cold and rainy here so stayed indoors and played some oldies bit goodies. Memoir 44, Camel Up, and Evolution. Also, smoked some St. Louis Style Spare Ribs. My best work yet. I think I am getting it down.
  11. OMG, I don't know if I have time....I will try my best Guy launches Game of Thrones card game with signatures from stars of show and GRR Martin on items The page is terribly amateurish Says he spoke to VP at HBO and secured rights Changes KS text to read that he doesn't need rights Verbally abusive with KS commenters A backer finds a you tube vid of the creator harshly verbally abusing his children. Was no video of actual scene, just verbal. Camera was on some video game he was streaming KS commenters get in touch with police in creator's hometown and are actively archiving video. Creator changes KS avatar to a woman and writes that she is actually the creator of the game. KS is shut down. He launches on Indiegogo which I believe is shut down now. Today he launches again saying that it is not the same person. I am sure I missed a lot but those are the salient points
  12. This is insane. I was hoping it was a joke. Maybe a backer from the first campaign trying to be funny. Even that would've been in poor taste after the last one ended. This is worse.
  13. Is this really him? I cannot believe this is happening.
  14. Great thread! A few months ago, I was sleeping and had a strange dream. I was at a cookout on some Sunday afternoon. The party was quite large, a few hundred people, large white tent, many tables. A friend from college was playing in the band that was entertaining the party goers. Out of nowhere, fierce winds started to blow and rain came down in a torrent. The hosts began handing out clear plastic tarps to everyone to cut a head hole in and wear for protection. As I put mine on, I noticed that there was something rolling on the grass in the high winds. I couldn't make out what it was as it rolled up onto my tarp covered leg. Once it stopped rolling, I could clearly see that it was a mouse about the size of a house cat. I kicked it off my leg...... And that is when I woke up. I was in massive pain as I had just kicked the wall next to my bed as hard as I could. My immediate thought was that I had broken my toe. Sawdust, who had been sleeping on the bed next to me was clearly freaked out. It hurt like a son of a bitch. My toenail fell off and, I think, it is growing back slowly now.
  15. Hey, if the pros over at HBO can overlook it...so can we!
  16. Agreed. That was pretty crazy to watch. I am really glad it is over in a lot of ways. It wasn't good for the gaming community in any fashion.
  17. Those types of pics may require a different type of license all together.
  18. I do have a little bit of experience with licensing, nothing ever as big as GoT though. In my experience, it is a long, slow process that involves a number of people and/or separate companies that all must approve each individual product to be released under that IP. For some larger companies, and I am guessing this would be true of this franchise, there is another company involved for their brand management and licensing opportunities. Typically, a company would deal only with the company hired to build branding of that IP. All approvals would go through the brand management company, without direct access to the owner of the IP directly. I find it odd, to say the least, that a VP at HBO would simply sign off on a product, especially for the monster IP that is GoT.
  19. Wow. Amazing. I love the 'real' AGOT LCG and I know that, in the first edition, GRRM would actually approve each and every piece of art for the main characters. Looking at the campaign page, I am guessing he didn't do so here. I can't believe it is still up.
  20. I wouldn't know. I only pay for others to go there.🤔
  21. Shut Up and Sit Down does a con in Vancouver. Lindsey goes every year.
  22. Hah. And you thought you were finished! These look great. Your skills are quite admirable. I am jelly. I often think to myself that you are only much better then me because you have an air gun. I know its not true but it is what I tell myself.
  23. I remember that Dice Tower! That was a couple years ago in the old shop!
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