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  1. It's only Custom ordered stuff, not in stock. We thought in stock would skew the numbers.
  2. Yeah, we were surprised as well. We use to make stock based off of 'gut feeling' and would make a bunch of stuff that wouldn't sell. Now, I like to measure everything.
  3. Here is the popularity for woods/stains for token shields for an unspecified period of time. This is pretty much how it looks for all items. This is only for Custom orders, not in stock. Token Shield wood Black Walnut 32 Cherry 16 Galaxy 12 Red Oak 12 Demons Blood 9 Ruby 9 Dark Walnut 8 Benge 7 Ebony 7 Padauk 6 Chechen 6 Abyssal Black 5 Wenge 5 Poison Apple 5 Sapphire 3 Sunburst 3 Cake 3 Maple 3 Moss 2 Bolivian Rosewood 2 Leopardwood 2 Electric Pink 1 Early American 1
  4. And the answer is amazingly consistent over all product types and in stock as well as custom orders.
  5. Guess what is our most popular wood and/ or finish. For example, the answer could be a wood type like Padauk or a colored stain like Ruby. The answer is neither of those, btw.
  6. Just send us an image and we can do it. The only thing is that we are very limited on which material will accept it. So far its only the Wine and the Black that we've shown. We have more fabric coming for testing.
  7. Interesting. I will see if we can do that. It is in its infancy right now.
  8. Nice catch. Also, check out this cool engraved lining Dani just created.
  9. I did however just find a piece of live edge Kingwood that I may use to make my own base.
  10. I get it but I have been using mine for 2 weeks and it is remarkably easy to keep paint off of it. If the Ziricote doesn't sell, I am taking it.
  11. Some cool stuff going up today. Should be a pretty big drop. Lots of Player Pads and some more triple Mini Holders. I really hope the Ziricote base doesn't go because I really want it.
  12. Yeah, only cost me about a million dollars to save 900!!!! 😋
  13. It really went pretty quick. About 6 to 8 on the high end. Pretty simple build, no fancy add ones. I did two dado cuts on the bottom of the legs for some flare but really, just let the wood be the wood.
  14. We went to Art Van, a local furniture store in MI, and they had a few 'Amish built' tables actually made from solid hardwood. They started around $1100. I made this for about $100. Pretty good deal. I did not have to pay for my own labor, mind you.
  15. I suppose your right. Evidently I will build a 'gaming table' despite all of my protests to the contrary. Hah.
  16. Yeah, we are pumped to actually have enough room for our games and beers and snacks and everything!
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