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  1. I brought in some minis today to take pics of in our photo booth. Want to see how they look with good equipment.
  2. Looks good. Love that blue for the cloak. Do you feel like you are able to keep paint off the wood of the painter easily? I feel like the cork gives it plenty of room.
  3. Hah, yes that sounds like a good plan. Get her hooked and the mini hobby will open up to you.
  4. What better way to spend the cold UP winters then around a Dog Might game table!
  5. Now, now...everyone just calm down. No need to start counting all your DMG stuff. Everyone just relax. 😅
  6. I am surprised. The figure is much more bold on this one. Usually our tastes align. Oh well. Let me just finish by saying....you are totally wrong.😃
  7. Nope. Just found it yesterday. Nice burl. Not as stunning as what you are looking for but very nice.
  8. It IS a heavily figured piece of Bubinga. And dark too.
  9. I really dig how the mix of the routed edge and the live edge make the base feel like something ancient.
  10. Some cool bases coming through. This is a glimpse of the first 3. Some cool Bolivian Rosewood and another live edge walnut coming through later today. What wood is the base in number 2?
  11. We created some really cool screens for B. Dave Walters and some streams he is working on. One is Vampire themed. One is dragon! Vampire is set in Miami, hence the palm tree.
  12. Cool. I really need to get my airbrush working so I can speed paint the zombies in Zombicide. No way in hell am I hand painting all of them.
  13. Here, I'll fix that for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otXGqU4LBEI
  14. Played Zombicide again over the weekend. Love having at least some of the minis painted for it while playing. Very proud of the bases that, hopefully, meld right into the map.
  15. My painting desk is terribly messy. You can also see the abundance of minis I choose to work on at once. Damn ADHD. 😃
  16. Working on getting some pics transferred here now.
  17. I don't know about cherry but I do have an amazing waterfall Bubinga and a live edge walnut coming. And a tamarind double. I'll see if I can find a sweet piece of cherry but it probably wont be done until Friday. I am really enjoying making these. I think it is a very cool way to have some killer wood get used. I used mine all weekend, a live edge Kingwood Double, and it was wonderful.
  18. Have fun everyone. New guy won teammate of the week. Picked a bigass knife from the Box of Mystery as his prize.
  19. Monday I will show you the preferences for Sentinel Interiors....
  20. You are correct. Have a great weekend! Hopefully some L5R RPG this weekend. Our Pathfinder game got cancelled. Have fun gaming everyone.
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