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  1. I have played a number of these and feel similarly. Arena Rex has INCREDIBLE models but, in my experience, the game is very simplistic and gets a tad boring. In the 10 or so games of it I have played, it usually devolves into a lot of pushing into pits. Pits are an instakill and to push someone into a pit, you inevitably, have to get near that same pit. Then they push you into it....etc. They also release very slowly. Guild Ball is fantastic. The models are very cool. For me, this suffers almost from the other extreme from Arena Rex. Faction play is complex and they release a ton for it. Almost too fast. Hard to keep up with. But, the game is quite good. Warmahordes models are insane. Great quality and fun to paint. This game seems as deep as you want to make it. Not pleased with the turnover to an app in place of cards. I really am not a fan. If I may suggest something that may be a nice medium for you. The new genre of Kitchen Table mini games. These are skirmish games that fit on your table and are less sprawling in content. Aristeia by Corvus Belli or Monsterpacolypse from Privateer Press are two great examples. I fully enjoy both of these games. All of the benefits of a full mini game without the huge overhead to get into before realizing you like it or not. The models for both games are excellent and really different and genre breaking. Neither is strictly 'fantasy' which is a nice change. You could purchase 10 minis for each game and have 2 very cool teams to play for each. We paint the minis from Aristeia and then use a draft system before each game. It works very well. You still get the 'team building' feeling that you would from Hordes or Guild Ball, but not the huge buy in and not at all limited by faction. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Grass looks good. Especially for the scale that this mini is. Compared to the tower and the dragon, the grass would be massed together like you have it. If you, for instance, had more individual 'leaves' it would break the illusion. Nicely done!
  3. This is fantastic. I am totally going to rip this off once I get a compressor...hopefully over the holidays. I keep a word doc with your instructions on my desktop to refer back to later. I hope you don't mind...but imitation is the purest form of flattery. 😋 I really dig this style because I use most of my minis for RPGs and having a lot finished quickly is high on my list. Your palette choices are what really make your minis sing for me. It is unusual, dark and creepy, and very evocative. It will work wonderfully in most RPG sessions. I am guessing this is why you use it for KDM as well.
  4. Hah. We should be fine. We are driving on the north side of that. Hard to fly with a bunch of guns.
  5. Nice work. What game is this for?
  6. Have you tried the Games Workshop Shades? They are the best I've worked with. Nuln oil is great. Stay away from the gloss though. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Painting-Modelling?N=1088720681+882366425&Nr=AND(sku.siteId%3AUS_gw%2Cproduct.locale%3Aen_US_gw)&Nrs=collection()%2Frecord[product.startDate+<%3D+1574252040000+and+product.endDate+>%3D+1574252040000]
  7. That's how I read that at first. I love washes. They are some of the best, most efficient paints for minis. LOVE THEM!
  8. 'Smoke wash in the nuts'.....🤗
  9. Wow, those are excellent. A couple things I really love are the color changes on the arms of the tree...super nice and subtle, and the teeth on the packages, especially the middle one. Great work. How in the hell did you paint those small packages so cleanly? Mine would've been a mess.
  10. So @Thomas Browne, we got in about 800 board feet of walnut today, the biggest order we have ever gotten. I was perusing some of the boards and found these. Hard to tell with just a rough cut on them but there is something special here. Let me know if you're interested. No pressure at all. Either way, thought it would be cool to post them as roughs and let everyone see how they turn out. Thomas, send me a note if you see something that speaks to you.
  11. Yep, just the two of us. Puzz was starting to do some work for us part time but we didn't officially hire him until the Adventure Case KS. He was a stretch goal in that campaign.
  12. We were just 2 wee lads at that point. That's probably the only way you would have found us. Before that, we were at Gencon selling Livestock Uprising and a few deck boxes.
  13. That is a killer decanter! What can you tell me about it? We have a very small decanter collection at home.
  14. Yeah, Leather Mike has a habit of breaking my painted minis when we play RPGs. Always an accident but I don't think he understands the time involved. I am missing one of my favorite minis from the last time we played at the shop. And it was from a massive Warhammer 40k box and I can't get it solo.
  15. I share your love of miniature games. I haven't played DC but love Arena Rex, Guild Ball, Aristeia. Playing a game with minis that you've painted just brings the whole lifestyle together in a way that is very rewarding. Also why I love playing RPGs with minis. I know there is a huge mini wargaming community out in the world but our local scene is barren. We had one store locally but it shut down a few months ago.
  16. Sweet. That is good to hear. Our first game will probably be a 3 player. Hopefully, Wednesday of next week. I am really digging the minis which always makes me more inclined to play a game. I know its sad but its true.
  17. Wow, I really need to proofread my posts much more closely... 😋
  18. Okay. I wanted to see if I could remember that AC. Sometimes I can even after years. Especially when I used to finish every product we made, including yours.
  19. Good work! I will see if I can get Leather Mike to put together a PDF. He is useless today though. His 2 year old was up all night.
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