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  1. I like it. Have them roll the d6 and don't tell them why. It will freak them out even if they succeed. Plus... PCs love to roll dice.
  2. I like this general outline but, if I may, I would like to offer some advice. First, you have some "if this then that" kind of encounters. Trust me, these will not work out. Your players will NOT do what you want. It's cool to have one in any campaign, but not more than that. They will get discouraged and you will as well. It can be really frustrating to GM something that demands a certain answer. It's more satisfying for you to think of your job as the presenter of obstacles. Don't worry about how to solve them, let the PCs do that. You just present obstacles and be very open to different ways to solve them. Let me say this as loudly as I can, players NEVER do what you want them to. Never ever. So don't hinge the story line on what you want them to do. Keep it open and fluid. I love the necklace but give them a save to try to prevent the effects. At least make it a die roll. If you just say, "You are transfixed because you have low Con" they'll feel robbed. Always give them a dice roll. This story is very cool and you have some very interesting encounters already. Being a GM is a lot of fun. The best advice I ever got was to remember that the main people in the story are the PCs. The GM is just there to provide a framework only. Let them do all the heavy lifting.
  3. Wow, nice work. Blitzen and the Hag are my faves! You are rocking these out.
  4. Copied onto my 'Zoxe painting' doc. Thanks for this. I was going to ask about glue for metals. I am signed up for the Privateer Press mini crate for L5R minis, which are extremely cool, but really tough metals to glue up. I will try the Loctite. A question: On your blog, you stated a while ago that the compressor you used was an inexpensive one from Amazon. I ordered it but it never got to me and I have held off on ordering again. Is this still your recommendation? Also, for any of you that haven't checked it out, tons of info is available on Zoxe's blog: https://zoxes.blogspot.com/
  5. There's a bunch of conspiracy theories proposed on these forums...Dusty Doom...Game Tables....1,000 page threads....I am sure @tgpumpkin can help in this regard.
  6. YW. I have been thinking about creating a good villain for the March visit campaign. I have some good ideas. Maybe I'll pitch them to you via email as we get closer and as I get a clearer picture in my mind. So...wait a minute...did the bank actually block the WOTC site or is it just a wider basic blocked net?
  7. I wanted to share this yesterday but the site was down. There is some very cool ideas about creating and running a cool villain here written by some of the best DnD minds around. The type is very small on the 7 articles. Start at the bottom one, 'Basic Villainy'. http://archive.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd%2Farch%2Fvb&fbclid=IwAR1SwNp70VTpTHlJx1uS0CQ3KWX6PX639wPdyJVhXnUCYS0297ZVCnivbtA
  8. Hah! Edgar Winter easy! Great name! This festive paint scheme really fits your style. Nicely done. Now, the important question, will you finish painting and creating the campaign in time?!?!?!?!
  9. Totally fine. We get a surprising amount of visits here. Just had one last week. I just couldn't allow an underdog losing a finger on a band saw. It would really hamper the stock drop madness.
  10. Looks like you have your follow up for next year! The Gingerbred Gang comes down from the North Pole to get their revenge on the PCs!
  11. I don't mean to be the wet banket here...but...this will never happen. Put it in the drawer right next to Game Tables.
  12. I asked Zoxe his advice for an XMas gift. It is non-Underdog related, it was just easier to reply to him here. 😉
  13. Gotcha. Generally, an enemy has an Armor Class, or AC, that is based on the armor they wear and/or their dexterity. It can also involve other factors, like magic rings of protection, natural armor, blah blah. Generally, and this goes for every d20 system, 10 is a baseline. 15 is pretty good. 20 is VERY good. Above 25 is godlike. An AC is a static number that the hero must achieve to succeed on a hit. They roll the d20 and add any bonuses they would get for fighter levels, excellent strength, magic weapons, etc. i.e. A Hero decides to attack a tainted elf. The elf is pretty nimble but has no armor at all. I would say his AC is around a 13, pretty average as a mook should be. The strong fighter of the party tries to hit him with a +1 magic sword. The fighter adds his strength bonus, say +2, to his roll as well as a 'good fighter' bonus, often called a base attack bonus in DnD, say +2 in this case. So he rolls a d20, adds a total of +5 to that result and hits on a result of 13 or higher. So he needs to roll an 8 or better. This is really the basis for any d20 system. If you kind of understand the general 15 is a decent average, then you can really make up the numbers on the fly if you need to. The BBEG, your evil hag, should be hard to hit due to magic defenses, maybe an AC in the low 20s.
  14. Ah, yes, I see it now. I am very excited to try this method with little touches of my own style. I use a lot of washes now, sometimes only using them and dry brushing. Works well and it is quick. It's got to be fairly quick for me for all regular models. PS. That thing we discussed earlier via email is a go. Keep it on the DL for now por favor.
  15. I don't think it matters where they fight the hag, just make it a cool spot. Make all the areas that fights occur really cool and different. You have a ton of latitude because of the 'magical' location. Wherever they fight the hag, make it the most 'tainted' of all the sites. I don't know what you mean by hits and misses. I haven't played Roll Player.
  16. This is a fantastic idea. I think the story is great. What would be the main location? I think Santa's Workshop could be very cool. It could be this wonderful, fantastical place that is now tainted by the spell. Think about special abilities for the tainted foes. Maybe there's weird jack in the boxes that play a tune devastatingly loud before exploding, things like that. 2 simple things to remember for any campaign. Make the foes memorable. And make the locations unusual. With foes, I always try to make them annoying in some way. Really aggravating. Either with an annoying voice or language choices. Also, make them harm one of the allies, like the Easter Bunny. For locations, I try to use a lot of different levels. As players, fighting foes in separate 'spots' is tougher. Don't line them up and let the PCs run up and murder them. Make one on the main floor, 2 on a balcony, and one flying around in a toy plane. Something like the North Pole offers a lot of interesting possibilities. I imagine it would be infused with magic, even better now because it is tainted. Beside the interior of the workshop it could have Elven homes in the trees, frozen lakes, Santa's weird little home, stuff like that.
  17. I guess I should answer the question too. I really want to play Rising Sun. Been trying to for a few weeks now but stuff keeps popping up. Also want to run a full campaign of the Legends of the Five Rings RPG. We've had a few one shots but really want the depth of a campaign. The delay has mostly been due to me pushing because I haven't prepped. Lastly, I REALLY want to GM a game of Outbreak:Genlab Alpha. I started this two years ago but the group split after 2 sessions. Too many players with newborns in the group. (You want to make sure you have a game group that breaks up quickly, add a few newborns to the equation).
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