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  1. Just now, Barb Bliss said:

    I'm open for a Gamehole get together with you and @Konas and others that may be willing to travel to Madison.  Take one day or less to look around and the rest of the time to play games and drink.  And no.  I'm not interested in running or playing tennis @Konas.

    Hah. No TENNIS!!!!!! What's a game con without tennis and a trail run!?!?!!?!??!

    I would consider going. Will need to check my schedule as we get closer. It is quite the haul for me...7.5 hours without stops.

  2. 40 minutes ago, turbodonk3y said:

    I'm hoping for A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game that I can just use the new GW Contrast Paints. I still enjoy painting for detail, even if I'm not great, but larger groups of minis would be nice to get through quickly.

    That is a big game with a lot of very cool minis. So far, I have painted....wait for it....ONE of them. One of the Mounted Flayed Men. Turned out very cool. I can understand your idea to paint them quickly. One of the problems I foresee is the variety of units but it shouldn't be too difficult. I painted mine using almost primarily washes then some opaques over top for highlights. It went quite well.

    I also cannot wait for the new Tully Cavaliers!

  3. 2 minutes ago, Barb Bliss said:

    Nothing so spectacular here, but yesterday and today is/was a high on 79 and sub 50 degree dewpoints.  Couldn't ask for prettier days in August.  I woke up to 59 degrees.  I threw open the windows, and am bundled up in my robe with a blanket.  lol

    Yeah, very similar here. I am loving it. I sleep so well when it cooler at night.

  4. 11 hours ago, Zoxe said:

    I'm proud to say that the color shift scorpion won first place for Best Monster in the Shadows of Brimstone painting competition at Gencon.  I was greatly humbled by the response to the figure.  Picture below is in the case at the show floor, followed by a couple of glamour shots in my light box.

    I painted a pair of them, but the category is for best single figure, so I picked the one I liked better for the entry (the one with the ram horn skull).

    Middle of the weekend, I was at the booth buying stuff, and noticed a guy with the scorpion kit box in his hand. He brought his wife to the case, pointed at the box, then my figure, and back again and gestured excitedly. She smiled and nodded, he pulled out a phone and took several pictures of my figure. That one exchange was better than winning anything. 




    My other entry was greatly enjoyed by the people I talked with, but rightfully didn't place. There were some wonderful entries in the diorama category. I painted up two sets of bad guys in the Ghostbusters vs. Slimer theme. The backdrop was out of a hot wheels set that I repainted. 


    The little Ghostbusters shoulder patches were free hand, my first real attempt at something like that. Had a ton of fun, will put the Ghostbusters on the gaming table proudly.

    That's amazing! Congrats on your well deserved win!

  5. 4 minutes ago, tgpumpkin said:

    @Konas I know “expensive” is in the eye of the beholder.  The idea of value and what comes in a game I think plays a significant role in determining if a game is expensive for what it offers.

    the other thing to keep in mind is that I think a NON gamer has a lower price point threshold than a gamer largely due to mass produced games.  Fortunately because gaming is becoming more popular that’s changing but it still exists.


    those points in mind...if looking exclusively at price point I think this range applies to me.

    10-20  budget friendly value game

    20-35 in expensive

    35-60 sweet spot

    60-80 pricier...but if the value can be justified by component quality or quantity of gameplay I’m in

    80+ expensive...again can be justified


    ive backed games across the spectrum and have several in that 80 plus category.  Just feels like everyone wants to be operating in that space these days.  I hope it doesn’t become a trend and the gaming hobby doesn’t create a stigma that any game less than 50 or 60 isn’t a good game.  I don’t feel that way right now but it’s pointing there.


    Perfect. Thanks for that. I am just thinking about our next game. It will be in the 40 buck range. High quality but no minis, which is where the big price jump occurs from our end. We are leaving them out but might do them later if the game goes well. Thanks for your input. Very helpful.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Barb Bliss said:

    Just search board game projects.  Then skip down past the top 20 projects or so.  That's the best you can do.  There is a criteria where you can sort on price iirc, but then you have a bunch of trash projects to go through to get to the $40 range.

    I totally phrased that wrong. What I was feebly trying to ask was where do YOU personally rate game prices? What do you consider to be an inexpensive game nowadays? 

  7. 15 minutes ago, tgpumpkin said:

    Make no mistake @Barb Bliss there is a need and place for pricier games as you mentioned.  As someone who likes nicer looking games I agree with you.  I have seen in some kickstarters where I felt like it was inflated a bit too.  

    All that being said...I do think some attention is needed towards lower price point games.  Not everything can or should be cmon/awaken realms price points.  Both ends of the spectrum should be weighed to include the most gamers.  


    I agree on these points. One question, where do you see the price points for inexpensive, expensive, and very expensive. Just business curious? I.e. What would you consider a game that's $20, $40, $100, etc.?


    11 minutes ago, Barb Bliss said:

    There are plenty of games on ks at a lower price point.  They are just harder to find.


  8. 14 minutes ago, Thomas Browne said:

    I know - I'm just really disappointed this went up when I was out of town without internet access.

    I think this is the first piece I'm really TRULY jealous over  -- There's been things like Adam's Pau Rosa die, or that BoRo dragon that I've thought were beautiful.  

    But I think this is the first piece that I would have snap-bought if I'd been around - but that I didn't even get a chance at.

    I think I may be starting to understand how @tgpumpkin feels.

    I will keep my eyes peeled for another piece like this. We are doing a small batch deck jacket run later this week. Let me see what I can do...

  9. On 7/22/2019 at 5:35 PM, Sinister Liam said:

    Be still my beating heart; it came! Sit down, be prepared to change your drawers, and recognize that the following unboxing photos may be unsuitable if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or are under the age of majority in the place in which you live. And without further ado or preamble, I give you, my dear friend, compatriots, and comrades, Dog Might’s Dime Day Dime Bag!








    Best. Post. Ever.

  10. 11 hours ago, EdInSeattle said:

    I own two adventure cases (a sapphire blue one purchased at a Gen Con--my introduction to DMG!--and a more recent purchase in the experimental Seaworn finish).  I love them--the solid construction, the extra compartments, everything.  Only issue is, I'm at a loss how to use them!  I don't really need them to hold dice, so I was curious: what non-dice uses have /you/ found for your cases?  Gaming or non-gaming related--give me some inspiration, even if that means I'm tempted to buy another one if I see a dye job I can't resist!  ;) 

    I will sometimes use it for games that have multiple components and expansions, like Monsterpocalypse. Super small core box and a bunch of expansion minis that don't all fit back in. I store the pieces in baggies in the top and the minis on the bottom. Great for transporting them in. 

    I also know some people have used them for weed. I am neither admitting to use nor promoting it. 😛

  11. 8 hours ago, EdInSeattle said:

    I'm bringing this topic back!  ;)  I'm tempted (when I have the funds) to commission a scifi piece--something with a spaceship zooming across the screen, with nebulas and black holes and such in the background.  With a custom stain, of course.  ;)

    I'd also be tempted by a haunted house sculpt--something similar to the castle, but with a mansion in the center, and something spooky in place of the dragon head!

    For now I'll be content with my Ocean Depths stained screen, heh.

    Ooooooh, that is a good idea. We are working on some new screen sculpts right now actually. I don't think that will make it into this round but maybe on the next pass.

    We've done some sci fi stuff in the past on different products it just never really sells. People have asked for it and then we make it available and then no one buys it at all. Very curious, actually. 

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