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  1. Some new stuff coming out today that I am very excited for!
  2. Yeah, very similar here. I am loving it. I sleep so well when it cooler at night.
  3. That's amazing! Congrats on your well deserved win!
  4. Perfect. Thanks for that. I am just thinking about our next game. It will be in the 40 buck range. High quality but no minis, which is where the big price jump occurs from our end. We are leaving them out but might do them later if the game goes well. Thanks for your input. Very helpful.
  5. I totally phrased that wrong. What I was feebly trying to ask was where do YOU personally rate game prices? What do you consider to be an inexpensive game nowadays?
  6. I agree on these points. One question, where do you see the price points for inexpensive, expensive, and very expensive. Just business curious? I.e. What would you consider a game that's $20, $40, $100, etc.?
  7. I will keep my eyes peeled for another piece like this. We are doing a small batch deck jacket run later this week. Let me see what I can do...
  8. Here's a quick little video of our shop. New camera. We will get better with it. Try not to vomit from the movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkgj2iJtkxI&feature=youtu.be
  9. Okay, email just went out. Sorry, I got busy and didn't post here.
  10. Using it to store 'pens'? Using it to store 'bins'? Using it to store 'tins'? 😋
  11. Hah, I just moved my mattress back to its proper place after a few nights on the floor during the heat wave.
  12. Well that's the last time I give you all a heads up😃
  13. Drop coming later today...can anyone say 'Bocote'?!?!?!?!?!?!
  14. I will sometimes use it for games that have multiple components and expansions, like Monsterpocalypse. Super small core box and a bunch of expansion minis that don't all fit back in. I store the pieces in baggies in the top and the minis on the bottom. Great for transporting them in. I also know some people have used them for weed. I am neither admitting to use nor promoting it. 😛
  15. Ooooooh, that is a good idea. We are working on some new screen sculpts right now actually. I don't think that will make it into this round but maybe on the next pass. We've done some sci fi stuff in the past on different products it just never really sells. People have asked for it and then we make it available and then no one buys it at all. Very curious, actually.
  16. Very cool specialty st ains coming through today as well a gorgeous Kingwood.
  17. Every time I have played Scythe I have been Polania and I totally agree with you. Action economy is huge in that game and getting extras is HUGE, as it would be in most games.
  18. What faction did you play? More importantly, what faction was your wife? 😛
  19. Lindsey is making some rule edits right now. She will post an update later this afternoon or tomorrow morning with the new stuff. Hold until then! PS. Welcome to our forums!!!! Good to have ya!
  20. We can run you through a demo this weekend!
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