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  1. Excellent. I'm subbed to about 35 channels. All free. There are some great DM advice channels out there. Mini painting ones as well. I also like terrain crafting ones as well. Taking 20, Black Magic Craft, Dungeoncraft, Shut up and sit down, and Tabletop Minions are all channels I really dig.
  2. You can only subscribe to series that you want to follow. I don't think you get an email when new episodes drop but they will be shown in your feed when you open youtube. I have never paid for anything on youtube. Subscriptions are free. The producers get money from advertising only I believe when they get a high level of subs. I am no expert but I think I am correct.
  3. The Red Opera is the one I am looking forward to the most. Warlocks and Heavy Metal....sounds like my 20s. 😋
  4. The overalls look great! Keep pushing it with the wet blending. Minis can take a huge amount of contrast due to their small size. Try it on a mini you don't NEED for a game and go 3 steps further than you ever have before. Low risk, high reward.
  5. I think you made the right choice. The colors feel very ghostly.
  6. I vote gloss. The high contrast in the lights works great. If there is one thing that I try to do is create as much contrast for my minis. Bright lights and dark darks. It just reads better on the table.
  7. Plus, it adds protection to minis that get handled a lot. Spray outside only.
  8. Do you use a spray varnish? If you use a matte finish, it will take away any gloss. I use this stuff and it is marvelous. https://www.amazon.com/Army-Painter-CP3003-Anti-Shine-Varnish/dp/B005WH4C2S
  9. These look great, love all of the color in them. Wet blending is solid. I would push it even further. Mix a bit of orange or yellow into red and use that at the top of the cloak, then move to a straight red for the mid levels, then add blue for the bottom. Keep trying new things. Again, impressed with your production. You are crushing my painting speed by a ton.
  10. Now you're talking! Do it.
  11. I'll tell you what I used to tell my college students when they were too intimidated to try a new technique....you're not curing cancer, you're painting. Try something new. Be fearless!
  12. Good point. Here's one of mine that I wet blended...but yeah....it's a lot bigger and easier to do. I couldn't wet blend on a small mini. Not with my eyes.
  13. Sure. Try it. Why not! I was more talking about trying wet blending on skin. So, for instance, start with a yellow on the top legs then morphing down to a green through wet blending.
  14. Those eyes are fantastic! Wonderful blending. Do that more places, like on skin. So cool to see you push it further and further! Well done.
  15. Hey Oliver, I believe you may have mistaken our forums for one that is actually about dog ownership. While we do love dogs, hence the name of our company, we actually make wooden accessories for tabletop games. However, I actually have a dog that we trail run with and have used a number of harnesses. This is the best one we have used. Our dog is a rescue and somewhat scared of some people. This harness has never let him break free. That being said, I am by no means an expert. Best of luck and thanks for the question. https://www.rei.com/product/170241/ruffwear-front-range-dog-harness
  16. I used it on my Stormtroopers helmets to give them a plastic feel with a gloss. I always use matte varnish to protect my minis without gloss, so you can see the detail in the paint better but sometimes I want a gloss effect. Like on a beholders big eye or some slime spouting from a monster's mouth.
  17. https://www.amazon.com/Games-Workshop-Citadel-Technical-Ardcoat/dp/B007SBBV34
  18. There are gloss washes available, like Nuln Oil. That's a big go to for a lot of painters. Or you can varnish them in satin or gloss instead of matte. I use matte for most of my minis. Theres also small pots of technical paints that will let you put gloss where you want it on an otherwise matte mini. I believe its called ard coat.
  19. Those look great. Keep upping your wash usage to get more and more contrast. Great color. I can't believe how fast you are. I cannot keep up!
  20. Thats very cool. My Strahd Vampire mini looks very close to this. I will take a pic over the weekend and post it here!
  21. Vampires. I just did a bunch of these for my Strahd game. We can compare notes.
  22. Nice contrast on these. The wash on the green skin is well done! I am jealous of how much more you paint then I do even though it is totally my fault. 😁
  23. Did you freehand the graphics on the Ghost Hunter?
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