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  1. No doubles!?!!?!?!! Impressive.
  2. I had no idea you had this many. Nicely done. I am very proud of this as you were one of the more reluctant ones at the launch of these.
  3. This looks like a beautiful forest of minis!
  4. Wow. Amazing. The best work you have ever done. Love the Sorcerer with the magic circle thingy.
  5. Being the wood lover that you are, this was one of your biggest concerns about this product. I am very pleased that it worked out this way.
  6. Thanks for answering these questions everyone. For some reason, I am not getting alerts to new posts in this thread. I agree with all the answers. I paint minis often and am very pleased with the design of these, which is funny because I was leery at first when Leather Mike was prototyping them. One of the unexpected things is how little paint gets on them as you work. If I do get any paint on the holder it is always on the cork and that is pretty rare. Its a cool little feature.
  7. Even though Cocobolo gives me the hives, I do love it so! 😋
  8. Nice. Did you run through Death House or did you start at level 3? We did some home brew stuff then Death House. Am loving it so far.
  9. Nice. How far are you along? We just got to Vallaki so still early yet.
  10. Okay, here is a small sample of my lockdown finished minis. I am running Curse of Strahd hence the Vamps and Vamp Bat
  11. These are sweet. Love the statue in the top pic. Are these each one solid mini?
  12. That new set looks amazing. BTW, they reached out so we all good.
  13. Nice. Will do. Have them reach out to me at my email address (konas@dogmight.com) and we will see if we can give them some gear to giveaway. I think Zoe was the main contact for them so they may not know who to reach out to now. Love Zweihander as well. Am VERY familiar with the game.
  14. I would also look into Facebook groups specific to what you do and look into posting on those pages. Always check in with the mods to see if vendors are allowed to post. Good luck!
  15. I really love the finish on that card stand. I know its just a card stand but its very handsome.
  16. Maybe I should look into it. I love math! Plus I am sure I could get the books real cheap. 😋
  17. Sweet. That is good to hear. We are avid 5e and Pathfinder players here but NO ONE had any experience with 4e so I was, honestly, a little bit nervous. Glad to hear she likes it!
  18. The person that bought that screen had Lord of Bats in his email!
  19. Yeah, it is the initiative tracker on top that clicks in and lights it up. That's only the first go though. Hold tight because we had a fantastic idea over the weekend. More to come!
  20. I am actually working on one for myself. Let me test it out a bit and get back to you. Ideally, I want one that has 3 magnets for 3 mini holders and an area for about 10 brushes on the side of that.
  21. It was actually a custom order. This was the first run of it. Our client wanted a couple things changed and okay'd the sale of the first one. Turned out quite well, methinks.
  22. I am sure we could work something out. I actually believe we have an agreement with Nord Games to make this one available to the public. But it would have to wait until we fulfill to their backers.
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