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  1. Maybe I should look into it. I love math! Plus I am sure I could get the books real cheap. 😋
  2. Sweet. That is good to hear. We are avid 5e and Pathfinder players here but NO ONE had any experience with 4e so I was, honestly, a little bit nervous. Glad to hear she likes it!
  3. The person that bought that screen had Lord of Bats in his email!
  4. Yeah, it is the initiative tracker on top that clicks in and lights it up. That's only the first go though. Hold tight because we had a fantastic idea over the weekend. More to come!
  5. I am actually working on one for myself. Let me test it out a bit and get back to you. Ideally, I want one that has 3 magnets for 3 mini holders and an area for about 10 brushes on the side of that.
  6. It was actually a custom order. This was the first run of it. Our client wanted a couple things changed and okay'd the sale of the first one. Turned out quite well, methinks.
  7. I am sure we could work something out. I actually believe we have an agreement with Nord Games to make this one available to the public. But it would have to wait until we fulfill to their backers.
  8. Awesome to hear. I love mine as well. Looking at these pics, it seems I may need to come up with a good looking brush holder as well.😁 Love that mini!
  9. Just waiting on Jewremiah to get healthy. They ran another custom plexi when they saw your name. Assumed it was the same one. Soooooo, you'll get another one of those for free! Make up for the wait.
  10. Are they pretty complex?
  11. I am sure some of the peeps around these parts would like to see pics of the Fire Dragon player pads moving through the shop.
  12. Use the base! It should wipe clean pretty easily. Glad you like the holders. Let me know how you like them in use.
  13. We don't have any plans to make it available after the KS but that may change based on demand. Generally, we only make KS products for single campaigns. If you click on your account at the top right of the page, then scroll down to 'manage followed content', you can follow any topic or thread there. Hope that helps! 😁
  14. Hey Cimmone! The screen is an 'add on' so you would need to pledge the project at whatever level you like, then click on the 'manage my pledge' button and add $322 to your pledge. Now, I say this because that is how it normally works. I would certainly send a message to Nord games and verify with them. Thanks for the support. If, for any reason, you don't get the pledge correct, I am sure we can make it happen for you even after the campaign closes.
  15. For him, I actually dry brushed highlights first, then washed over the whole fig multiple times with different washes. I would use a brush with clean water on it to clean up a lighter area if the wash made it too dark.
  16. This is an L5R mini from Privateer Press Mini Crate that I totally love. I have about 10 L5R ones from them and most of them are excellent.
  17. Fenrir from Blood Rage
  18. A mini from Reaper, I believe. I literally finished this in about a half hour using mostly washes.
  19. Hey they are. Just a small selection for now. I really don't like bringing them back and forth to work. This is one of the Abominations from Zombicide Black Plague
  20. I brought in some minis today to take pics of in our photo booth. Want to see how they look with good equipment.
  21. Looks good. Love that blue for the cloak. Do you feel like you are able to keep paint off the wood of the painter easily? I feel like the cork gives it plenty of room.
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