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  1. A place to post any questions about the hobby and to post pics of your work.
  2. I play a lot of games. Mini games, board games, RPGs. I want to hear your suggestions for games that I MUST play. Games that are so good, I should buy them immediately and play them yesterday.
  3. Here are some pics of new things that are coming out this week. Included are some very cool mimic boxes in Legendary Woods, a resin accentuated Dragon Tray, a new prototype, and a Chechen GM System that was preordered before the KS went live. That is a gorgeous piece of Chechen!
  4. Great work. These look fantastic. Love the weathering. It's just enough.
  5. Okay all, we are heading out for a burger and a brew. Talk tomorrow. @Barb Bliss feel free to send any trade offers to mike@dogmight.com although he may not be very responsive. Or he may be way too responsive. Cameron can get a little crazy....
  6. Pretty slick isn't it. My favorite Hellhound so far. Cameron, who BTW has been drinking, says that if you buy it, he will send something special along with it. I would like to add that he won't remember this and that I am not tied to this deal whatsoever.
  7. We just started spring cleaning. One room at a time. Reorganizing. Tossing stuff. The garage is last. It is also the repository for stuff we don't know what to do with yet. I am dreading that step already.
  8. Nice work. Strong attitude as well. Anytime I am facing something daunting, just focusing on the first step is key. I also discuss this with my Head of Production as well. It is an easy job to get overwhelmed by. I say this but I am also avoiding working on a Fire Giant mini and an Oni Giant because of nerves. Hah.
  9. Looks great. Nice pics. Thanks so much for posting these.
  10. This forum is for our collectors that want to trade Dog Might gear. Play nice everyone.
  11. This is amazing! Well done! Love the green shading around the eyes.
  12. Looks great. The shadows are the cloak work really well.
  13. It is actually sitting on my desk right now. It does exist. No pics until I feel it is safe to sell.
  14. I have it but it warped. We are letting it dry. Hopefully, you all know that I am leery to send anything out that I haven't used a lot. @Barb Bliss for example, Steins.
  15. Oh, on the trunks! I think I get you now. Sometimes it takes me a while. In this instance, it has been about 3 months.