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  1. Here are some pics of new things that are coming out this week. Included are some very cool mimic boxes in Legendary Woods, a resin accentuated Dragon Tray, a new prototype, and a Chechen GM System that was preordered before the KS went live. That is a gorgeous piece of Chechen!
  2. That's cool. Happy gaming hopefully. And no, I never got hooked up with him.
  3. It was actually Cameron. But, I did proof it and missed it as well. Alas....
  4. Thanks. Always trying to move forward, so its nice to hear that it is noticed.
  5. We are looking into it. We have 17 CNCs right now. Adding another shift next week which will help a ton. Running some production numbers all week long to find out if we need more. We are hiring about 5 to 7 more apprentices too, which will help a ton. Should be a great year of growth as far as production is concerned.
  6. This is true. All of our long cut machine time is going for Valhalla Screens right now. We sold a ton of them. Literally. A ton. Our overall sales for Q4 were insane.
  7. I have been actually considering this. I probably wouldn't write about Ambrosia Maple though. We don't use it often enough. Any other suggestions?
  8. A few new things going up today. This is my fave. Ambrosia Maple.
  9. A place to post any questions about the hobby and to post pics of your work.
  10. At any rate, we are way too busy at the moment to even work on a prototype for this. We had our best Q4 ever in 2018 and are busting our butts to fulfill it all. Plus KS's. Lots to do. We are hiring by the way. 4 or 5 more apprentices. So, if you know anyone in the area....
  11. We could order these from a manufacturer. Wouldn't be too difficult although we are always leery to have any of our fulfillment outsourced.
  12. How about I make the first prototype in a colored resin frame and BoRo panels just for you. Only $2600!
  13. But then the surface would be plywood or MDF. Not very DMG.
  14. We have been talking this over and there are a few challenges that concern us. First is size. Always a concern with wood movement and shipping. After looking through the KS you quoted here, I can see why they never delivered. First is the price. $140 is way too low. I think this is, realistically, a $400 item without many bells and whistles. Easy to see why he ran out of money. We will consider to think it over, but I am hesitant about the product as a whole in wood. It would certainly have to have a base in MDF, which is very stable but very heavy. Then thin slats of hardwood glued on top. That takes a lot of labor to do well. Sanding and fitting those slats is not easy to do. High volume production of these in our shop would be tough. They would be bigger than anything we make currently, which causes unforeseen problems. Will it fit on our finishing tables, on our sanding stations, etc. Every product we make, we have to seriously consider what it would take to make 1,000 of them. That doesn't mean it is impossible and we will continue thinking about it. Here's a question. Would you pay $400 or more for it in premium hardwoods?
  15. Tell me more about what you would need this to be. Size most importantly.
  16. Yeah, I followed along with that KS. I thought they might have some issues. We have thought about it. Worried a little about the size of it. I think it would need to be about 36" round, which scares me a little. Both for warping and for shipping. It is an interesting idea that I won't say "never" to. Now gaming tables....we will NEVER build them.
  17. My buddy in college had a friend whose last name was Kontantinanteepolishonchakovsky. We used to input that name into a sports announcer calling a game. "And Kontantinanteepolishonchakovsky passes to Brooks. Back to Kontantinanteepolishonchakovsky. Then Kontantinanteepolishonchakovsky runs down the lane and stuffs it. Kontantinanteepolishonchakovsky now with 17 points." Shit like that. Not sure of the spelling but I will never forget how to say it.
  18. My middle name is Chester. Named after my grandpops. My initials are MCK. My rap name is MC Konas. No, I don't rap. Yes, Chester is a funny name.